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Thursday, 10 November 2022

Deep Dive Dubai

 Date: 14/04/2022 (Thurs)

If you are a diver, you MUST come to the deepest indoor dive in the world -
Deep Dive Dubai.

The building itself looks amazing, you will be able to see more spectacular pics of the architectural online.

The dive is 60m deep, containing 14million litres of distilled water, ie. no fish, no lives in the dive.
Instead, they build a city in the water, there are billiard, shopping trolley, lamp post, telephone, shopping trolleys, garden benches for photo taking in the dive. 

This is the reception.

The main lobby has a big viewing panel, looking down is bottomless pitch dark, gives me goose bumps.....

The equipment and facilities are in top notch quality and condition, even my fussy sis praised them endlessly....  Everything is so good, exceeded what we paid, we wonder if this is profitable....
While my sisters prepared and went for their dive, I had a tour around.

It took about half an hour and this was the only thing I felt that it's expensive.
I went to the basement to see how the water was filtered, how the water temperature was controlled etc...

"Entrance" of the dive, looks like an ordinary swimming, except that it's 60m deep!

This is the control room, there are cameras in the dive, any divers in distress can call for help.

Besides the control room was a sterilized room which can mimic the pressure in the dive.  It's for recovery.

Very high tec sia....

Giant oxygen tank at the end...

Their conference room facility.

Viewing panel in the conference room, imagine the feel of having a meeting here.....

There's a spacious and gorgeous cafe.

It's an awesome place to chill and wait while your love ones are diving.

I enjoyed lazing with coffee.

Watching divers swim by....

I had breakfast and continued taking more photos.

City in the water.

My sisters!!!  Swimming towards me!
I was so so so HAPPY!  So proud that they did what I couldn't, truly happy to see them enjoyed so much!

After they were done, they had their shower while I put on my make-up.
The washroom... so atas, drop jaw sia.

The high gloss cubicle doors.

There was this particular shower room with rain shower on the ceiling and it's double the size of a HDB storeroom.

My sisters had also paid for video taking which turned out amazing.  It's a pity that I couldn't show it to you guys cos my sis are always "secretive", but I would highly recommend it, it's worth more than what you paid.

Deep Dive Dubai

Sunday, 30 October 2022

Places to visit in Abu Dhabi

 Date of visits from 17 Mar to 15 Apr 2022


If you are a new reader who stumbled upon this blog "accidentally", I am a old mama in my 50s living in Singapore.  I flew to UAE to visit my baby sister (she's the youngest in the family) who's working in Abu Dhabi.  I had spend most of the days in here with a few visits to Dubai.

Despite of the long stay I wouldn't say I had wriggled to every corner, I was lazing at home sometimes.

Abu Dhabi is the capital of UAE although Dubai is more well known.   Tourists visiting Dubai will make a day trip or 2 to visit Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

Other than the mosque, the following were the places I went to and I could only provide the address.  As my baby sis had hired a private chauffeur for me, I was actually clueless on how to get to these places by public transport.

Mamsha Al Saadiyat - Al Saadiyat Island - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
Entrance fee:  AED45 - 50

I am not a beach person, but this private beach at Yas Island was too gorgeous.

Entrance fee to Soul Beach wasn't exactly cheap but it was worth it for the peace, without funny or rowdy people.

With the price, I was given 2 benches, a table and a big umbrella.

It was so romantic but I was alone lolxx...

Lining the beach, on the other side was a stretch of cafes and restaurants which food could be ordered.  Alternatively, more pocket friendly drinks and food could be bought at Giant Supermarket which was within the compound.

There were many other beaches in Abu Dhabi, some were open to public for free, a lot were enclosed in hotels, so it depends on one's budget and preference.  Beaches in the dessert are gorgeous.


Louvre Abu Dhabi
Entrance fee: AED60

The museum is located in YAS Island as well, very close to Soul Beach.  My sis said it's a very mini version of the one in Paris, but since Paris is still a dream (at that time), it's good to visit.

I managed to "squeeze" my head into the picture lolxx....

Physical ticket.

Not sure what to expect, but I was aiming for marble sculptures and wasn't disappointed.

The exterior was very fun to take photos with.


Qasr Al Watan
Al Ras Al Akhdar - Abu Dhabi - United Arab
Entrance fee: AED65

Believe it or not, we drove 2 rounds and couldn't find the entrance or any soul.  But a friend said it's a very picturesque though I missed this place, it's right next to Emirates Palace Hotel, seemed walkable but I wasn't too sure.


Emirates Palace Hotel

Not sure about the room rates, but visiting this massive exotic building is free!

Opposite the hotel were 5 buildings which were collectively known as Etihad Towers.

Depending on luck you might meet this 2m bell boy at the entrance, taking photos was more like his job lolxx...

Everybody was busy taking photos at the entrance, the walkway at the sides were totally quiet, and it became my "playground".

Inside was very very, extremely posh, I love love love the marbles to death.  But again it's very personal, my sisters were like..... ok, it's huge..... done.


Emirates Palace Spa

If facing the entrance, the spa is located at the left wing.
Apparently it's not cheap but the service was simply EXCELLENT!
We had Turkish bath, it was crazy good.  My 2 sisters and I were old but modern, not shy at all, we 求之不得 got people bath us.  Spa treatments are not for shy ones lolxx...


Qasr Al Hosn
Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum St(2nd St) - Al Hisn - W3 - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

Qasr Al Hosn is the oldest building in Abu Dhabi built in 1761.  Before plunging in I took sometime to take some photos with the palm trees.
 Cos Abu Dhabi, is a city build on dessert.  Having plants isn't as easy, the most common plant seen everywhere are palm trees which are strong in both summer and winter with little water.

I braved through 36 degrees under the sun to get these pics but it's worth it.

Pic taken at the museum side of the building.  I was thinking to myself: "Huh??  That's it?"

When I went back home, I realised that I had completely missed out the main building cos it was too scorching hot to walk over, so damn stupid uurrggg.....  hope to visit again.


Emirates Zoo Park
12th St - Al Bahyah - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
Entrance fee: AED35

Winter was over during my visit around mid April.  It wasn't the best time but it was my last few days in Abu Dhabi already.  The more interesting option would Sir Bani Yas Safari but it was 2hrs car ride from my place plus a boat ride to the island.

I found Emirates Zoo Park 20mins car ride away, so I thought it's better than staying at home.

It's a small zoo, I saw local students having excursion here, very few visitors due to the hot weather, still it was very enjoyable as I get to take photos at ease.

At one point, my handphone died for about 15mins and I had to cool it under a electric fan lolxx..

I later found the reptile section with aircon, it was the best escape ever.


UAE Flagpole
(located outside Heritage Village)
No entrance fee

This is located very near to Marina Mall, around 5mins drive.  Thankful for our driver who insisted to drive us here.

Standing at 122m it was the tallest flag pole when it was erected in 2001.  The world record was short lived and was taken over by Raghadan Flagpole in Jordan in 2004.
Nevertheless, it was still quite a sight, photo not doing any justice.

I googled about Heritage Village, didn't seem interesting, so we skipped this, also we were in a hurry.

The coast overlooked a stunning skyline of Abu Dhabi, I wished I had stay longer to enjoy the view though need to bear the risk of getting shit bombs from the seagulls lolxx...
Sunset must be beautiful here.

That's not all, we also made 3 trips to the desserts which I have to do a separate post cos too many photos, too much to share.

Thanks for reading my fond memories, do pop by again, soon will be doing Kuala Lumpur short getaway and my Europe trip with Wang Lei.