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Sunday, 5 March 2017

Chicken Up

Date of visit: 24.02.2017

For those who loves Korean food, Chicken Up is no stranger.  Since 2010, this family-friendly korean restaurant is love by many of us for it's diverse choices of food, drinks, not forgetting desserts *wipes saliva* =P~~~

So here we were at the new outlet in Centre Point.
You have to walk right into the new wing to locate it.

Let's dig in!

Bulgogi Fries S$18.00
Golden crispy fries piled with a generous load of sliced beef!  Plus onions and a bit of coriander, and drizzled with creamy garlic sauce.  Who says fries can only go with chilli or tomato sauce!   Gimme that entire basket of Bulgogi Fries!  Yummy calories!

Snow Squid Topokki S$35.10 good for 2pax.
This is an exciting platter, as good as a mini buffet!  Though it's recommended for 2 pax, it can be shared with 3 to 4 pax so that you can order other dishes.

The kimchi fried rice, kimchi and cheese corn could be eaten right away, while the spicy sauce with fish cake and rice cake took a min or 2 to heat up.  The steam egg took about 3 to 5 mins to cook.  Just as we were staring at the huge deep fried breaded squid helplessly, the service crew came to cut it up for us, heeheehee....

Then I had lots of fun dipping into cheese sauce and the spicy sauce alternately.

Ugly Tang (Army Stew)
Ugly Tang is actually Chicken Up's version of korean army stew.  Weird name, it's not ugly at all.  Other than the usual ingredients like ham, sausage, lucheon meat, kimchi and noodles, Ugly Tang has got pork belly, cheese and macaroni!!

I love the macaroni while my other girlfriends were crazy over the korean noodles.  So much so that we had to order an extra serving of it lolxx....
Photo credit: Mia Foo
Ugly Tang set meals from S$39.60.

BerryLove SojuRita S$20.00
Shared this with my girlfriends to avoid getting drunk.  It's grapefruit, we all love it so much.  Had to control and refrain myself from finishing the entire glass, it was such an agony lolxx...

Light Bulb Smoothies S$6.00 each
 From left: Mango, Strawberry Banana, Matcha Latte.
Lovely pastel color smoothies in light bulbs which we enjoyed every drop of it.

Mini Watermelon Bingsu S$18.00
Photo credit: Michelle
Frozen milk is very very finely mushed, topped with cute watermelon balls, red beans and crowned with vanilla ice-cream.  This visually appealing korean dessert satisfied all sweet cravings!

Now here's another good reason to visit Chicken Up!

Complimentary 4pcs Soya Chicken Wings Vouchers
1-for-1 Bingsu Vouchers

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Chicken Up Branches:
Tampines, Jurong East, Parkway Parade, Orchard, Buangkok, Tanjong Pagar, Star Vista
For addresses click HERE.


Saturday, 4 March 2017

6 Days in Macao and Hong Kong - Day 2

This post is a continuation from HERE.


Destination:  2 days Macao and 4 days Hong Kong

Duration: 14 - 19 Dec 2015 (6 days)

Companion: Family trip with hubby and 2 teen boys

Mode of travel: Free and Easy, air tickets and accommodation in Macao booked with Chan Brothers Travel

Accommodation:  Macao - The Venetian Macao Resort, HongKong - Airbnb

Flight: United Airlines

Ferry: TurboJet

Damage: S$2571 + $617 (Airbnb) for 4 pax

Currency: SGD1.00 = HKD5.41 (same exchange rate for HKD and MOP, so HKD can be used in Macao)

Time Difference:  Same as Singapore

Weather: 13 ~ 20 in Macao, around 24 degree in Hong Kong



The first day in Macao was basically spinning around in The Venetian and a "unofficial" casino hop to Studio City (we did not visit it's casino at all lolxx..)

