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Sunday, 27 December 2020

Hub & Spoke Cafe

Date: 08/12/2020 (Tues) 

If you had read my post on Jurassic Mile Day & Night, I had ever mentioned that if we visit the cafe will do a post here.

We were actually at T4 and our intention was to go for the Dino Dine which we didn't expect it to be close.  So we changed our dinner to Hub & Spoke Cafe near T2 which was 2km away from T4.

Hubby said walk walk never mind, I also stupidly obeyed, walked until 尼嫲 half dead de..

Just follow the new red pathway.

It's about 6.30pm, the sun had gone home but sky wasn't dark, perfect weather for road march with 路边野花.

Never felt so happy to see a dinosaur, we were finally reaching.

It's basic courtesy to roar back, I think lolxx...

Here's the bicycle rental which you may returned it at East Park, vice versa.
For the rates you have to check it out, I have no idea.

The dinos here were less "disturbed", their eye balls and teeth were intact.

The little cafe was modern looking with alfresco dinning.

Their menu has a selection of local and western dishes.  Also bubble tea!

The taro milk tea had yam paste inside, it's like a 2-in-1 drink with dessert, damn nice.
We were boring but we enjoyed the curry chicken rice and nasi lemak very much.  Many youngster were having pasta, seemed yummy too.

Under the same roof was this public shower.

The entry fees are here:

By the time we left, it's already dark, the lightings at the front yard created a very cozy ambience.
Will visit again, but won't do the walking again, heehee... we saw a carpark nearby.
There was a bus-stop nearby too but I had forgotten to take down the bus numbers.  It should be within walking distant from T2.

Here's their address:
Hub & Spoke Cafe
60 Airport Boulevard #01-T2S-02 S(819643)

Sunday, 18 October 2020

Jurassic Mile day and night


Sweeping cob webs away from this poor old blog.  Got something nice to post le.  Everybody.... all stuck in Singapore hor, not able to fly, boring to swim (cruise to nowhere).  But console yourselves, the situation here is consider quite stable liao.

From the title I am sure you know, got a new place to gai gai -

Jurassic Mile!

Address: Airport Boulevard

I do not have the exact address, the track (in yellow) can be started from Changi Airport T2 or T4.  So it depends on the distant you prefer to walk or cycle.

At T2, there's this Hub & Spoke Cafe which offers not only dinning but also bicycle rental and shower facilities.
Hubby and I started from T4, the information about the cafe was gotten online, you guys can google or FB to find out more about this family friendly cafe.  If I visit, will do another post for it.

Meanwhile, VERY IMPORTANT, please note that T4 is closed, so visitors can't access to the toilets, you can only pee or poo at T2 (quite far away from T4, if you urgent you either die or risk it in the bushes).  You need to empty whatever you need to empty, there's no public toilet along Jurassic Mile too.

(Update 10/12/2020: T4 is now open with Dino Fest event, but not sure when will the event end)

Another VERY VERY IMPORTANT note, if you intend to visit on Fri, Sat or Sun, you need to apply for a visitor's pass online.  At the moment it's such a hype now, weekend pass are very difficult to get.  It's FOC but needs luck to fight with the crowd, get the pass over here:

We visited on 14 Oct which was a weekday, we reached around 5.30pm and it was surprisingly crowded.  I think our timing couldn't be more perfect as we were able to take photos both in day light and night lightings.  Day photos are taken by my iphone 8, night by iphone 11.  I was too tired to bring my heavy brick camera along.  I didn't had in mind to blog about Jurassic Mile when I was there, so the photos were taken very causally, just wanted to spend time with my beloved annoying PapaVoo.

T4 is closed but the carparks are still open.

The Changi Airport Connector's path is maroon and new.

As you can see, T4 is the closest point to get to Jurassic Mile and many other options with longer distances.

Sibei crowded, everybody clearing leave like my hubby arh?

A 3D T-rex head roaring to welcome you at the entrance, I mean really got roaring from the sound system, of course not from the wall lah.

The high walls and fences sets the right mood.  Luckily it was cloudy, there's hardly any shades here.
Cyclists and walking pedestrians shares the same path, so far the cyclists I seen were slow and cautious, walking pedestrians were equally considerate.  I hope nothing unpleasant or any accident will happen.

You will be able to see 10 dinosaurs excluding 2 Pterodactyl sitting at both ends of Jurassic Mile.

There are educational information on the wall opposite each dinosaur but reading the names itself is already a mega challenge lolxx...

I am not going to caption their names lah hor, very difficult to spell, sure have spelling error de if I do.  So you all see photos can liao.

This poor baby got a few tooth being plucked off by people liao.  Why those people so itchy hand one?  Also saw online a bitch ride on it, why huh?  Probably her mother never teach her cannot anyhow ride on living or non-living things sia.
Probably they will fence up this baby soon.

Foot prints gives you a clue of what's ahead.

We love T-Rex.

Nice or not?  It's as if the dinosaur is alive!

Got babies.

Sunset pics.

Green Pterodactyl at the other end of Jurassic Mile.

Jurassic Mile itself is about 800 to 900m.  From here many cyclists continue towards East Coast Park where they also can return their rented bicycles.

Night time the stone Pterodactyl sat one was lighted up.

We walked back.

I was trying to make a candid pic of him holding it's neck but didn't turn out too well.  You can try!

The background is very Jurassic.

And we were back from where we started.

Any questions just leave a comment, I will try my best to answer.
Will be posting some pics of fat me over here: https://ordinaryauntie.blogspot.com/