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Friday, 7 March 2014

Han Dian TCM Pte Ltd 汉典中医


Great feast during Chinese New Year had piled up a few kg on me.
All the fats were target on my tummy and upper arms which I had my cunning way of hiding them with a bit of fashion sense.  So everybody was going "You where got fat?"  "You look ok leh!".  Scroll down for my confession.....

Han Dian TCM  汉典中医 extended their expertise in slimming to me, just in time.

I was a very difficult patient with irregular meals and late sleeping habit.  With Dr Chung Shu Feng who attended me with empathy, I lose 2.1kg with 3 acupuncture sessions and 2 sets of capping treatment from 10 to 28 Feb 2014.  No medication was prescribed (except for flu medicine).
10 Feb - 50.3kg was over weight for my height of 145cm, my ideal weight is 45kg.
3 Mar - my last treatment at Han Dian was 28 Feb,  but weight drops further on 3 Mar.

There's nothing I can do with my height, but with determination and help from Han Dian TCM, I looked taller with a slimmer body.

Acupuncture Slimming + NegativeIons Dexotification
(针灸减肥  +  负离子)

Now, you are seeing acupuncture needles all over my rounded tummy and legs.  Some clips were attached to the needles for further stimulation.

The above pic of my tummy reminds me of the bao I had, round round one.  But the bao is cute, not my tummy -____-

The process -
* Acupuncture needles were poke (sorry, can't find another more refine word) onto arms, tummy and plenty of them on legs.  Cushioned with a thick layer of fats beneath, my tummy didn't feel the needles most of the time.  The painful areas were on my hands and legs.  The pain was only a few seconds after insertion, then they don't feel a thing.  But I had to lie very still cos' it's painful if I move.  I find it very stressful for me to lie still.  I like to wriggle about, not being able to move for about 30mins was a torture to me.

* Some clips were attached to the needles and when the machine was on, it vibrates a little, no pain, slightly ticklish.

* After the needles were taken out, cling wrap around tummy and thighs with body sculpting cream follow by a NegativeIons Detoxification blanket.  Barely there feel, but was always reminded not to touch the wall beside the bed as the currents would be running in my body.  Dr Chung also mentioned that I can't be in body contact with anybody during the process.  Cling wrapped areas perspired after 30 mins.

I did think much of the reminders as I didn't feel a thing.  Until this once, my hubby was with me, when I passed him my handphone for him to take pictures, our fingers touched and we kena painful electric shock. From then, I know this NegativeIons Detoxification thingy is not child's play.  20 mins with the NegativeIons Detoxification blanket is equivalent to 2hrs of exercise.  At the same time, it improves physical resistance and enhance healing of our bodies.

How it works -
Acupuncture improves functions of organs contributing to better metabolism rate and suppress appetite.  In between the 3 sessions of acupuncture slimming sessions, I had an "Apples Meal Day" eating only apples, which helps to expel water retention.  Followed by a "Milk Day" which I only drank milk for a day as a natural way of detox and flushing out impurities.  No hunger bangs, amazing right?

After 3 sessions of acupuncture, I didn't grow any love with the needles.  So I switched to cupping.

Cupping Slimming  +  NegativeIons Dexotification
(拔罐减肥  +  负离子)

The process -
*  A special medicated cream for "opening" the pores and vessels was applied on areas to be cupped.  Cupped areas were the same as acupuncture - arms, legs and tummy.

*  Hot air was introduced into the blue glass cups with fire.  Placed firmly onto skin and it sucks tightly creating temporary circle bruises.  The slight pain was converted to shiokness on me.  I love it and I didn't mind the red marks.  They could be covered up with long pants/knee length skirt and a short sleeve top.  But most of the time, I don't give a damn, lolxx...

Cupping bruises got very very dark red when I ate spicy and heaty food the day before treatment >.<
Though the bruises looked really bad, I assure you, it's not painful.  They were like giant love bites, lolxxx.....

*  NegativeIons Detoxification blanket for 15mins together with the capping.  Another 15mins with cling wrap after removing the caps.

How it works -
It works much like acupuncture but in a slower mood - 1X acupuncture = 3X cupping sessions.  Even so, cupping was more comfortable to me.  The only set back was that this method of treatment has to be done in 3 consecutive days which was quite a strain to my schedule.  I had done 2 sets of cupping slimming = 6 times in total.

Acupuncture slimming is S$1500 for 20 sessions, results guaranteed.  You may called up to enquire for consultant and trial session.


Nobody chose to be or wants to be over weight.  But it's our body and we are responsible for it.  It's not just about superficial beauty, it's about having a healthy body to bring us wherever we want to be, and to be together with our love ones without burdening them with illness caused by weight issues.

Besides slimming, Han Dian TCM treats various women illness such as menstruation cramp, irregular menstration, menopause syndrome, inconceivable, facial uneven pigmentation/spots/freckles etc.

Han Dian TCM Pte Ltd
101 Upper Cross Street #02-33
People's Park Centre
Singapore 058357
Tel: 6554 2048

Consultation Hours: 10.30am - 8.30pm daily


  1. Hi Susan, then 20 sessions must complete within how many days?

    1. There's no specific period to complete the sessions cos' individual's body condition is different. After consultation, the Dr will work out a comfortable schedule for you.

  2. Hi, how much did you pay per session? (:

  3. How many kilos have u lost

  4. Are you still having session with them? Did you gain back the weight after so many months pass?

    1. No more sessions with them. Heehee... I gain back a bit with all the food tasting and Dec gatherings >.<