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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Spicy Roast Fish 各堂烤全鱼

Date of visit: 11.04.15

We made our way specially to The World Street Food Congress but it was a disappointment.  After paying 6-star prices for a few unsatisfying tiny plates of food, we walked over to Bugis Cube to fill ourselves up.

Located along the main road, the shop front was attractive.   各堂烤全鱼 in fiery flames font suggested a super spicy fish feast.

Slightly paranoid with gas stoves, this place uses electric stoves, phew...

Lychee Spicy Fish S$38.00
Whole fleshy sea bass in oily spicy soup topped with lychee served on a big square shallow metal plate.  Within were also a bit of cabbage, mushrooms and beansprouts.

We ordered top-ups -

Tofu S$2.40
Spinach S$2.00
Rice S$0.50/bowl

麻辣 Spicy soup was bubbling hot.  Each sip of the soup arouse blood onto lips, all red and swollen within a few minutes.  The numbing sensation was shiok like kissing.  The balls of sweet lychee "cools" down the mouth more effectively than any water lolxx...  Hubby was merrily perspiring under the aircon.

The layer of chilli oil is not too acceptable for many Singaporeans, it's not surprising that we were the only locals in the restaurant.

But if you are a fan of 麻辣香锅 Stir fried spicy pot, you will love this!

Spicy Roast Fish 各堂烤全鱼 
470 North Bridge Road #01-03 
Bugis Cube Singapore 188735 
Daily: 1130H to 2330H

Friday, 26 June 2015

I Want My Noodle

Date of visit: 01.04 & 04.06.2015

I have an annoying chore each month, that's to travel to town to pass paperwork to the job agent.  To and fro from Tampines to town it's about 2hrs of my time + my energy + travel fares 
In case you are wondering, yeah, I am still stuck with this yucky routine.

The only way to make me feel better is to search for food around this area.

So here's a interesting one at Shaw Centre.  First visit was a solo one.

Yay.... I Want My Noodle, obviously they sell noodles here!

Noodles are their main, it's specially handmade, not supply from any where or to any where else.

Their chairs got wings!  In pink, sooooo cute leh....

Banana Smoothie S$4.90
I wished the glass was bigger.

Roast Pork Noodle S$12.50  +  Extra Egg S$1.50
 Noodles were completely covered with ingredients.

Curly thick noodles were chewy and springy.   It was perfect when tossed with fried shallots, little deep fried fats and chilli!

Generous amount of  roast pork nearly covered the whole bowl, too much, couldn't finish!  Crispy skin but meat wasn't tender enough.

Hard boil egg with soft yolk was nice.
Overall I felt as if I was eating Japanese ramen with local ingredients.

Second visit with King Luis.

We both had basic noodles with just veg and some crispy lard on noodles, side order of chicken wings to go with.

Basic Noodle S$4.90
Ramen like noodles were good, so was the milky radish soup.

Chicken Wings S$7.90
Their fried chicken wings were better than Ikea's, with that, you know how finger licking good they were.

The place was quiet during both visits, how to survive.....

I Want My Noodle
Shaw Centre
1 Scotts Road #03-14/15
Singapore 228028

Monday, 22 June 2015

Green Dot - vegeterian so fresh

Date of visit: 08.03 & 18.06.2015

I am more receptive to vegetarian food since my last visit to Vegan Burger.

While Vegan Burger is western vegetarian, I found oriental vegetarian at Paya Lebar Square.
It was surprisingly crowded.

First visit with hubby -

Orders have to be made and paid at the cashier.  Behind the cashier is the entire kitchen, visible for all diners.

Looking into the clean uncluttered kitchen was enjoyable while I was at the short queue.

The vegetarian battleships were very attractive looking, but we ordered something else...

Here's what we had -
Fruits and Tea (Promotion set) S$8.90
Some soothing chinese tea instead of lattes and coffee.  Fruit bowl filled with grapes, kiwi and dragon fruit slices.

Black Pepper Soya Burger S$6.50
Hubby loves anything and everything with black pepper sauce.  It tasted like a meat burger, price was pretty reasonable too.

Mushroom Pot Set S$8.90
Mine came with a big leaf of lettuce as a blanket for the big bowl of soup lolxx...

Pulled off the blanket lettuce, this was how the soup looked like:
It's herbal soup base with tau pok, vegetarian meat and prawns, carrots, tomatoes, mushrooms and cabbage, so much ingredients and they were so fresh!  The herbal soup was really tasty without being overwhelming.  Hubby hates herbal soups for the bitter after taste but he "approved" this lolxx..  It was so damn good that I buay paiseh requested for a refill.  But the refill was somehow more diluted and the taste was different.

Vegetarians cakes were available if you need desserts!

The second visit was with 2 girlfriends -

This time orders were made on the phone screen then paid at the bar counter.  But I noticed not all tables have the devices, maybe it's still on trial.

I sort of "force" my friends to have battleship, heehee....  There were only 2 choices in the menu, 2 pax pot or 4 pax pot.  We decided to order the 2 pax herbal soup base pot (the other 2 choices were tom yum and laksa), hoping we could have a successful slim diet, we were just deceiving ourselves >.<

The pink fuel jelly (not sure of the actual name) looked edible.

