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Monday, 1 June 2015

Selfie Coffee Singapore

Date of visit: 20.05.2015

Selfie Coffee - print photos not necessarily selfies on your drink.

Years ago, we already have photos printed on cakes.  It's the same concept, probably even the same printing machine.  Maybe just a bigger printer for cakes and smaller for coffees or drinks lolxx...

It's still fascinating to me, and many others too I suppose.

The trend blew from Malaysia and finally land in Singapore at 11 Haji Lane.

It was an impromptu visit on a week day afternoon, it was quiet which was perfect for taking pictures for this blog post.

The menu was written on the black wall.
The crew explained to us that the selfie imprint will last longer on cold drinks.  During peak hours they would take photos in the cafe itself for printing onto drinks.  For non-peaks like my visit on a weekday noon, we could send them photos that we wanted to print.

I send them this -

and this Domo pic since hubby don't want to drink himself lolxx...

She was very patient even after le hubby's card was declined a few times, the lady crew remained cheery while I almost died of embarrassment >.<

There were a few seats outside but we preferred to move up.

At the end of the stairs was this little space decorated with bunnies and a flamingoooo, heehee..  I tried to walk into this to take pics but the door was locked.  Better to be safe as there's a ladder which leads to the roof top I think.

From the wall paintings to decorations, could tell how much effort the owner had put into.

We were waiting for the pager to vibrate to collect our drinks when the lovely crew brought them to us.

(buay paiseh)  Pretty Susan on Cold Vanilla Coffee S$8.50
Domo In Garden on Matcha S$8.50

The selfies were printed on a thick layer of cream, so if you are fat health conscious, just stick the drinking straw right to the bottom.  That way, you can enjoy sipping away a almost cream-less drink.  The cream of selfie remains with slight distort even when the drink was finished.

Carrot Cake S$6.00
Cake a little dry, hope they can improve it.

Drizzling outside, the quiet afternoon allowed me to "vandalize" the table.

Not my fault, non-permanent markers and duster provided by Selfie Coffee, heehee..

Asked him to put longer carpark coupon he didn't want, time's up, didn't want to risk being fine, left before I could finish my drink.
Last pic before leaving this cute place.

I finished the drink on my way home, then licked up the cream, heehee... eating myself was weird lolxx..

Selfie Coffee Singapore
11 Haji Lane
Singapore 189204
Tel: 6341 7212

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