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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Ramen Big Eater Challenge + New Ramen at Ramen Champion


Was invited to Ramen Champion at Bugis +
Ramen tasting of 2 popular Tonkotsu brands from Japan,
  at the same time witness the
Ramen Big Eater Challenge "Qualifying Round"!

Let's get started by introducing  to you guys the 2 new Tonkotsu which joined Ramen Champion

Image from http://ramenchampion.com.sg/

TONKOTSU  ITTO is ranked as the no. 1 ramen shop in Tokyo and featured on Asia Best-Ever Dining Awards!

TONKOTSU  ITTO's Special Ramen $16.50
Thin bouncy noodles in rich milky pork-bone broth accompanied with delectable thinly sliced char siew.

Image from http://ramenchampion.com.sg/

Awarded Ramen Rookie of the Year in 2012 by Ramen Walker Magazine,  Mendokoro Aoi’s new twist on the traditional Tonkotsu is a popular choice among Japanese female customers.

MENDOKORO AOI’s Tonkotsu-Ramen Champion $16.50
Unlike other traditional tonkotsu, the broth is cooked over big flame in shorter hours with pork and chicken feet.  Sesame seeds and special bean paste is added to enhance the taste.

Their egg came in a whole, so I cut it up to show you the mouth watering lava egg yolk :P~~

Both King Luis and I preferred the Special Ramen by TONKOTSU ITTO.  Everybody have their own taste, so pop in to find out which you prefer!

Rubbing our tummies, the Ramen Big Eater Challenge was about to begin!

It was an eye-opening and jaw dropping event to us >.<
The contest received overwhelming response, only 60 participants were short listed.  Out of which 7 best would be selected to the finals to compete with Tomoko Miyake, a female big eater from Japan.

The contestants ate and ate and ATE bowls after bowls of ramen!
Image from https://www.facebook.com/ramenchampionsingapore

I will consider myself a hero if I can finish a bowl of ramen myself.  These contestants could finish more than 5 bowls!!!  Their stomach are pit-less or what?!!?  I couldn't believe my eyes no matter how widely I opened them lolxx...    I also had this unspoken fear that one of them might puke or choke themselves, so I was very tensed up as a viewer >.<

 Here's a frightening pic of a contestant.
Image from https://www.facebook.com/ramenchampionsingapore

Cheering for the Big Eaters, with me were Zerika and Elrica mama (and a few days after this event, she gave birth to a chubby baby boy!!  Amazing isn't it?!!)
Image from https://www.facebook.com/ramenchampionsingapore

Here's a short clip taken during the contest:

Congrats to the 7 Big Eater finalists!
Image from https://www.facebook.com/ramenchampionsingapore
The Final Round of Ramen Big Eater Challenge will be held on 14 Nov 2013 at Great World City's Ramen Champion.  For more information, please click into

Ramen Champion
Bugis +
201 Victoria Street
Bugis+ #04-10
Singapore 188067

Changi Airport Terminal 3
65 Airport Boulevard
#B2-58 Changi Airport
Singapore 819663

Great World City
1 Kim Seng  Promenade
Great World City
Singapore 237994

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