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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

PUSH UP Cream from Audrey Christian


I had been focusing a lot on anti-aging facial products which I use them on my neck area as well, totally neglecting my decollete (upper chest area) and na na pok (breast area).   Not that I am happy with these areas but since they are covered by clothes most of the time, I "pretend" that those area are doing fine.

Ok, I am so sorry my dear boobs.  The both of you had nursed my children but I totally forgot that you deserve better treatment.

Thank you Cozycot for giving me this opportunity to do a review on Audrey Christian PUSH UP Cream for breast, neck & tummy, it is the first body care cream I ever own.

No doubt size is important, it's even more important to maintain a beautiful silhouette to feel confident, attractive and happy.  Audrey Christian has developed the PUSH UP Breast, Neck & Tummy Cream, a fusion cream which combines traditional skin care knowledge with state-of-the-art biotechnology to tone and restore breast and skin tissues.

Audrey Christian PUSH UP Cream is for women of all shapes and ages.  It is safe for pregnant women and lactating mothers.  Just wipe cream off nipples before breast feeding.

Audrey Christian PUSH UP Cream helps to:
* Regain the symmetry of bust,
* Shape, firm and lift breasts,
* Remove stretch marks and scars,
* Diffuse wrinkles and fine lines on body,
* Improve cellulite,
* Improve skin tone,
* Boost circulation to revitalise entire neckline/decolletage.

Audrey Christian PUSH UP Cream is an all-natural skin care product with the following ingredients:

Apricot Kernel Oil
Castor Plant Seed Oil
Jojoba Seed Oil
Rahnella/Soy Protein Ferment
Sausage Tree Fruit

Sausage Tree??!!??  waahaahaaahaaa..... what a funny name!  I was so curious that I went to google about it.  Sausage Tree is a common name given to Kigelia Aficana.  And I managed to find a pic of Sausage Tree Fruit too ^.^

Sausage Tree Fruit

Shape like sausage but doesn't look delicious.  The size of this woody looking fruit is 30 - 100cm long and up to 18cm broad, weights between 5 - 10kg.  While this fruit doesn't look too appealing, the active ingredients in the extracts of Kigelia Africana and fermented soy protein stimulate tissue metabolism, in which breast and skin tissues are synthesised and repaired effectively.  So, do not judge a fruit by it's appearance, lolxx...  Back to the topic......

The natural ingredients are also used to stimulate the body's production of collagen and elastic, boosting the skin's elasticity.  These in turn make the breasts appear fuller, firmer and shapelier.  PUSH UP Cream encourages cell regeneration, fights off wrinkles and firms slackened skin on the neck, chest and tummy.  As such, it even prevents and reduces stretch marks during and after pregnancy!

The above information (except for the Sausage Tree Fruit part, lolxx) are extracted from the little pink booklet which was given to me together with the PUSH UP Cream.  After much understanding, here's my review:

Packaging:  Comes in a beautiful hot pink tube of 150ml.

Texture and smell:  Luxurious white cream with perfume scent which lingers for a few hours.

Pampering myself......

This pic is taken on 19 Apr BEFORE using the PUSH UP Cream.
My neck has ugly deep folds of lines which has been bothering me forever.
The scar on my chest wall is caused by a minor surgery I had last year.

I use the cream every night after shower over my neck, decollete (upper chest area) and breasts.

AFTER using product for 12 days, pic taken on 30 Apr.

 As you can see the creases on my neck are not so deep already.
My boobs are filling up small gaps at this slightly big bra I am wearing, but I can't show that "area", cos' me 良家妇女 ok, heehee.....
It didn't help to reduce my surgical scar though.


Stand to win a 3-carat rubellite and diamond pendant necklace from internation jeweller Mouawad worth $3000!

Competition runs from 1 April to 30 June 2013.
PUSH UP Breast, Neck & Tummy Cream will be on sale for $89 (U.P. $129) during this period.
Click here for more details.

Audrey Christian PUSH UP Cream is available at ~~
SASA Cosmetics
Guardian Health & Beauty Pharmacy

Disclaimer -
Although this is a sponsored review, it is based on my own experience through usage. I am not affiliated or in any way linked to this brand.  Results varies on different skin conditions, product may or may not be suitable for  individuals.

