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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Vanity Trove - Cosmopolitan Beauty Authority


I had shared the discount code of purchasing Cosmo Beauty Authority Vanity Trove at S$15 (UP. S$30) at my previous post HERE.

Too good to miss, I had secured a box for myself of course.  Here's my review for this exclusive trove:
This red drawer box is jam packed with all products very useful and essential to me!

I use cleansing wipes after using cleansing milk/oil to remove my make up; follow by cleansing foam to ensure that my face is squeaky clean.  This is really handy for travelling too.

It's white in color with a very mild fragrance.

The wash off mask is gentle enough to be used on my 15 years old kiddo Darren's acne prone skin ^^
Skin felt smooth after usage.

 Goldwell Style Sign Full Rebel (100ml, retail S$36.00)
Now that I had found it, I'll not live without it!   Before this, I have to blow my hair before I step out of the house, else will have to hide those frizz under a cap.  Agony is over!!!  All I have to do is to apply this and viola!  It managed to tame my rebellious fly-away frizz with color protection.  Need to email Vanity Trove to ask where I can purchase this, I'll die without it.

It's a miracle hair cream, comes with a snooze dispenser instead of a tub.  It's great this way cos' it's less messy and the remaining cream won't be contaminated.
Voted as
Best Beauty Buys in Women's Weekly 2013
Winner of COSMO Beauty Grand Prix 2013
This product rocks!!

From the left:  Cleansing Milk Makeup Removal 50ml, 
Cleansing Gel 75ml (with refreshing citrus fragrance)
Purifying Tonic Lotion 75ml (with refreshing citrus fragrance)
It's a new brand from Greece, like it very much as they use mainly natural ingredients.

All BB creams I had seen comes in tubes.  Laneige's comes in a cushion soaked with BB cream and applies using a sponge.  My sister bought one and she said it's easy to use and great for touch ups.
This miniature is so cute that I couldn't bear to use it, yet.

Haven't start using, but I took a sniff and the fragrance swept my feet off the ground, aw........ can't wait to finish my existing hair mask so that I can start with this ASAP!

From the left: ZA Deep Cleansing Oil 7ml;

Would like to say a Big THANK YOU to Vanity Trove team members for choosing and putting suitable products into our beauty boxes according to our skin/hair profile ^^

Click in to order https://www.vanitytrove.com/sg

"Like" VanityTrove Facebook for updates and promotions ~ https://www.facebook.com/VanityTrove

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