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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Charee Lashes


I started to put on full make-up when I was 16, however putting on fake lashes was only 4 or 5 years back.

Initially it took about 15 mins to get 1 pair of lashes fixed on nicely.  It's always one eye perfect and the other one takes up a lot of time.  After a few practice, it's just a breeze of less than 2 mins.  Keep practising, trust me, it's worth it.

I always feel that it's very important for a lady to possess some make-up skills, you will enjoy selfies a lot more, heehee....

Back to the topic....., I love lashes, they give me big eyes without plastic surgery.   People who knows me will know that I am born with pea sized eyes.

I can't live without lashes, now Charee lashes are my new love.

Gorgeous Charee lashes!
There are 10 models to chose from, all retailing at a reasonable price of S$7.99 each pair including lash glue.

Charee lashes are very versatile.  Let me start off with natural look....

Charee Lash no.1045  S$7.99
Color: Black   Texture: Synthetic   Length: Medium   Thickness: Thin
Design:  Criss cross, lash length gradually gets longer from the inner to the outer eye

Without Charee lashes.
With Charee lash no.1045.

Big difference right?

This is how Charee lash no. 1045 looks like when I look down.

It's very natural looking with light make-up.  Great for office ladies or for weekends in causal outfits.
It's so light that I forgotten I am wearing lashes after a while.

Charee Lash no.7962  S$7.99
Color: Black   Texture: Human hair   Length: Short   Thickness: Thin
Design:  Lash bone is thin and the lashes are sparse for a natural look.

Wearing Charee lash no.7962.

Charee lash no.7962 is sparse in design which allows my natural lash to "blend" in.

I am wearing Charee lash no.7962, it's as comfortable as my Arale T-shirt.

Charee Lash no.4518 S$7.99
Color: Black   Texture: Human Hair   Length: Long   Thickness: Thick
Design:  Thin lash bone, longer and more lash strands the no.7962

If Charee Lash no.7962 is a day lash, Charee Lash no.4518 is a evening version of it.

An epic pic of one eye with lash, the other one without.
My nose looks enormous here >.<

Charee Lash no.7962 gives a feminine yet innocent look.

Charee Lash no.1313 S$7.99
Color: Black & Brown   Texture: Synthetic   Length: Long   Thickness: Thick
Design:  Criss cross design; lashes at the 2 ends are shorter with the longest length at the centre.

Wearing Charee Lash no.1313 in brown.
These lashes are so voluminous that I don't even need much eye shadow to enhance further.  The lashes are fanning my cheeks beautifully each time I blink.  电死你 有木有!

Men don't really notice if you change your hair color (blacks and browns looks the same to them unless you do something shocking enough) or put on different color lipstick (men are color blind).  But if you put on fake lashes.... YES!  Men and everybody will notice right away!

I am saying these cos' my hubby once looked at me and said: "It's amazing how those few strands of little hair can make such a big difference."

Left pic botak eyes without lashes against right pic eyes with Charee lashes.
Enuff said.
Charee lashes gives eyes those definition and sparks with a instant charm every woman desire.

Charee Lashes are available online at ~

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