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Friday, 14 March 2014

Beauty & Anti-Aging Device -Talika Light Duo+

Was in a lazy mood, but it's pretty effortless to zest up a causal evening outfit with blings.
Hairband - Chomel
Bling top - bought in Ho Chi Minh
Pants - Uniqlo
Heels - Charles and Keith
Loving my hair, thanks to Hairtitude.

Pics taken on my way to Fullerton One.
I must be the only Singaporean not affected by the haze.

The sign board indicated that I was at the right direction.

I was early, Talika Light Duo+ Event was held at Forlino.

Fell instantly in love with the posh ambience.

Finally my friends arrived, on the left Yan Teng and Michelle on the right ^.^

Talika Light Duo+

It's a palm size beauty device with Concentrated Light Therapy which claims to deliver a Global Anti-Aging.

This sleek pebble is easily operated with concealed buttons at the sides, switches off automatically in less than half a min when not in use.

Talika Light Duo+  produces 3 wavelengths which is differentiate with red, yellow and green light.
Each wavelengths reaches different layers of skin cells and blood capillaries, therefore contribute to regulating several epidermal and dermal cells.

Heeheehee..... the purpose of this pic is to scare you!
Just kidding, I am on Anti-Dark Spots Light Therapy.

Effects of red, yellow and green lights:

Talika Light Duo+ also comes with gentle vibration feature which boost microcirculation and improves intercellular communication.  So you may chose to place the device directly on your face to enjoy the gentle massage, or put it a few cm away just for the light therapy.

Talika Light Duo+ brings to you:
* smooth winkles, even in-depth
* replumps the skin
* illuminates the complexion
* restores radiance
* increase the penetration of active ingredients.

Cheers to this High Tech beauty & anti-aging device which you can enjoy at home!

Beauty is important, so is food ;)

 Many thanks to Mag for the invite and introducing Talika to us ^^

Talika Light Duo+ retails at S$575 with 1 year warranty at Talika counters in Metro.

For more information click:

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