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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Spicy Thai Thai with Non-spicy dishes

Spicy Thai Thai is one of my favourite place for mookata and thai food.

They have whipped up a few non-spicy dishes.  They are all ready for
Chinese New Year bookings!
Young or old, low spicy tolerance, all in the family fall in!

Deep Fried Sea Bass with Thai Turmeric Sauce 泰式酥炸黄酱汁鲈鱼 Seasonal Price
Crispy on the outside, magically moist and soft inside.  Thai turmeric sauce is very similar to our chinese sweet sour sauce but it's less sour.

Thai Sambal Sea Bass 泰式阿毵鲈鱼 Seasonal Price
Needless to say, the way they prepare deep fried sea bass is more than perfect.  The blackish red sambal chilli is really POWER!!  Not just spicy but fragrance with distinctive dried shrimps and other spices.  I hope Spicy Thai Thai would consider selling the sambal.  THUMBS UP!

Thai Curry Crab 泰式咖喱螃蟹 Seasonal Price
Not the first time eating this and the standard remains good!  Thick curry gravy, less spicy is a great alternative to same old chilli crab.  TRY IT!

 Claypot Coconut Tom Yum Soup S$18 (small) / S$28 (big)
This special tom yum soup has coconut milk added in, so it's thicker, with delicious big prawns and loads of ingredients swimming in it.

Kaeng Som Cha Om 泰式野菜煎蛋辣汤 S$18

Puffy fluffy omelette are pan fried with Cha Om (thai veg), cut into squares and put into spicy sour soup with assorted veg and prawns.
This is typical thai dish is very addictive, omelette is crazy yummy and you can slurp the appetizing soup non-stop.  MUST ORDER!

Jade Noodles with Thai Pork Balls S$6/portion (pic shown is 3 portion)
Stir fried spinach noodles with minced pork and pork balls.  Thai pork balls are more chewy and bouncy, delicious!  A simple nice staple saute with minced garlic.  The taste is subtle so that it can go with any other dishes.

Stir-Fry Broccoli with Scallops  鲜贝炒西兰花 S$20
This is very chinese, crowd pleaser and love by all.

Stir-Fry Garlic Baby Sweet Potato Leaves 小番薯叶炒蒜蓉 S$10
I love vegetables and this is good and non-oily.

Cold Tofu with Special Thai Seafood Sauce 泰式海鲜酱汁冷豆腐 S$15
Tofu with thick gravy of minced prawns, crab meat, diced mushroom and carrots.

Stir-Fry Cabbage with Thai Sweet Fish Sauce 泰式鱼卤炒包菜 S$10
Crunchy sweet stir fry cabbage, making each bite so enjoyable.  MUST TRY!

Hommok (Thai Style Otak) S$18
As good as the first time I had it, flavorful, not too spicy, full of goodies (seafood ingredients) inside.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

For more mouth watering dishes click HERE.

Like I had mentioned, Spicy Thai-Thai is open for Chinese New Year booking.  If you like it less commercialize, a little special, yet doesn't burn a hole, this place is highly recommended.  However, please book early if you prefer indoor tables with aircon.
115 Aljunied Avenue 2 #01-35
Singapore 380115
Tel: 6747 8558

Monday, 5 December 2016

Dr Bronner's Organic Body Care

I went shopping at Nature's Glory again!
My fav Dr Bronner's organic soap were in my basket of course along with other items which I will share on another post.

 I love the way it cleanses without drying my thin and sensitive skin.  Currently using Lavender and Eucalyptus which helps my fatigue body to relax.  Do you know that Dr Bronner's soap with is gentle enough for baby, even on pets!
 Read more about this magic 18-In-One Soap HERE.

Nature's Glory has brought in other products from Dr Bronner's too!  Here's Dr Bronner's Organic Pump Soap.
Available in Unscented Baby Mild, Peppermint, Lavender, Sugar Lemongrass Lime and Tea Tree.

And Dr Bronner's Organic Hand & Body Lotion.
Available in Orange Lavender, Lavender Coconut, Patchouli Lime and Peppermint.

Oh!  Toothpaste!
Available in Peppermint, Cinnamon and Anise.

My Dr Bronner's loots!  I am seriously in love with them as much as I love PokemonGo!

Dr Bronner's Peppermint All-One Toothpaste (140g) S$11.90

This is a low-foaming toothpaste but cleanses effectively leaving a fresh and clean feeling on teeth and mouth.
No synthetic detergent foaming agents; it's fluoride-free, vegan and cruelty-free, no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or sweeteners. 

Dr Bronner's Patchouli Lime Hand & Body Lotion 8oz S$17.50
Dr Bronner's 4-in-1 Sugar Lemongrass Lime Organic Pump Soap (12oz S$16.90  24oz S$29.90)
Dr Bronner's Organic lotion is a pampering body care, light in texture which nourish and hydrate skin with organic jojoba and coconut oil.  Also contains organic hemp and avocado oils to keep skin smooth and supple.  

Organic sugar gives this Organic Pump Soap a rich caramel color and sweet scent.  It gives a creamier lather and the fragrance lingers longer compared to the 18-in-One Castile Soap. 
Dr Bronner's Organic Pump Soap are good for washing hands, body and face.  