Monday, 29 April 2013

LollyTalk at Plaza Singapura


Fury hairband - gift from Elizabeth Arden (it's so big that it looks like a cap lolxx)
Dress - Bangkok
Shoes - KIYO
BKK fashion
Know why I was so brightly dressed?
I was going to a place full of candies and lollipops
Authentic Aussie Rock Candies' in the house!
Brightly theme in orange and yellow, this shop is bursting with sweetness and cuteness overdose!

Introducing ROCKY, the mascot of LollyTalk ^_^

Handmade lollipops in rainbow colors.

Rock candies with cheerful ROCKY boy in tubs!

LollyTalk candies in zip lock packages

LollyTalk rock candies can be customised too.

What makes LollyTalk so special that I have to blog about it?

Handmade rock candies are originated from Australia and the birth of LollyTalk in 2010 pays tribute to that.

LollyTalk secured an apprenticeship with Ross and Judy, who were the undisputed leaders in candy-making in Queensland. The couple won the title Grand Champion Rock Candy as well as multiple awards at the 2009 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards.
Being the Grand Champion of rock candy, Ross and Judy were awarded the gold medal for their fruit rock mix, silver medal for lollypops and bronze medal for design candy. 

Under Australian masters’ guidance, LollyTalk picked up the finer points in making authentic Aussie rock candies that taste and look good.

Most importantly, founder of LollyTalk learnt to have fun and enjoy the whole process of candy-making.

He believed that candies will only taste it's best when it's made with love and passion :))

LollyTalk strongly believes in the true meaning of Caring and Sharing!
LollyTalk is one of the proud sponsor for the Nov 2012 visit to Andrew 2 Orphanage at Yangon, Myanmar.  
LollyTalk sponsored for Andrew 2 Orphanage at Yangon, Myanamar

 LollyTalk spotted at NTU over the fund raising effort for Overseas Volunteering Expedition (OVE)!

LollyTalk is determined to make this world a sweeter place to live in with their handmade candy made with love!
Care and Share candy packs are distributed to the kids during their friendship day celebration.

LollyTalk at The Spastic Children's Association Of Singapore Cerebral Palsy Centre 12 April 2013

LollyTalk CARES, SHARES, spreading LOVE through their candies.
So now you understand why LollyTalk is so special that makes me feel it's worth it to blog about?
Committed to making the best tasting quality candies, LollyTalk is constantly on the lookout for new flavours to improve the taste of their candies.

And thus the Atas Acquired Taste Collection is launched!
Colorful little pillows of rock candies delivers 6 unique flavours in Acquired Taste Collection.

Menthol Honey Lemon
Made with real honey and natural lemon extract.  Menthol relieves minor throat irritation. 
Not overly sweet, the cooling and refreshing taste totally perks me up!

Menthol Grape
It's like Ribena in methol version!

Chilli Lime
This is a total BREAK THROUGH!!!
It taste the way you eat sambal chilli with lime!
When I was given this to try, naughty LollyTalk owner did not tell me what flavour it was.  As I suck (sorry, I can't find a more refine word), it got more and more spicy in my mouth!  I was like O_o  I must had looked so funny that he was laughing his head off.

Me: "Why???  What am I eating??  Why like that one??!!??"

LollyTalk:  "Tell me what does it taste like?"

Me:  "I don't know.....  candies are not suppose to taste like this.....  My mouth is burning, what is it?!"

LollyTalk sweet man: "We called it Chilli Lime.  It's sambal chilli with lime flavour."

Me: "Huh?? CHILLI!!  You mean I am sucking chilli!!  Chilli flavour candy?!!?  OMG!!"

LollyTalk sweet man giggled at his successful "prank" while pouring me a glass of water, heehee......

If you claimed yourself to be a chilli lover, now you can have it hot hot hot any time!  No need to wait till lunch or dinner liao lolxxx.....

Honey Lemon
Soothes throat with natural honey and lemon extract.
All time favourite!

Spicy Mango
It taste the way you eat mango dipped in dark soya sauce with chilli padi!  AMAZING!!!!
As before, LollyTalk man refused to let me know what I was tasting.
He must be very amused with my surprised reaction.
I mean I had eaten mango with chilli padi dark sauce before, but didn't expect to taste it out of a rock candy!!!

