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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Wine Universe, more than wine..

Date of visit: 30.01.2015

I had probably walked pass this place a thousand times, it looks kinda rowdy to me, so I never thought of patronizing.
There's always lots of people inside and outside, standing or sitting with an alcohol drink held in hand.  Everybody was talking as if they had never talked before, noise was drowned by laughters and laughters were drowned by music.  I very much preferred quiet places, although I am always the one creating the most noise.

My kid sis brought me here for light dinner after Asia Beauty Exhibition.  I didn't expect this place to be her frequent hang out.  She managed to half coax and half dragged me into Wine Universe.

It's weird, it wasn't noisy when I stepped into it.  They played music from the 80s, my era.  I like.
I was being "swallowed" in before I knew it...

All the service crews know my sis by her name and what she wants.  Service was very warm and friendly, I felt like VIP, lolxx....

I seriously don't really hold liquor well.  I know none of you believe me >.<
 I had been taking too much selfies with wine glasses, I looked damn pro when actually is a pose only.

Pinot Noir Chamoson 2012 S$78.00
One glass of this and I was done, but I kept myself sober enough to eat.

Wagyu Beef Cubes S$18.00
No sauce was needed, melt in mouth beef cubes was heavenly with coarse salt.   The salt was damn delicious!!  I am not exaggerating!  Both the beef cubes and salt was so good that I requested for another serving =P~~~  We licked up every grain of the salt.  Learnt something new, now I know, salt has got different types and grades, and they can taste very different.

Octopuss Carpaccio S$16.00
I miss Greece.  I had the most delicious octopus there.  This beautiful plate of octopus petals comforted me.  Spicy citrus sauce was very appetizing to complete this cold dish.

Paper thin slices made each bite so enjoyable.

Rosti Alaska (small) S$12.00
Crispy golden rosti was covered with a heap of salmon.

Another drool worthy close-up.
How can potatoes be made so tasty!

The above dishes I tried were superb.  If I could stomach 2 orders of each of the above, I would!  But could only take in another wagyu beef.

Now I know wine places serves good food too.  Another wine place with good food is Bistro 1855.  Both were introduced to me by my sis on the same day lolxx...  Her dinning experience were far more than me, but she hardly post up on her social media.

Just realised that Wine Universe have set lunch menu too, looks very attractive to me, hope to try some day ;)

Wine Universe Pte Ltd
9 Raffles Boulevard
#01-109 Millenia Walk
Singapore 039596
Tel: 6338 0717

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