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Monday, 17 March 2014

Badoque at Simpang Bedok

Date of visit 19.01.2014

It was just another lazy day where Uncle Peter and Auntie Susan went out to look for economical dinner.

We drove to nearby Bedok Market, which is full of halal street food.

Walked pass this little restaurant.  The upfront wasn't attractive, but the food on the out door tables were!

Only heard of corkage fee, first time seen "cakeage" fee lolxxx...
Anyway, the best thing is - NO GST, NO SERVICE.  Can save a lot of money you know!

Menu was colorful but only a few photos on their food served.

Naughty Chocolate S$6.00

Roasted Lamb S$22.00
Garlic sauce poured over huge tender lamb shank accompanied with mashed potatoes and veg.  Absolutely no funny pungent.  It's difficult to find a place which serves good lamb shanks, glad that I found an awesome one now.  

Beef Ribs S$24.00
Generous fresh greens,potatoes and carrot wedges came with this super duper HUMONGOUS beef rib.  Beef tend to be a bit dry cos' it's thoroughly cooked, but the flavourful and tenderness made it all up.

Look at the size of the rib bone!
(Please ignore my messy hair and cui face, I am still human after all.  It's impossible for me to look gloomed 24hrs a day and 365days a year.)

For both main dishes, the price tag was unbelievably good with such nice food presentation and quality. Services was great with the attendant came over to our table to check and ask if our orders were satisfactory with a little bit of small chat.  Waiting time was around 30mins, but it's worth it!    The huge portions were too much for us, we probably need to share a plate the next time.

We were very impressed by this halal restaurant.

This is going to be the one and only post for this week as I'll be away to Bangkok and Kanchanaburi.   Not only to shop but also some trekking and dating with elephants.  Hope to come back with fabulous photos to share with you guys ;)

Meanwhile, if you stays around the East, do not miss Badoque.

298 Bedok Road
(Simpang Bedok)
Singapore 469454
Tel: 6446 6928


  1. enjoy yr bkk trip and stay safe! :)

  2. Just a small correction, it's pronounced and spelled as 'halal'. Have a good day ahead! :)

    1. Hey, thank you very much! I spell it wrongly in other posts too >.< oh my gosh.... Corrected now, thank you once again!