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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Mood Gel - Color Changing Polishes!

Being a manicurist for about 7 years, I had seen all sorts of colors.   Every season, manufacturers regardless of any brands will come out with so called "new colors'.   But well, giving colors new names doesn't make them new.  They are still the same old reds, pinks, purples and greys in different hues that I had seen over and over again after all these years.

Earlier on in Feb, I chanced upon "Mood Gel" in Beauty Asia Exhibition 2014 at PNC's booth.

Something fascinating at last, I bought the entire set of 12 bottles from Lechat (made in US).

What's so fascinating about these Mood Gels?

The Mood Gels changes color according to surrounding temperature!
Let the photos do the talking!!
This is "Cherry Blossom".
  Nude in room temperature, turns plum color in aircon.

Cherry Blossom in gradient color when the temperature is cool.  Korean stickers are used.
Cherry Blossom comes with alluring subtle glitters in it which the camera can't capture.

"Heavenly Angel"
Pale pastel pink in room temperature, colder the temperature, darker pink it becomes.

"Lavender Blooms"
It's pale pastel purple in room temperature although it looks white here.  Colder the temperature, darker lavender it becomes.

"Moonlit Eclipse"
Shimmery light grey in room temperature, gets darker in grey when temperature drops.

"Glistening Waterfall"
Glittery silver in room temperature, turns turquoise when cold.  The above is a set of extension.  Amazing gradient when I switched off the aircon.

Another set on natural nails, linear nail arts looking great, be it warm or cold.

My nails, using Glistening Waterfall as well.  Pic taken in a freaking cold aircon bus on a rainy day ^.^
Turned so deep green in turquoise.....  nail arts are Korean stickers.

"Crimson Nightfall"
Hot pink when warm, beautiful purple when cold.

Not necessarily in aircon of course.
My toe nails were purple while teasing river water during my recent holiday.

Crimson Nightfall looks great on hands too.
Kitty, paws, fish bones etc... handpainted.

Fun right?  2 colors from 1 bottle!  In fact more than 2 colors, you get natural gradients too!

12 X2 fabulous shades waiting for you at Precious Nail Services.
Gelish manicure @S$50
Gelish pedicure @S$56
(both prices include soak off and after care with nail strengthener application)

We are home based at Tampines.  For appointment, simply whatsapp or SMS Susan 8338 3481

Flash this blog post on your handphone to me during your appointment,
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  1. Hi! love this post! Ive been searching for mood changing uv gel colour pots for the longest time now and im very excited about these ones! could you just confirm for me that they work on extensions and along with uv base and top coat gels? i dont want to buy them and realise they don't work :( thanks a mill! :)

    1. Mood gel polish CAN be apply over acrylic or gel extensions. You don't need a base as the extension itself is already a base. You have to use a "wipe off" top gel polish meant for gel polishes, those non-wipe top coat gels will crack on gel polishes. Any questions just drop me a line again, will be glad to answer and help. Thank you!