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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Fruit Paradise Cafe at Tampines Mall

Date of visit: 01.02.2014

When I was still a little kid, my mother always brought me to a cake shop nearby my PAP kindergarden school after class.  Pieces of little rectangular cakes were neatly placed on metal trays inside the display fridge.  They looked so colorful and perfect with different colored creams on top.  Each piece was about 20 to 40 cents then.  If you are wondering, I am talking about mid to late 70s.

Mother seldom bought those pretty little cakes  though.  Instead she would buy those bags of cake strips on top of the display fridge. The cake strips were the odds and ends cut out from those little rectangular cakes or bigger birthday cakes.  They taste the same although they looked a bit messy in a transparent plastic bag.  It's about 30 cents per bag, probably the equivalent 5 little rectangle cakes.

My dad used to say, whatever we eat, they all look the same (shit) when it's out lolxxx....  Filling up the stomach was all that matters during those days.

Many things has been changing voluntarily, including expectations in what we eat.  Food industry has become more competitive, good taste and stomach filling is no longer enough.  Food presentation and food art attracts. Especially our younger generation, people now looked for beautiful food, food with art elements.  First, eat with eyes for visual pleasure, then with cameras, show them off all over social media, finally and lastly into mouths.  Just look at the sudden sprouts of cafeterias with latte arts, no wonder it's the current food trend now.

But this post is not about latte art, it's about Fruit Paradise, they focus a lot on food presentation too.  If you don't mind reading an old auntie's blog, scroll down, heehee......

Long John Silvers was taken over by Fruit Paradise and relocated to another unit.

Slices of fruits in same sizes and thickness, layered symmetrically to form a beautiful tart, looked too good to be eaten.

Besides their signature fruit tarts, they have curry rice sets too.
Dummy display was alluring enough........

King Luis loves Japanese curry as much as I love roast pork >.<  Being a filial mother, brought him to try.

The enormous oval plate created an illusion of large portion.  Dip sauce in mini glass was a pretty presentation, but totally drove us nuts when trying to get more onto the fries.
(Left) Fried Chicken Curry and (Right) Chicken Cutlet Curry were S$13.90 each, both reached our table pipping hot, quite yummy and not a drop of curry gravy was left.

Chocolate Banana Tart suppose to be S$6.80, gotten a discount and was S$4.80
Chocolate and banana is one of the most "deadly" combination for desserts.  It's rich and creamy with slices of fresh banana which successfully ruin my slimming diet, yum yum......

The total damage came up to be S$38.37 with 10% service charge and 7% GST, a bit steep.  But again, nothing's cheap nowadays, everything also increase price.  So overall, it's not a bad choice if you are at Tampines Central, whether you need to pamper your little girlfriend or feast with your eyes.

Fruit Paradise Cafe
4 Tampines Central 5
#04-30/31 Tampines Mall
Singapore 529510
Tel: 6789 8262

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