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Sunday, 3 July 2016

Hoping to have another baby..


I suppose most of you know that my kids are at their teens already.

Darren, now 18.
Luis, now 15, and it seems like yesterday...

The house is generally quiet, very quiet, if I don't open my mouth to talk and nag.

I am starting to miss the giggles and wailing (I am serious) from those toothless little humans.
And those baby scent, even babies' butts smells like roses (of course not when they are poo poo-ing).

I am so hoping to have another baby at home.

But........ the current situation is......
We do not have a baby at home, my old "factory" is unlikely to be able to produce one.  Now can only pin for grandchildren which is probably another 10 years or longer >.<

Meanwhile, I am making myself (my clothes) smelling like baby with this:
Farlin Laundry Detergent S$5.90 - S$15.90

I also use it to soak my lingerie as it removes stains and it's gentle on delicate fabrics :)
So now there's a faint baby scent around the house though we don't have a baby lolxx....

Farlin is from Taiwan, specializes in baby products.

Farlin Laundry Detergent is:
* Mild Formula - Hypoallergenic for baby
* Plant Base Cleaning Agent - Eco-friendly cleanser
* Natural Stain Remover Extract - Low foaming, no residue, gentle on sensitive baby and adult skin
* Natural Derived Tangerine Extract - Removes stains and grease, anti-odour formula with fragrance (that baby smell!)
* High Water-Soluble Formula - Able to dissolve in water even at 30°C
* Suitable for both hand wash, top or front load washing machines

Another product that it's useful to our baby-less family is this:
Baby Bottle Wash S$5.90 - S$11.90

 This is a multi-purpose liquid cleanser for baby's bottle, bowls, cutlery, even toys.  And it's also a cleanser for vegetables and fruits!

Farlin Bottle Wash is:
* Plant Base Cleaning Agent - Eco-friendly cleanser
* Natural Grease Remover Extract - Non-residue, safe and gentle for daily use
* Natural Derived Tangerine Extract - Removes stains and grease easily
* Plant Extract Cleaning Agent - FDA approved ingredients, organic and strong in removing grease and dirt
* PH 5.5 - Mild, non-irritate for sensitive skin
* Multi-purpose cleanser - Suitable for baby's bottle, bowls, cutlery, toys, vegetables and fruits

Farlin is available online at  www.mummybebe.com

WIN $50 e-Voucher to shop! 

We have 3 sets to give away!

To stand a chance, simply
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