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Friday, 8 July 2016

Traditional Japanese Cuisine - Barashi-Tei

Date of visit:  01-07-2016

Was invited for a food tasting at Barashi-Tei recently.  It's located along the stretch where once famous Rocher bean curd is.  The nearest MRT station is Dhoby Ghuat but I took a longer walk from Bugis (cos' I always lost my way inside Dhoby Ghuat station, don't laugh >.<).

Some interesting background of  this cozy little Japanese restaurant, the founder and chef, Zhen Feng was a Fitness instructor.  The authentic dishes at Barashi-Tei are the result of his hard work and persistent learning from a 60 year old Japanese Master Chef for 10 years.
Barashi-Tei takes pride in making their food from scratch.  That includes their Shoyu and the Yuzu Tea below:

Yuzu Tea S$3.80
This home made beverage was refreshing, available in both cold and warm.  Another drink that I tried was Genmaicha S$1.20 (forgotten to take pic of it, heehee...)

Avocado Salmon Salad S$13.80
Big slices of torched salmon paired with generous serve of buttery avocado, saliva inducing visually and the taste did not disappoint.  Good for 2 - 4 pax.

Sashimi Salad S$13.80
Another colorful and cheerful healthy serve of salad.  Sashimi lovers can't miss this.  Good for 2 - 4 pax.

Yaki Tamago S$5.00
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, MUST TRY, HAVE TO TRY else your trip to Barashi-Tei is totally in vain, seriously.   Barashi-Tei's Tamago does not have a pretty and perfect appearance cos' it's handmade.  But it's so delicious that I don't know how to describe it.  So, this is how REAL Tamago taste like!

* FUN FACT - Factory made Tamago can be freeze and thaw, texture remains the same.  Fresh made Tamago will shatter into crumbs if freeze and thaw.  So Barashi-Tei's Tamago cannot be frozen leh...

Rice Paper Ebi Maki S$10.80
Crispy prawns wrapped in jelly thin rice paper.  It's less filling than normal sushi, so you can eat more!

Chirashi Don S$23.00
Imported rice from Japan blanket with 4 types of sashimi - Salmon, Mackerel, White Tuna and Mekaijiki.

Bara Chirashi S$13.80
Smaller portion compared to Chirashi Don, sashimi and tamago were cut into bite size cubes.

Kurama Ebi ( Japan Tiger Prawn) S$7.80
We could smell the fragrance of fried garlic from far before this reached our table.

Wasabi Ebi S$7.80
Same as Kurama Ebi, the bouncy texture was very enjoyable.  Glad that wasabi sauce was mild in taste, cos' I am not a wasabi person, heehee...

Sirloin Steak Foie Gras S$19.80
 VALUE FOR MONEY.  Mini sirloin steak wasn't as "beefy" as I would prefer it to be, but the foie gras was simply thumbs up!  The sauce could be served separately, cos the foie gras was bursting with sweetness on it's own. 

Gindara Nabe S$24.00
Gindara = Cod fish, Nabe = hotpot
Miso soup base with cod fish slices, accompanied with seaweed, tofu, assorted mushroom and veg.  This was a pot of healthy and delicious goodness in home cook style.  Certainly a crowd pleaser which everybody loves.  Good for 4 - 6 pax.

Spicy Salmon Maki S$12.80
Salmon and prawns lovers falls in!  This is a divine sushi made for you with slight spicy-ness teasing your taste buds.

Oyster Bacon Kushi S$3.80
Bacon with natural saltiness enhance the mild sweetness of oysters and successfully covered the "fishy-ness".  For those who never or dare not eat oysters, maybe you can give this a try.

Mango Pudding S$3.80
Very smooth and soft mango pudding for the young or old, man or woman, everybody!

Matcha, Yuzu and Goma (seasame) Ice Cream S$15.00
I couldn't decide which flavor I like better.  All were milky with distinctive flavors that melts in the mouth.

If you appreciate freshness in Japanese cuisine, Barashi-Tei will not disappoint.

266 Middle Road
Elias Building
Singapore 188991
Tel: 188991
Tel: 8421 5228
Opens daily: 11.30am - 3pm and 6pm to 10pm

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