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Friday, 23 May 2014

Strangers Reunion

Date of visit: 14.02.2014

Strangers Reunion, what a unique name for a cafe.   What lured me here was their all-day breakfast photos over social media.

Reached around 6.30pm, it was jam packed with young adults, suddenly realised it's Valentine's Day.
  Normally I don't dine out during special occasions like such.  I don't find joy joining into the crowd, but that day, it slipped out of my mind >.<

The polite serving staff said that they only had hair chair seats available and asked if we mind.  Said ok since we were already at the door, just wanted to make it quick dinner.

Our high stools with small table was near the toilet.

The glass panel separated our table with the common hand basin which was tastefully decorated.

But still, not exactly a comfortable spot I would say, but the little yellow flowers and a big flask of water did comfort and console us a little....

The menu came, only to realise that their all-day breakfast ended at 5pm  TT___TT  Made our orders anyway, and here you go....
Baby Spinach Salad S$10.90
Portion quite big, good enough to be shared among 2 or 3 pax.  It's refreshing with mandarin oranges, berries and tomatoes.  But the excitement died after a few bites of spinach, probably could be better if they could add in a little bit of other blends?

Crispy Pork Belly S$24.90
Felt a heart pain when we saw this plate.  Taste and portion was like a $8 order from any roast meat stall in hawker or food court.

The only console was the mashed potato that came with it.
The texture was butter smooth, light yet creamy, with that slight milk scent.  It was lips smacking good!

We saw every table had waffles, so..... we needed a waffle too!   Probably the crowd was to huge for the kitchen to deal with, it was a long long wait on the back breaking little high stool.    Not able to and could bear to flare up cos' the sweet looking serving girl was so polite and she looked so apologetic.   Hubby literally *melt*, so I let him melt and be a gracious auntie.

Strawberry fruit and vanilla ice-cream waffle S$13.90
A bit pricey, but taste did not disappoint.  Even golden brown color promising a slight crisp on the outside.  Cutting up the thick waffle revealed the soft and fluffy texture within, rich aroma of egg batter conquered our noses.  Love it!

The cashier was busy and confused on Valentine's, but they had cute little things around to keep me occupied while waiting.

Probably some may ask how I manage to remember the dinning details.  I kept the receipts and jot the points down ^.^  So blogging is not just taking pictures only.

Strangers Reunion
33/35/37 Kampong Bahru Road
Singapore 169335
Tel: 6222 4869

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Fruit Paradise Cafe at Tampines Mall

Date of visit: 01.02.2014

When I was still a little kid, my mother always brought me to a cake shop nearby my PAP kindergarden school after class.  Pieces of little rectangular cakes were neatly placed on metal trays inside the display fridge.  They looked so colorful and perfect with different colored creams on top.  Each piece was about 20 to 40 cents then.  If you are wondering, I am talking about mid to late 70s.

Mother seldom bought those pretty little cakes  though.  Instead she would buy those bags of cake strips on top of the display fridge. The cake strips were the odds and ends cut out from those little rectangular cakes or bigger birthday cakes.  They taste the same although they looked a bit messy in a transparent plastic bag.  It's about 30 cents per bag, probably the equivalent 5 little rectangle cakes.

My dad used to say, whatever we eat, they all look the same (shit) when it's out lolxxx....  Filling up the stomach was all that matters during those days.

Many things has been changing voluntarily, including expectations in what we eat.  Food industry has become more competitive, good taste and stomach filling is no longer enough.  Food presentation and food art attracts. Especially our younger generation, people now looked for beautiful food, food with art elements.  First, eat with eyes for visual pleasure, then with cameras, show them off all over social media, finally and lastly into mouths.  Just look at the sudden sprouts of cafeterias with latte arts, no wonder it's the current food trend now.

But this post is not about latte art, it's about Fruit Paradise, they focus a lot on food presentation too.  If you don't mind reading an old auntie's blog, scroll down, heehee......

Long John Silvers was taken over by Fruit Paradise and relocated to another unit.

Slices of fruits in same sizes and thickness, layered symmetrically to form a beautiful tart, looked too good to be eaten.

Besides their signature fruit tarts, they have curry rice sets too.
Dummy display was alluring enough........

King Luis loves Japanese curry as much as I love roast pork >.<  Being a filial mother, brought him to try.

