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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Miam Miam VS. Hoshino

Date of visit: 17/1 & 9/3 2015

Been to Miam Miam at Bugis Junction twice.  Both experience were pleasant ^.^
It's another young place but come to think of it, many cafes I been to were filled with youngsters age from 15 and rarely beyond 30.  Where did all the people of my age go?  Atas restaurants?  Food courts?  Chinese Restaurants?

Felt a bit out of place, but soon forgotten as I sat back digging into the food.

Friendly and smiley service crews literally flew over to your table when you press the bell.

Opening up the menu, they serve similar items as Hoshino.  Both serves French with a bit of Jap element.

Miam Miam Spaghetti S$16.80

This is Hoshino Spaghetti, less expensive S$14.00.  Miam Miam's was good, but personally I prefer Hoshino's in comparison.
Hoshino's has got more variety of ingredients inside, *greedy me*.  It got sausages, egg plant and some onions

French Toast S$10.80.

Served with separated maple syrup which you poured as desire.

Hoshino's S$9.80
Hoshino's toast is thicker and softer.  Hoshino wins, for those who had tried both will probably agree.

Riz Au Curry S$15.50

Tasted almost the same as Hoshino's, S$15.00.

Here's a summary:

Overall Hoshino is slightly less expensive and the ambience is more elegant, Miam Miam is more causal.

Other things we had at Miam Miam
Hot Cafe Au Lait S$5.80
My friend's order, want her to enjoy, so never steal any sip.  However, plain water is charged at S$0.50.

Riz Noir Squid Ink Rice S$16.50
It took me some courage to take this black stuff.  You know when cutting up the sotong, I always handle it's "ink bladder" thingy with extreme care, burst it and the whole kitchen is ruined lolxx...  So, now I am eating that "ink" which I threw into the bin.

My first time trying squid ink rice, so couldn't compared with others, but tasted pretty good!
Egg was fluffy and light, the black mesh of rice had prawns and squid rings.  A little saltish to my taste buds and a little oily.

Had to lick my own teeth clean like a car screen wiper, left right left right, heehee...

We wiped out the whole pot, leaving the grease on it.

Mocha Souffle S$11.80

Freaking, magically delicious!  It melts in the mouth like cotton candy!  Not too sweet, I LIKE!!

Miam Miam is opening at Tampines Mall, my turf.  Looking forward to it so that I don't have to travel far for some French+Jap bites.

Miam Miam French Japanese Cafe Kitchen
200 Victoria Street #02-14
Bugis Junction Singapore 188021

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