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Saturday, 18 June 2016

Coney Island Singapore

If this blog is not too new to you, you probably know that I am one of those "abnormal" weird woman who enjoys parks and natural reserves more than shopping malls.  Now that I am working in shopping malls, it dreads even more to walk into one during my off days.  Like a man now, I'll only shop when absolutely necessary.

I had discovered Coney Island way back in 2013 when I was exploring this North Eastern Riverine Loop.  You can read about it HERE.  But the island was not open to the public during that time, so didn't think much about it nor did any read-ups.

It was a pleasant surprise when it finally open it's gates on 10 Oct 2015.  People from all parts and corners of Singapore flocked to this little island, it's like, finally another new place to visit for boring Singaporeans.

So yup, I actually visited the next day.  I should had ride on the hype and 一窝蜂的 blog about it at that time to increase this blog's page views.   But I didn't, heehee.... Had been busy (lame excuse) also the motivation is just not there lah.  I am no longer interested in pursuing blog fame, neither do I have to energy to seek attention the way I used to when I started blogging many years back.  But I know I have a small group of readers who don't mind my lousy english, still liking this space and I am thankful and grateful ^.^

Urrgg.... getting off the track, so back again to the topic....

The usually quiet and peaceful Punggol Promenade was crowded people with during my first visit to Coney Island on 11 Oct 2015.
Though expected, but I didn't know how to feel.   Hate the crowd for disturbing the tranquil?  Or love it as finally more people gotten to know this beautiful place.

Here's a pic of the "All Sold Out" situation at 7-eleven at Punggol Settlement after we left Island.  Like kena robbed like that, we nearly died laughing, waahaahaa....  We grabbed whatever was left as we were really thirsty.

The poor exhausted looking cashier said to us very softly: "Sir, do you have the exact cash?" 
Hubby: "Sorry, I don't have any coins with me."
Cashier: "Sir, can pay by NETS?  I really no more change..."
She damn poor thing can, lolxx....
Hubby: "How come the store so empty?  Are they sending more stocks for you?"
Cashier: "Many many customers today, stock came but not enough, they delivering some more later... I very tired....." She was almost breathless.
The poor girl was working alone to deal with the sudden massive crowd.

The bicycle rental shop's business was bustling too.
The shop tender: "I am happy got business lah, but I do unitl no time to drink, no time to go toilet you know.  Until now still haven't eat lunch leh....".  The middle age lady said to us frowning but she couldn't hide that satisfactory smile from within.

7-eleven and the bicycle rental shop Huat Cai cos of the opening of an island that looks like a penguin. Oh yeah.... lolxx...  Just hope that people don't get jealous and increase their rental sia.

I had visited Coney Island 3 times over all these while and had entered through the West Entrance gate at Punggol Promenade each time.

The reason is Punggol Promenade has this 2 storey Punggol Settlement with rows of restaurants which is a deadly attraction to me.   My favorite spots for calories replenishing are White Restaurant and Horizon Bistronomy.
White Restaurant

Horizon Bistronomy

I compiled the photos taken during my 3 visits, and here they are with the shortest captions possible since it's already nothing new.  Starting from the West Gate to the East Gate:
Here's a map of Coney Island.
  Like what I had said, it looks like a penguin.
West Entrance = Butt Feet of Penguin
East Entrance = Mouth of Penguin

The length of the Penguin is only about 2.4km and the widest width across the belly, I estimated myself, it's probably 500m.  To explore the whole island, you can start from the Main Path (in dark green) then make a u-turn to the Earth Track (in light grey) or vice versa.  Either way, the total distance will be more than 4.8m.

View from Punggol Promenade.

Hubby and I tried to 自造浪漫 (create romance) by renting this couple bicycle in pink.
But in less than an hour, we butts really hurts T___T  We had sore butts for the next few days after this lomanti ride....

 到此一游 tourist pic at the West Entrance although can't really see my face lolxx..

The Main Path is easy and a little boring with occasional nice spots.
However the even and broad path is great for jogging.

I had walked into the Reserved Area in hope to find the Coney Cow but no luck :(

Only saw foot prints, could be wild dogs, could be wild boars, but didn't see any :((

The Earth Track covers the beach which is divided into A, B, C, D and E, 5 sections.

Heard that some visitors were bitten by sand flies, but were so far so safe for us.

Opposite land is Malaysia.  So do take note to switch off the auto-roaming on your phones, else you may be using Malaysia's network without knowing.

Casuarina Exploratory near the West Entrance is a "mini playground" made from Casuarina trees.

Taking pictures of garden lizards is becoming my forte, lolxx..

Also, spot the monkeys.

Some just cross the path like a boss.

They gotten used to seeing humans and they aren't afraid.

But do keep a distance in case they gets aggressive.  Monkey scratch or bite can be nasty.

Nobody's home...

See the nests?


Heeheehee.... this just tickles.

The other than building a few shelters, pathways for easy walking, and a lonely toilet, the natural habitat is left as it is for us, urban folks to enjoy.

Flowers grow on it's own in a rebellious manner.

Unleash my rebellious wild flower in me, I lead my sisters and family members of 7 pax over this "No Entry" zone.
That thrill of breaking the rule.... I tell you.... lolxx.....

The solid walkway turned muddy and swampy as we walked further.

We proceeded in single file.  This is probably the most beautiful part of Coney Island.

Without any guide, at our own "risks", we found the legendary
It's all fenced up.  We would like to walk around outside the fence to at least see how big is this abandon villa, but walkway with plywood were only this much as seen in this photo.

We didn't want to step into the mud, so we left without seeing much other than this information board pinned on the fence.
For those who are interested, Haw Par Beach Villa is located at Beach B area.  Rightfully, guided tour is recommended, you may find out how to join HERE.

Walking towards the water dam is where WEST Entrance is.

I'll be rich if I set up a mobile drink stall here!

Let me move slightly off the track, away from Coney Island which is having too much limelight.

Back to the main land, towards Lorong Halus, we discovered a small piece of hidden heaven.

The view is very similar to what I had seen at Tampines Mountain Biking Trail.

And it leads to this pond.

By the pond, I enjoyed a concert sang by the birds and insects.  My heart was filled with peace and joy.  Thankfully I took a video, replaying it makes me happy ^.^  Being happy is very easy, I hope you find yours too.

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