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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Food Hunts at Tampines 1 (Part 1)


Tampines is where I stay and it is my turf!
Tampines 1 is a shopping + food mall conveniently located next to Tampines MRT, you wouldn't missed it!

A couple of weeks ago, a group of bloggers including myself had a "food marathon" at Tampines 1 where we "conquered" 10 restaurants/food kiosks, couldn't believe I was part of this crazy event!  We ate and ate, making lots of noises hopping from one stop to another from 11am to about 5.30pm.  Need to do separate posts, meanwhile here's the guaranteed mouth watering Part 1:


American Italian restaurant with vast menu, trendy decor and bustling atmosphere and daily promotions. Catering to everyone with their massive menu selections and affordable prices, it is a fantastic place to hold family gatherings.

Ice Mint Lemon Tea (without cream) S$5.00
Ice lemon tea blended with mint leaves.

It came in a jug as big as my face!  Very refreshing thirst quencher!

Black Pepper Smoked Duck Salad S$10.90

Grilled Chicken Salad S$10.90
Couldn't stress how juicy the grilled chicken chop was! :P~~~  It was perfect with healthy crispy greens, less guilty lolxx..

Mixed Bruchetta S$10.80
A delightful platter, great for sharing with friends and family!

12" Pizza - Hawaiian and Italian Sausage
(price of 12" pizza from S$17.50)
At Lenas, you can chose 2 flavours for your 12" pizza.

Love the thin crust.

Mixed Seafood Spaghetti S$15.90
Spaghetti was "bouncy", love the taste of flavourful sauce which wasn't too sweet and generous servings of mixed seafood.

Dory Fish in Egg Sauce S$15.80
I could finish the fragrant rice just by pouring the savoury egg sauce into it!

Mixed Berried Sundae S$8.80
Strawberry ice cream, soft serve, with cornflakes, marshmallow, rockmelon, waffle, cherry and mixed berries.  Yummy, *throws diet plan* aside.

Breaded Banana Brownie Hot Pan with Vanilla Ice Cream S$12.80
Chocolate brownie drizzled with hot chocolate fudge, topped with deep fried breaded bananas on hot pan served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  This was so crazy good!  But please refrain from licking the metal plate, it's HOT!!


MOF Izakaya offers Japanese cuisine as well as authentic Japanese desserts.  Contemporary interior designs with soothing color scheme sets a cozy ambience to diners.

Tofu Avocado Salad (L) S$10.00
This refreshing salad is a toss of tofu, avocado, tomato, cucumber, sliced cabbage and almond slices.  It's perfectly tasty enough without the homemade Wasabi Mayo Dressing.

Ice Matcha Latte S$5.50
Premium Matcha powder blended with milk, it's difficult not to love this drink!

Sashimi Moriawase (L) S$36.80
Assorted sashimi platter of octopus, prawns, scallops, salmon, yellow tail, tuna and white fish (I hope I gotten all the items right lolxx...)

Seafood Cold Ramen S$13.80

Springy ramen with generous serving of prawns and squid slices in Hiyashi Chuka Sauce.

Potato Salad (S) S$3.50
Smashed potato with hidden red apple cubes is a contrasting combination giving taste buds a delicious surprise!

Mango & Avocado Dragon Roll S$14.80
Fried giant prawn is wrapped in sushi rice with mango and avocado slices.  Tasted as good as it was presented.

Unagi Hotstone Rice S$19.80

Burnt rice, so crunchy!

Matcha Imo S$6.80
Vanilla ice-cream with green tea sauce accompanied by a pair of fried sweet potato balls and red bean paste.  Love this dessert to the max, I can eat this over and over again without getting bored.


Yoguru B1-K5
 Yoguru use only fresh ingredients that are completely natural without preservatives.  Fresh Yoguru yogurt is produced in Singapore daily, maintaining live probiotic cultures that other frozen yogurt brands cannot claim.

Many choices for toppings....

Available in 4 different servings.
I never like yogurt to begin with cos' most of them are very sour.  Yoguru's yogurt is however, very different from what I had tried, it's smooth, milky and creamy without overwhelming sourness.
From the left - mango, blueberry, original and strawberry flavour.  There are also other flavours which you may like to check out.

Price-list as below pic ^^

Stay tuned for Part 2!

Check out updates of Tampines 1 at:

Instagram and Twitter: @Tampines1

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