The enormous oval plate created an illusion of large portion.  Dip sauce in mini glass was a pretty presentation, but totally drove us nuts when trying to get more onto the fries.
(Left) Fried Chicken Curry and (Right) Chicken Cutlet Curry were S$13.90 each, both reached our table pipping hot, quite yummy and not a drop of curry gravy was left.

Chocolate Banana Tart suppose to be S$6.80, gotten a discount and was S$4.80
Chocolate and banana is one of the most "deadly" combination for desserts.  It's rich and creamy with slices of fresh banana which successfully ruin my slimming diet, yum yum......

The total damage came up to be S$38.37 with 10% service charge and 7% GST, a bit steep.  But again, nothing's cheap nowadays, everything also increase price.  So overall, it's not a bad choice if you are at Tampines Central, whether you need to pamper your little girlfriend or feast with your eyes.

Fruit Paradise Cafe
4 Tampines Central 5
#04-30/31 Tampines Mall
Singapore 529510
Tel: 6789 8262

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Iskina Cebu - Philippines Lechon

Date of visit: 26.04.2014

Despite of many filipinos working and living in Singapore, my knowledge about the country is very limited. Food brings human closer than lanuages, maybe, heehee..... we discovered a real Philippine food at Geylang East.......

Iskina Cebu is tacked at the rear corner of a industrial park coffee shop.
It was a Saturday when we visited.  All other stalls were closed except Iskina Cebu and the drink seller.

A roast pig fresh from the charcoal pit.

As you can see, the coffee shop was a bit run down, but it didn't matter..

Slices of roasted pork belly, behind was a strong fellow chopping the meat up on a enormous wooden chop board, making really loud bangs lolxx....

Hubby and I ordered roast chicken leg and lechon (roast pork) with rice to share, cos' it's whopping S$11.50.
Food it's served on brown wax paper with a rattan basket beneath.  Kinda clever, no need to wash plates, heehee.....  Notice the ice lemon at the right hand corner?  It's cold and concentrated, really nice, it's S$1.20 or S$1.50 can't remember.

Only chilli padi and dark soya sauce were available as condiments. 

Their roast chicken wasn't that appealing in appearance with uneven browns on the skin.  But the meat was tender and juicy.   The lechon (roast pork) was D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S!!
The taste is different from our chinese roast pork.  Chinese roast pork belly meat in big slabs with some marinating.  Philippine style roast them in slices, and if my taste buds are not wrong, not much seasoning is added.  We could dipped the lechon in dark soya sauce but can't do the same to chinese roast pork.

Skin so crispy you could hear the next table chewing, meat was sooooooo..... tender.  The taste is so primitive, so simple, but it's something so rare.

I really hate myself for not discovering this place earlier!  This place is just a few minutes drive from my house and yet I never know about it till recently, urrrgg......

We were the only chinese there.  After snapping this photo, those few tables in front were occupied.

So good, that we ordered more, but the queue like hell, cos' the stall run out of rice -__-
We decided to go without rice, ordered just the lechon at S$5.00.
Yes, we ate it without rice, not "jia let" at all!  No fattening or oily feel, so ridiculously delicious, that I am willing to get fat without regrets.

But chances of me visiting the coffee shop is very slim.  Cos' I have got this brilliant idea of getting my hubby to "ta bao", and have these lechon to go with beer at home!  It's not really nice for a lady to sit in a coffee shop and drink beer leh, in my opinion.   Hubby also cannot drink outside, need to drive...  So, "ta bao" is the best option!  At home I can eat with my hands, lick my fingers and drink like a cave woman without any dinning etiquette sia, heeheehee..... 想到都爽, waahaaahaaa......

Although this place is easily missed, as it doesn't have an attractive sign board or something, it's actually just a stone throw away from Paya Lebar MRT Station (exit C).

Iskina Cebu
Blk 1016 Geylang East Ave 3
Singapore 389731
Open:  Tues - Sun 12pm to 9.30pm

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Vanity Trove - a beauty box that brightens my day!


My little box of happiness with beauty items picked by myself.

Fruity Lite Slimming Tea 2 packs
Lovely team of Vanity Trove include these in my box, they must know I love it!  Read my review HERE.

Heliocare SPF50 Gel 5ml
Heliocare from Spain, is a pioneer brand for UV protection.  I have been taking Heliocare oral capsule for a couple of years.  Yes, they have oral sunblock  :P~~  Now I can apply Heliocare gel, double protection against harmful UV rays!

