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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Tsukada Nojo Bijin Nabe (塚田農場 美人鍋) at Plaza Singapura

Date of visit: 09.02.2014

Visited Tsukada Nojo  Bijin Nabe (塚田農場 美人鍋) at Plaza Singapura.  What caught my attention was it's name.  美人鍋, meaning eat already become 美人 (beauty) wor, heehee......

"SUPER RICH IN COLLAGEN" the board says!
And everything at S$25 per person was affordable!

They open for dinner at 5pm.  From what I know they don't take advance bookings through phone, so there's normally a queue outside at around 4.30pm, as told my a friend.

The restaurant is really small, I estimate they can only accommodate around 40pax at a time.  Perhaps this is the best arrangement they can make out of the space constrain.
 Missed the 5pm slot, so hubby and I booked a 6.30pm slot at the counter.

Went to walk around but window shopping bored the hell out of me, so we went back to the restaurant at around 6pm.
Saw how they scope puddings of collagen rich chicken stock into serving pots.  That kept me quite occupied and "entertained".  Also saw an ugly sight, a grouchy young girl around 20 years old ba, complained endlessly to an elder woman who seemed to be her mother.  "Make us wait so long, service so lousy, told us to come back at 6pm now already pass 10mins....."

Rotten spoiled kid, then what you want the waitress to do?  Chase their customers off and let you sit in is it? Or maybe they should get you a VIP table placed right at the entrance?  At around 6.15pm, 2 customers came out, the mother and daughter were let in immediately.   That girl's face was black throughout, pity the waitress who need to tolerate her....  Anyway, shortly after they went in, it was our turn =D

Collagen chicken pudding!

It melted into thick milky soup in a minute or so.

Our tiny table with everything cramped together.

That's the our S$25 X2 set. 

There were 3 types of noodles to chose from, we chose thin egg noodles.

Service was meticulous.   The waitress served us a small cup of the soup before she placed the rest of the ingredients into the pot.
 The soup was very thick and tasty and the chicken meat was very tender.

  However, the soup left a sticky feel in and around our mouths.  A sip of water will do the trick but my hubby don't like this after feel lolxx....

Self-made spicy sauce for our egg noodles =P~~

We were told to leave the prawns to the last as after adding the prawns, the soup base would taste a little different.

Recommended by the waitress, we made a side order.
Nikumaki Chilli S$3.80

 It's a ball of rice wrapped with bacon in spicy sauce, a bit pricey, but the taste did not disappoint.
The meal ended with 2 bites of jelly for us with a cute and warm food art.

It's a fascinating experience.   Very different from chinese steamboat or shabu shabu, from the soup base to the ingredients.  I had seen their outlets at Chinatown Point and Westgate but not sure if the dining slots and food quality are same.

Tsukada Nojo  Bijin Nabe (塚田農場 美人鍋)
  • Plaza Singapura #03-81
  • 68 Orchard Road Singapore 238839


  1. Hi Susan,Always enjoyed reading your blog posts as well as your adventures on dayre.
    Please keep it up!!!