Dr Bronner's Organic Hand Sanitizer (2oz) $7.95
Nature's Glory Insect Repellent (70ml) S$16.80
My Pokemon Hunter Bag is forever ready, with water, power banks, torch light, Nature Glory's 10 hours protection Insect Repellent and also Dr Bronner's Lavender Organic Hand Sanitizer!  One moment I may be at a shopping mall, in another minute I may be in a park.  So I can't Pokemon go without this insect repellent!

The organic hand sanitizer not only kills germs but also removes stickiness on sweaty or dirty hands, face and the phone lolxxx...  Just spray and wipe.  Have to play safe and clean!  The simple formula of this sanitizer is gentle enough to be use on children's face and hands as well!

You deserve to pamper yourselves and your love ones!

Christmas Perks:

Enjoy 15% Discount with Promo Code "NaturesGloryDB"
Shop at Nature’s Glory online or retail shop, no minimum purchase!

FREE Dr Bronner's  Cherry Blossom Castile Soap 8oz
worth S$11.90 when you purchase S$100 or more on Dr. Bronner's products. 
Promotion valid till 31 Dec 2016. While stocks last!

Dr Bronner's makes a special and wonderful Christmas gift for the ones you care.  Shop and save with this promotion ok!

At my trusted store Nature's Glory.
Nature's Glory Pte Ltd
315 Outram Road
#01-09 Tan Boon Liat Building
Singapore 169074
Tel: 6227 1318
Online shopping www.natures-glory.com

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Voluntary Mission at Siem Reap, Cambodia DAY 5 (Part 1)

This post is a continuation from HERE.


It's getting more and more difficult to tame down my long hair but I wasn't ready to cut it yet.  Kid sis plaited it up for me during breakfast 😊

My breakfast plate with milk.  It had came to the point where I wasn't fascinated by the hotel's buffet spread any more.

Fat here.

Pic taken while the others were busy loading up stationery and food supply.  Beauty can be found around you, if you learn to see with your heart.

Selfie though no beauty.

Look closely.....

The guy behind the bike was riding with a medical drip!!!  The motorist waved as one of my team member took this pic 😲 I wanna faint...

Here we were at Trapang Svay Primary School.  Inspiring Stars has been sponsoring them for quite a number of years.

Some of my team members made an entrance on the jeep.

One of the compound with 3 classrooms.

Here's the fence sponsored by us.

Looked really weird to us as the gaps between the wires are big enough for a person to go through.  But from what I observed, this was their standard kind of fence.
Last year, when we asked what does the school needs, the principal said a fence around the school.  My sis was like, fence???  She was expecting maybe a computer or photocopy machine, or things like tables and chairs, upgrading of school kitchen etc.  Building a fence was totally not in the picture.

So, my sis asked, why of everything but fence?  The answer nearly made her cried.....
The situation was, there were always cows/buffalos roaming about.  They hoped to fenced up the school compound so that the teachers together with the students can grow some vegetables which will provide the school children a meal.  Any excess can be sold and self-fund the school.  Without the fence the cows will probably eat up the crops or step on them.

It's worth it to help when they are so willing to help themselves.
So here we were looking at their 2nd harvest of kang kong!  Organic kang kong.

And the buffaloes over the other side of the fence, lolxx...

We sponsored breakfast porridge for 320 students and everybody in school.

Older students help to carry out the enormous pot of porridge.

Students already had their bowls and spoons ready.

Porridge in pails, beansprouts and cabbage in basin, but I am sure they are clean.  They can't afford the luxury of having proper cook wares or containers.

The kitchen didn't have enough scoops, so some of us make do with a bowl to scoop. Same same, scoop or bowl, the children gets their food.

A blur snap shot of me.  Yup, I didn't just stand around with camera only, I got help de, heehee....

Children enjoying a pipping hot meal.

After the meal, they washed their own spoons and bowls...... and drink water at the same time 😲

Cute girl all done!

One of our team member helped pumping out water the the children to wash their bowls.

Meanwhile another group of us unloading stationery and other goodies for the school.

Everybody was enthusiastic, automatically divide work among themselves.  Some distribute food, some distribute notes and so on.

Please study well and grow up to become pillars of the country.

I waved to them, they waved back 😊

We tried the porridge also, surprising quite delicious!

I also ate this bread which was very much like our "hum jim bang" (咸煎饼).

Guess what I had found in the school compound?
SCHOOL BELL!  Looked like a lorry wheel's metal rim or something.  Hang on a tree, and hit with a stick when time's up!

A pic of Inspiring Stars Plaque before mounting up.

Mounting up!

It's a man job, so I roamed around the vicinity.  A mobile stall just came outside the school, selling steam corns and eggs (I think).

Tibit stall.

Skinny kampong chicken which fleed for their lives when I walked near.

Pig stale, heavenly..... smelly lolxx....

Back to the school gate and it's almost done.  School dismissing with curious children looking at the plaque.  We had it done in both English and Cambodian, so that everybody here can read and understand.

Took some shot of this teenage girl, some how felt that she got character.

Look at her gaze and posture, like super model.

So young but frown until... and her eyes were really beautiful with deep deep double lids.

So yup, here's the last pic of her.

Villagers gathered around us, we are not strangers to them anymore.

We gave them some food...

 and clothes to children.

Innovative mini hammock on bicycle for baby.  People here doesn't ride fast, hardly any vehicles in the village.  Relatively safe, no worries.


Inspiring Stars Plaque at Trapang Svay Primary School, with pride.

Though a few months had passed, everything seemed like yesterday when I am drafting this post.  I am gaining and continuously learning more than I gave on every visit to the schools and villages.