 Plum Guava
I love this, MAD LOVE!!
It taste the way you eat your guava with plum powder, got real bits of plum inside the candies!!  GENIUS!
An asian flavour is created using Aussie candy making recipe, incredible.  Thumbs up LollyTalk!

Here's LollyTalk sweet man and me!  I looked sweeter than him though!
(errrr hmmm..... buay pai seh lolxx...)

I am having in my palm 3 favourite Acquire Taste flavours for my taste buds!
(yeah, at the same time showing off my candy nails, heehee....)

Drop by LollyTalk for unique taste of candies now!

68 Orchard Road
Plaza Singapura B2-20
Singapore 238839
Tel: 6883 1569

Show some love "Like" LollyTalk at Facebook

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Skinfood's New Concept Store at Bugis Junction


Skinfood's New Concept Store was opened on 26 April at Bugis Junction #02-22.
Uncluttered interior with wooden furnishes welcome customers with warm simplicity.

The "angels" will lead you but please do not bully them, cos' they are so shy, heeheee......

Products are neatly display on wooden shelves. 

Like it's new concept store, Skinfood's products comes with neat packaging with a zest of freshness in design.
So in love with the packagings I wish I can grab everything home <3 <3
Skinfood Water Berry Series

Skinfood Gold Kiwi Brightening Line price ranges from S$23.90 - S$39.90

Here's a close pic showing some products from Gold Kiwi Brightening Line.
Testers are available for most of products where customers can try before purchasing.

 At Skinfood's New Concept Store, you WILL NOT be served by pushy sales girls.
Skinfood's professional beauty & skincare consultants are patient with good knowledge of their products,
introducing suitable products for individual's skin types addressing to their skin concerns.

Currently using Skinfood Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore Line, read about it here.

Thank you Skinfood for the goodie bag!
Skinfood Water Berry Series (pink for ladies, blue for men), Fresh Apple Mild Pore Peeling Gel, Cherry Juice Lip Gloss, Facial Cotton

Happy to receive this lip gloss in the goodie bag which is one of the latest product:

Fresh Juice Lip Gloss #1 Cherry Juice (6.5g)  S$16.90 

Did a color swatch, apply more for more intense color, less for a natural look.

Wearing the lip gloss now!
It's a lovely color which makes me look fairer.  Pic no filter.

Skinfood Fresh Juice Lip Gloss contains Vitamin C & E which moisturises your lips while giving lustre.
6 fruitty colors available.  Click into their website to view http://www.skinfood.sg/beta/

"Like" their Facebook for more updates

Ending this post with OOTD:
Polka dot tank top - Uniglo,  White frilly shorts - Osmose
Apple green shawl  as vest - Coldwear
Tattoo stockings - Taobao,  Court shoes - Pazzion
Bag with super big ribbon - Camomilla

Disclaimer -
Although this is a sponsored review, it is based on my own experience through usage. I am not affiliated or in any way linked to this brand.  Results varies on different skin conditions, product may or may not be suitable for  individuals.

Friday, 26 April 2013

What's inside April's Black Box

I received my Black Box (BB) on 25 April, Thursday around 5pm.
Some of my friends had received theirs much earlier, while some are still waiting.
I suppose they send out by batches according to area?  No sure.

Read about Feb's Black Box here.

So let's take peek inside April's Black Box ~~

Transparent zip lock bag with Black Box logo, cute.

 Some vouchers, the 7-eleven one will be the first to be used.

Bioflora Colla Bee Honey & Collagen drink, yeah yeah, another boost of youth for me ^^

Tea-break treats with Uncle Toby's muesli bar & 3 different types of coffee from Nescafe.

2 L'oreal products absolutely suitable for me and Darlie toothpaste for everybody at home.

Nivea Volcanic Mud cleansing foam for my kids.
Not suitable for hubby's dry flakey skin.
Ettusais Skin Version Up Super, can anybody tell me what's that?

Zappy baby wipes.  No more babies at home but it's always handy especially after some chicken wings or other messy food.
 Had been using Vanish Powder for soaking of clothes before washing, so I am very happy with this free pack.

 Pretty envelope which opens up containing 4 sachets of products:
*The true cream -aqua bomb
*First Aid 360 Eye mask
*Creamy cleansing foam
*SPF 30 UV Protector Gel

April's Black Box is so filled up with goodies, who won't be happy to receive?

It's absolutely free, subscribe yours at  http://www.blackbox.sg/