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Monday, 14 July 2014

Spize Bedok

Date of visit: 14 & 28 Jun 2014

Bedok Simpang, we were there again!

This place attracts me like a magnet.  Parking is relatively easy as long as we reach before 6pm.

We had tried Ayam Penyet RiaBadoque.
Also Enak and Soon Huat Bak Kut Teh which I didn't review for these two.

Moving on, next to Enak is it's strong competitor Spize.
Spize "marked" their territory with a vast of orange tables, attracting non-Muslim locals as well as some tourists.  The whole place was bustling with lots of busy serving staffs and hungry eaters.  It's fascinating to peep into their open concept kitchens.  I like to kaypo and see what dishes other people order.

Their big and thick book of menu contains asian and western dishes, a lot to chose from.
So much so that I had to visit 2 times.

So here's my flood of food pics
Ice Teh Cino S$2.80
Behind was roti-john we ta bao for our kids.  We saw other tables having it.  The presentation on the plate was mouth-watering which ta bao couldn't have.   My kids gobbled up in satisfaction any way.

Chicken Satay (10 sticks) S$7.00

Gado Gado S$3.50
So long never eat this.  I would call it our Malay appetiser.  Beneath the satay sauce were tofu, soybean cakes, pressed rice (same as lotong), some long beans, some bean sprouts, hard boiled egg and some prawn crackers at the side.  It's a very interesting combination with a bit of everything in it.

Tom Yam Seafood S$12.50
We were surprised by the huge portion.  This pot alone was good enough for 2 pax with 2 bowls of rice.  May be not authentic, but spicy and sour soup base was good with chunks of fish slices and loads of sotong in it.  You can see 2 big prawns and a half crayfish here!  SUPER VALUE!!  便宜到笑...

Second visit.  Under my influence (not sure it's good or bad >.<), hubby picked up the habit of taking food pics.
Then he loaded them onto OpenSnap.

Ice Chendol Sling S$2.80
We were "fighting" silly over palm seeds, only to realise there were 4 inside!  Normally there's only 1 or 2 in a serving.  In case you are wondering, palm seed is a greyhish chewy pebble thingy, chinese called 亚答子.

Nasi Goreng Kampong S$6.00
One mountain of fried rice good for 2 pax with crispy ikan bilis and a sunny up.  Fried rice was too soft for our liking, but that chilli was OMG.  It's fire spicy with a tinge of lime, damn power.

Holding a crayfish coated with black pepper sauce =P

Black pepper crayfish S$20.00
Crayfish were deep fried with a thin coat of batter then stir fried in black pepper sauce with green/red peppers and onions.  I am not a fan of black pepper, but this was not bad.

Stir fried baby kailan S$7.00
It came in one enormous heap good for 3 to 4 pax, hur hur.

Spize have another outlet at River Valley but I am not sure if there's air condition or ambience similar as Bedok.  If you are a easterner check out Spize Bedok ~~

338 Bedok Road
Bedok Shopping Complex
Singapore 469516
Tel: 6445 3211

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