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Monday, 30 July 2012

Both rebond and spa perm on my head!

The last time I rebonded my hair was..... about 10 years ago :X  During that time, hair rebonding was a very new hair technology.   The chemical used were very very smelly and very drying and takes more than 5hours.  Back then rebonded hair looked very stiff and if you tie your hair, your hair will have "imprint" of the hairband -__-|||  

The hair dresser would tell you: "Cannot tie your hair hor, if not the rebond cannot last, also cannot clip hor, wait your hair won't be straight........  then cannot wash for 3 days hor.....  try come back for steaming hor, if not very dry....."  Yes, those were the days...........

Did not do any rebond after that cos' my face was like fishball~~

So, I had my fats, and curls, suppose silky nice straight hair won't look good on fishball face >.<  Although fishball and mee seemed delicious........

I'm expert in nails grooming, but when it comes to hair, I'm pretty clueless.  My hay hair is my headache.  This is how I look like each morning~~

Quite a nightmare right?  If you throw me in the zoo, the lion will mistaken me as his wife.  Normally, I'll either I bun it up, pull a boring pony tail or take time tong it before I step out of the house. I would put lots and lots of anti-frizz products but they normally last less than 1hour.  I decided that I had enough of those frizz and headed to Jean Yip to put an end to my headache.

Straight hair is still not me (at least for the time being), so after discussing with Danny, my hair stylist, we decided on soft rebonding for top and bangs, then curls at the lower part ^.^

Rebonding process~~

Spa Perm process~~
(Pics taken by my darling Danny ^.^)

The blue curlers were warm and heavy.

End result~~


Now, my hair is so much more manageable!  And yes, the lion won't take me as his wife anymore! I just need to spread some oil onto my fingers, twist my hair ends to define the curls or tease them slightly for a more natural look!

I understand that many people didn't have good experience with Jean Yip, but my experience with Danny is just wonderful and I had been with him for a couple of years.

Love my hair now!  But not sure when will need a change again, heehee.......  Women are as such, when they have long hair, they admire short hair style; those with short hair will yearn for long hair; those with straight hair will itch for curls; and those with curls will always be tempted to iron them straight lolxx.....

End of my "hair story", what's the next "project" with your hair?


  1. Love ur hair... How much do u pay for it? All this while i ve been rebonding my hair at jean yip too... I have asked for something like this but the hairstylist look at me like i am crazy. Hehe.. Maybe should look for ur hairstylist at white sand...

    1. This was quite some ago and I couldn't remember how much I paid. You can look up for Danny at White Sand, show him my hair's pic to get it done :) Thank you for visiting my blog!