Mushroom Pot for 2pax S$29.90
The set came with -
* a pot of tea, we chose Oriental Beauty (not sure what it is, but drinking beauty sounds fab, so that's the choice),
* 2 bowls of brown rice (white rice also available)
* fruit platter

The basket was so filled up that we had to pick from the top with caution lolxx...  The herbal soup base was as good as before.

When the pot was almost cleared and we were only 3/4 full, we went purchase a pack of tofu and prawns.  Yes, they have a display fridge of frozen vegetarian items for sale.  But I forgotten to take pics of the packets >.<

Hokkaido QQ Tofu S$3.50

Vegan Big Prawns S$4.50
The crews were so nice to cut open the packets, put them into bowls and even rinse off the ice for us.  And we were told that we were the first customers who purchase and add onto the pot.  Normally customers purchase to bring home.  Of course but of course, we are smart eaters lolxx....

Cookies N Cream Cake S$5.50
Strawberry Sweetheart Cake S$5.50
I wonder why they are called cakes when there isn't any trace of sponge?!?   They passed well as ice-creams, chocolate was rich, not too bitter, strawberry was a balance of sweet and sour.

Healthy with great taste, nice ambience, warm and sincere service without service charge and most importantly, pocket friendly.

They have 2 other outlets at Bedok Mall and Westgate, not sure if the standard is the same.  Will update if I pop by Bedok Mall, Westgate is too far for me liao.

Green Dot
60 Paya Lebar Road
#02-15/16/17 Paya Lebar Square
Singapore 409051
Tel: 6702 2221

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

NOM (no other meaning) - Bistro & Bakery

Date of visit: 22.03.2015

This cafe was introduced by my customer.  It's her friend's cafe, she got me curious and excited.
So, my old man, my little King Luis were here with me ^.^

It was a gloomy day.
Ample carpark just opposite this Macperhson Community Club which looks like a building built out of  lego.   And there's NOM at the ground floor, you won't miss it.

It's quite crowded, managed to snap a pic of  before the table was occupied.
 Mini version of Toa Payoh Dragon slide was really cute.

The furnishes were mostly white, with a lime green counter.

Crew was friendly and service was fast.

Chicken Skin S$5.90
Should had ordered beer to go with this.  Very crispy but would be better if lesser flour was coated, the fire burning chilli was addictive, we requested more to fill up the little tub for easy dipping.

Beer Batter Fish N Chips S$14.90
Not the best I had eaten, I preferred slightly bitter batter with extreme short crisp.  This was just crispy and passed well like ordinary fish & chips.  Taste was pretty decent though and the whole plate was wiped out.

Slow Roast Bird Leg S$14.90
It's roast chicken leg with cranberry sauce and a enormous ball of mashed potato beneath.   Chicken was nicely roasted, juicy and tender, cranberry sauce was a better partner with mash potato than the chicken, heehee...

Ultimate NOM Burger S$14.90
King Luis love this.  He was very busy munching into this, when asked him nice or not, he just nodded while concentrating eating, didn't even lift up his head to look at me for a second lor, lolxx... Only managed to steal a bite of the thick juicy beef patty, yums.

Rainbow Cheesecake S$7.90
Rainbow cakes seemed a "must order" at NOM.  Decide to have the cheesecake version instead of sponge cake.  I had made the correct choice, it's damn delicious!  I suppose I love cheesecakes more than sponge cakes ;P

Overall, dining experience was very pleasant, quite a nice place for families and friends.

NOM (no other meaning) - Bistro & Bakery
400 Paya Lebar Way
Macpherson Community Centre
Singapore 379131

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Tampines Eco Green

Date of visit: 08.03.2015

This place is abundant or semi-abundant since it's not a heritage garden like Botanic Garden or interest generating tourist attraction like Garden's The Bay.

But beauty grows when nature is left alone without man's interference.

Tampines Eco Green is opposite the more well kept Sun Plaza Park, between Tampines Ave 9 and Ave 12.

Scroll down and walk in with me.

Starting from here, scribbled sign board, some people just couldn't behave, I wonder why...

Woody letters that spells "Tampines Eco Green" on dried grass.
Our insane warm weather is really a killer.

Here's another pic with me in it, so you can tell the alphabets are adult size lolxx...

Fading map which did not show anything interesting.

That halloween feel with a fake crow on top of the direction sign boards, heehee...

Apparently we had disturbed a monitor lizard's bath time, it wriggled frantically into the bushes, by the time I switched on my phone's camera, it's out of sight.

So heated up by the strong sun, I am sure my head can cook scrambled eggs or sunny up.

Some project, stopped half way...

Another little pond with some fishes inside.

Some leaves browned into copper under the sun, some turned silver!

Yet, another pond.

Out of Singapore post-card scenery, love it.

Missed the monitor lizard but caught a garden lizard.

Back to the starting point, saw 2 lovey dowy.
Color didn't matter, love is all it takes, heehee....

I have this feel that Tampines Eco Green may be closed down for urban development in a matter of time, just like Tampines Mountain Bike Trail.  Won't be surprised, oh well.....