SOL BB Cream 5ml
It's made in Korea, have yet to try, but will definitely need it as my current BB/CC are finishing soon.

Gatsby Acne Care Facial Foam 50g
Darren and King Luis's favourite cleanser!  I use it once in a while when my face gets extremely oily.  I had gotten my first tube from Vanity Trove too, the post is HERE with my kids review!

Elizabeth Arden Untold 1.5ml
I brought it with me during my Bangkok trip.  The fresh fruity fragrance was very wearable and I was very comfortable with it.  Makes me feels great even in casual outfits!

 Kilo Off Slimming Tea 2 tea bags

The tea bags can be prepared in cold or hot water.
Yet to try, cos' my tummy hasn't been feeling well for the entire week -__-

L'oreal White Perfect Laser 5ml
A anti-spot brightening essence to be use before moisturiser.  Lotion texture is light with mild fragrance.

Jane Iredale Beauty Kit in pretty pink mash straw-string bag consist of -
PurePressed Base SPF 20 sample size
LipDrink SPF 15 miniature
Forever Pink lip gloss miniature
Glow Time Mineral BB Cream SPF 25 2ml
Reviews on the lip glosses HERE!

Besides self pick troves at S$25, there are special troves too.

Click in www.vanitytrove.com/sg and the beauty box of happiness will be delivered to your doorstep ^^

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Tsukada Nojo Bijin Nabe (塚田農場 美人鍋) at Plaza Singapura

Date of visit: 09.02.2014

Visited Tsukada Nojo  Bijin Nabe (塚田農場 美人鍋) at Plaza Singapura.  What caught my attention was it's name.  美人鍋, meaning eat already become 美人 (beauty) wor, heehee......

"SUPER RICH IN COLLAGEN" the board says!
And everything at S$25 per person was affordable!

They open for dinner at 5pm.  From what I know they don't take advance bookings through phone, so there's normally a queue outside at around 4.30pm, as told my a friend.

The restaurant is really small, I estimate they can only accommodate around 40pax at a time.  Perhaps this is the best arrangement they can make out of the space constrain.
 Missed the 5pm slot, so hubby and I booked a 6.30pm slot at the counter.

Went to walk around but window shopping bored the hell out of me, so we went back to the restaurant at around 6pm.
Saw how they scope puddings of collagen rich chicken stock into serving pots.  That kept me quite occupied and "entertained".  Also saw an ugly sight, a grouchy young girl around 20 years old ba, complained endlessly to an elder woman who seemed to be her mother.  "Make us wait so long, service so lousy, told us to come back at 6pm now already pass 10mins....."

Rotten spoiled kid, then what you want the waitress to do?  Chase their customers off and let you sit in is it? Or maybe they should get you a VIP table placed right at the entrance?  At around 6.15pm, 2 customers came out, the mother and daughter were let in immediately.   That girl's face was black throughout, pity the waitress who need to tolerate her....  Anyway, shortly after they went in, it was our turn =D

Collagen chicken pudding!

It melted into thick milky soup in a minute or so.

Our tiny table with everything cramped together.

That's the our S$25 X2 set. 

There were 3 types of noodles to chose from, we chose thin egg noodles.

Service was meticulous.   The waitress served us a small cup of the soup before she placed the rest of the ingredients into the pot.
 The soup was very thick and tasty and the chicken meat was very tender.

  However, the soup left a sticky feel in and around our mouths.  A sip of water will do the trick but my hubby don't like this after feel lolxx....

Self-made spicy sauce for our egg noodles =P~~

We were told to leave the prawns to the last as after adding the prawns, the soup base would taste a little different.

Recommended by the waitress, we made a side order.
Nikumaki Chilli S$3.80

 It's a ball of rice wrapped with bacon in spicy sauce, a bit pricey, but the taste did not disappoint.
The meal ended with 2 bites of jelly for us with a cute and warm food art.

It's a fascinating experience.   Very different from chinese steamboat or shabu shabu, from the soup base to the ingredients.  I had seen their outlets at Chinatown Point and Westgate but not sure if the dining slots and food quality are same.

Tsukada Nojo  Bijin Nabe (塚田農場 美人鍋)
  • Plaza Singapura #03-81
  • 68 Orchard Road Singapore 238839