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Saturday, 28 February 2015

National Orchid Garden

Date of visit: 21.08.2014 & 31.01.2015

The first visit to National Orchid Garden was some time ago in a very rush manner within an hour.  My camera died on me and my hand phone was left with 5% battery the moment I stepped in.  It felt like dooms day really lolxx...  So I came back again, and make sure I cover every inch of this awesome garden.

National Orchid Garden is within Singapore Botanic Gardens at 1 Cluny Road.
Singapore National Orchid Garden
Opens daily 8.30am - 7.00pm
Admission Fee -  S$5 for adults
S$1 for students and senior citizens (60 years old and above)
Free for children below 12 years old

For larger map, click HERE

I am not good at flowery descriptions, so this post will be "picture-ful", captions where necessary, heehee... I named the orchids as far as their names are tagged.

Ticketing Counter
No queue at all.  But it's crowded with tourists inside the garden, especially during weekends.

National Orchid Garden Gift Gallery
Tourist souvenir shop which is at the right hand of the entrance, it's also the only exit from the Orchid Garden, ie. tourist cannot escape.  Probably too tempting as well, ang mos love orchids the way we love tulips lolxx...

Crane Fountain

The first landmark you see once enter into the garden.  Let's explore the garden from the left...

Golden Cage Display
It's more bronze than gold actually.

Tiger Orchid Fountain
Tiger Orchid haven't bloom, but never mind.

Burkill Hall

Heritage building since around 1867.  The second floor is closed during my visit.  The ground level is size of a normal living room hall with some posters and information on orchids.

VIP Orchid Garden
A garden of orchids named after politicians or royalties around the world.

Dendrobium Najib Rosmah
Orchid named after spouse of Prime Minister of Malaysia on 22 May 2009.

Dendrobium Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahamd (long name, omg...)
Named after His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahamd, Emir of Kuwait on 20 July 2004.

Vanda Usha (finally a easier name)
Named after wife of His Excellency Kocheril Raman Narayanan, Republic of India on 12 Nov 2000.

Dendrobium King Letsie III
Named after King of Kingdom of Lesotho on 27 Jan 2010.

Dendrobium Hifikipunye Pohamba (don't ask me how to pronounce)
Named after President of the Republic of Namibia on 1 Nov 2006.

Dendrobium Masako Kotaishi Hidenka
Named after Princess Masako of Japan in 1993.

Dendrobium Jean Chretien
Named after then Prime Minister of Canada on 13 Nov 1998.

Dendrobium Michael Jeffery
Named after then Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia on 10 March 2004.

Mokara Laura Bush
Named after then First Lady of US on 21 Oct 2003.

Ascocenda Yingluck Shinawatra
Named after Prime Minister of Thailand on 8 Dec 2011.  Very similar to Vanda Usha.

Mokara Seretse Khama Ian Khama
Named after President of Republic of Botswana on 23 June 2009.

Renantanda Akihito
Named after Emperor Akihito of Japan in 1970.

Spathoglottis Philippe Mathilde
Named after Princess Mathilde of Belgium on 27 Nov 2008.



The pink "cotton buds" were holding onto raindrops, the beauty melted my heart...

This tree was being vandalize by barbarians :((

I don't understand what's the fun to crave names and whatever nonsense!  Itchy hands or what??  Don't know how to appreciate never mind, just don't ruin it!  Sigh.... 气死我。。。
Uncivilized idiots!  I don't like calling people names, but these people deserves it.

Let's continue to admire the orchids, now our National Flower -

Vanda Miss Joaqium

Heritage Orchid Display
Display of early hybrids, as early as 1930s.

It excites me whenever I see palm size flowers.

Weird flowers that face downwards, lolxx...

Vanda Mimi Palmer

Looks as if the tree is growing hair.

It felt funny when my hand run through them, heehee....

Celebrity Orchid Garden
Orchids named after celebrities around the world, only took down some whom I am more familiar with.

Dendrobium Stefanie Sun
(name after our local song writer/singer 孙燕姿)

Dendrobium Bae Yong Jun
(Korean drama Winter Sonata,  starring Korean star 裴勇俊 had gave me the deepest impression)

Dendrobium Zhou Xun
(Named after a famous actor/singer from China, 周迅)

Tan Hoon Siang Mist House
Special breeds of  orchids in here are so stunning that I can screammmmm....  I need to say that this is a MUST MUST MUST VISIT.   Displays were different on my 2 visits on different dates.

Brassavola Little Star

Aranda Bangkuntian Gold

Paphiopedilum Hybrid

Cymbidium Hybrid

HUGE palm size orchids.  Colors so brilliant they looked like synthetic flowers lolxx...

Paphiopedilum Hybrid

Yuen-Peng McNeice Bromeliad Collection
Through the generous sponsorship from Lady Yuen-Peng Mcneice, this unique collection of about 200 different bromeliads originated from Shelldance Nursery in the United States in 1994. It is the only featured non-orchid display in the National Orchid Garden.

Cool House
Temperature is only slightly lower, it's also not as big as expected.  Walked over and got done with it at it's short trail within 10 mins.

Pitcher Plant 猪笼草

Looks like banana but they aren't, not sure what they are though.

Spam selfie here.

Golden Shower Arches

Once we walked pass the arches, we were back to the entrance/exit.

Enjoy the stroll at the comfortable pace takes about 1.5hrs to 2hrs.  If you love to admire orchids and take photographs, you may need to cater more time for the visit.

Hope you guys like this orchid blooms blogpost ^.^