Second day, we visited -
* Macao Penisula (澳门半岛) covering Ruins of St Paul's and Largo De S. Domingos Church
* Taipa (氹仔) around Rua de Cunha (官也街)
* Cotai (路)  hopping from Wynn Palace to Wynn Hotel

It's a sunny day which gotten warmer and warmer towards noon time.

We told the cabby we wanted to go Ruins of St. Paul's.  It was about 25mins drive on a smooth traffic.  He dropped us here and assured we could just walk in within a few minutes.

We weren't too sure but we decided that breakfast first, find the way later.
Seeing Mcdonald's was like seeing savior to my kids.

It's egg and sausage macaroni.  Why is this not in Singapore??  Why??
Digging through a pile, I couldn't find the receipt but the price range is about the same as here.

Milk Tea
Purple Rice Soy Milk HK15.00

After breakfast, we went to the supermarket besides Mcdonald's for the fun of it before starting the tourist trail.

Observing the surroundings, couldn't miss this huge rubbish stop that looked more like a mailing stop.

So the cabby did not lie, here it was after a very short walk of  one or two minutes.
The flooring was in cobble stones, ie..... uneven..... ie..... I died on heels -___-|||
The once upon a time church is now left with a piece of facade wall supported by metals.  Sadly eroded and the front view was just as sad....

This was the best pic I could manage for this historical site.

Here's before the cropping, flooded with tourists whom probably knew nuts about what they were visiting other than taking endless photos.
It's so crowded that admiring was difficult.... it's a pity that there's no way we could stay a little longer, we left immediately when I had done with a few photos.

We then walked around aimlessly hoping to bump into something exciting.

Many types of A4 sheets bak kua which we weren't interested to try.

Temple in shop house??
  Without the red chinese wordings, no one on earth would know it's a temple lolxx..

Hot dog in black caught my attention.

So squid ink hot dog was as chewy as squid.

The red wool cape became a heavy burden, I had it removed even before noon time, very warm.  I was smiling from left to right cos we were catching a Far'fetch.
My ankle wasn't feeling right already, but we moved on.

We found a gloomy Daiso underground.  We bought tissue paper for Darren's running nose and left.

There were plenty of similiar stalls selling curry lok lok which we didn't try.

Christmas decors here and there with residential and Portugal buildings as backdrops.

Senado Square(议事亭前地)

Leal Senado Building ( 民政终署大楼)

I guess it must be quite magical looking with the lightings at night.

Chance upon Largo De S. Domingos Church which wasn't in my itinerary.
The church was constructed in 1587, omg....

Now the church is a museum with exhibits from 2 levels onwards.

Leaving the church, it's time to find lunch.  We saw these on the way: Dried Duck Kidneys >.<

The farther we walked, the quieter it became....
It took us more than half and hour to find this.

Sopa De Fitas Ving Kei 荣记豆腐面食

Rua Da Tercena 47 Macao
(opens 8.30am ~ 6.30pm daily)

It's a small shop with coffee shop kind of tables and stools which caters not more than 20pax.  All seats were filled up with local students and women folks.  We were the only tourists and were lucky to get a table when arrived.  Moments later many were waiting standing outside the shop.

Menu in cantonese.

We ordered beancurd HK7.00.  Freaking smooth.
Traditional beancurd in Singapore is rare as Tyranitar.  Many are franchise commercialized beancurd (which is actually pudding).  So I enjoyed this extremely much.

Soy drinks HK6.50.  Both bowls and drinks non-sweeten, there's a tin of syrup to self add to individual preference.

Tofu noodles + Fried Ribs HK34.00.
Noodles were Q in mild soup, tofu was incredibly soft.

Fried ribs, tasty but bony, hardly any meat.

Another bowl of noodles, with cuttlefish and handmade fish balls HK31.50.
Though not the most photogenic, everything was tasty.

