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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Food Hunts at Tampines 1 (Part 3)


Was invited to a marathon food tasting at Tampines 1 with a group of bloggers a couple of weeks ago.  We covered 10 restaurants and food kiosks, sharing herewith the noms, hope that you will find the reviews useful.
Here's Part 1 and Part 2 if you hadn't read.
Scrolling down will be Part 3 which is the last post.

JPot Hotpot Singapore Style #03-16

Spacious dining with caters for couples or small number of pax with rectangle tables, also round tables for big groups of 8 - 10 pax.

Free flow drinks S$3.80/pax

A long bar counter of sauces and condiments, diners are spoiled with choices.

For those who are clueless on what to select, they have a couple of "recipes" which you may like to try.

Aunty Susan's Dip
Soya sauce 3 scoops
Sesame Oil 2 scoops
Chopped chilli 1 scoop
Chinese parsley 1 kiap 
Shredded leek 1 kiap
(cos' 1 pinch is not enough, need one big "kiap" with tongs, I can't think of a proper English word >.<)

I remembered that there was an article circulating in Facebook that photographing food may be a sign of mental illness.  Crap.

We are passionate food bloggers, sharing mouth watering pics in our blogs for readers to enjoy browsing.

We were having Bak Ku Teh and Tom Yam soup base.
Other choices of soup base are JPot Superior Broth, Herbal, Laksa, Silky Porridge and Vegetarian.
Price range S$6.80 to S$11.80.

Interesting items we tried were........
Kurobuta Pork, fish paste, marinated chicken with quail's egg, cheese chicken balls and Jumbo pork ball.

My springy fish paste noodle.

Jpot have both set menus and a-la-carte for you to chose from.  For prices and more information, click in www.jpot.com.sg


Ramen Kagetsu Arashi #02-09/10

Established in 1992, Ramen Kagetsu Arashi is one of the largest ramen chain in Japan and they have more than 260 outlets worldwide.
Interior is bright and cheery in orange theme.

Price from S$14.90.
The soup base is slightly oily and being extremely picky, I would wish for "lava egg" with runny yolk instead of hard boiled ones.


Deconti Coffee & Gelato #02-K2
De Conti is an Italian cafe offering coffee and gelato in traditional Italian recipes.

Gelato with various flavours.

Gelato (from S$5.00)
When richness of gelato melts in my mouth, it seemed to melt away my stress too.  So glad that this 5 star standard ice-cream is just a stone throw away from me.  I can have it any time I want!  Yayness!

Croissant with Hazelnut Cream (from S$2.50)

Pistachio Coffee (from S$5.70)
Created with layers of authentic Italian Pistachio cream, expresso coffee, skimmed milk and a dash of chocolate powder.  Contrasting yet compatible combination, mad love!  I am not a coffee drinker but this special blend of coffee just won my heart.

Pistachio Hazelnut Gelato and Chocolate Hazelnut Gelato (from S$5.70)
Yummy :P~~

Hot chocolate with chopped pistachio (from S$5.50)

Hot Chocolate with whipped cream (from S$5.50)
Cream and chocolate never fails to make me happy, especially when it's in a cup ^^

Through this food marathon, made a new blogger friend Celes.


Dairy Queen B1-K2
Dairy Queen is a US fast food chain established since 1940!

DQ Sandwhich S$2.50
Cool DQ soft serve nestled between 2 chocolate flavoured biscuits.  Very cute ice-cream burger!

Hot Dog S$3.90
Grab and go if you are in a hurry.

Orange Julius (from S$3.90)

(Top row) Moolattee - Cappuccino topped with soft serve ice cream.
Blizzard Oreo - Oreo cookies crumbled and tumbled with creamy vanilla soft serve.

Moolattee  (from S$4.90).

Michelle's holding Blizzard Oreo, Diary Queen's signature upside down ice-cream, from S$3.40.

Tampines 1 is located next to Tampines MRT, with various dining choices of different pricing.

Check out Tampines 1 social platforms:

Instagram and Twitter: @Tampines1

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