We wandered around, ate Marsh Mallow Cake HK6.50 at a random shop

At this time my boots' soles started to detach themselves and flapped as I walked.  I tried to buy another pair around but everything cost more than Singapore.  To make things worst, my contact lens acted up, my eye was secreting sticky mucus blurring my vision.  I didn't know what's wrong lah sia....
Betrayed by my boots and lens, exploring of Macau Penisular area had to end prematurely.

We walked like a headless fly till we found a casino.  It was as good as cab found.

A lady cab driver drove us and explained to us that this bridge is only for buses and taxi.

However, we didn't realise that dropping off at a different entrance of The Venetian was a disaster.
It's a maze, we asked as we walked, we couldn't get back to our suite from here.

I removed my boots walking one big round around the massive hotel with my boys.  Not romantic at all.

It took us more than half an hour to walk back to the entrance that leads to our suite, meanwhile trying my best to enjoy the scenery.

Put away my pretty but clumsy red cape, I wore more comfortable clothes, ditched my contact lens, fugly but that's the best for me to move on.  Flagged a cab outside the hotel, we were at Taipa's Rua de Cunha (官也街) in 10mins' drive.

All buildings were short and the place was colorful.

We came specially for:
Casa de Pasto Seng Cheong 诚昌饭店

My kids still don't know how to eat crab, so we ordered noodles for them.

Stir fried noodles HK40.00
Noodles fried noodles, no meat, no veg, nothing.

Signature Crab Porridge HK180
Not bad but too watery for my liking.  I wasn't expecting 5 star service but the crews made us felt as if we were wasting their time.  Famous but not worth it.  I am sure I can get better food else where with better service.

After dinner, we walked around enjoying the foreign land.
Some very crowded local pastry shop which we didn't find out what's in.

I do not have the actual address but here's an outlet of Lord Stow's Bakery along the street.

Egg Tart HK9.00
Not cheap, but delicious with crispy crust and the rich taste of eggs, so soft.

Mok Yi Kei (莫義記)
 9 Rua Do Cunha, Taipa, Macao (opens 7am - 11pm)

Sawdust Pudding it said, but it's actually vanilla ice-cream with cookie crumbs.

Durian Ice Cream.  This was MaoShan, they had D24 too lolxx...
It's nice but nothing to wow about.  Oops... receipt missing again >.<

Tai Lei Loi Kei (大利来记)
 35, Rua Correia Da Silva, Taipa, Macau  
This was just the opposite, so might as well..... EAT!

Pork Chop Bun
Pork Chop kiap with fluffy soft bread.  It tasted different from Singapore's outlet, here's better.

Curry Fish Balls.
By this, our stomachs were finally, truly bursting.

Random Pokemon hunting...

It's weird, restaurant and temple besides each other.

Nice little place this was.

Saw 7-eleven, it's a must to get in and buy something, anything!  Bought some fat stuffs that we never seen before.

We later found that this is available in BreadTalk.  Too bland in taste for my liking.

Ate samples here and there and bought a heavy load of goodies back to make a few of them fat.

Very attractive and pretty packagings:
Egg biscuits HK78;
Floss & Seaweed rolls HK95;
Pineapple Tarts HK250 (which we kept till CNY lolxx..)

Just as we were going to flag for a cab back, we saw Wynn Palace's free shuttle bus, waahaahaaa.... so we hopped in!

It's new and luxurious which we wished we stayed here instead.

Stainless steel tulips.

Even the Starbucks looked like a palace.

Guess what's this?  Took us some time figure out.
Direct translation to english - Steak House.

Fairy-tale air balloons made of synthetic flowers.

Enough of indoors, we asked for the way out to see Wynn Palace fountain.  The friendly security lead us to the hotel's buggy where it send us to the.....

FREE cable ride to view the fountains from above, weeeee............

Didn't know got such lobang, cheap thrill, happieeee.....

The cable car overlooked the hotel and fountain.

A snap of the huge dragon head when our cable car passed by.

The view was beautiful and the ride was more exciting then we thought.  It had 2 corner turns which made us screamed lolxx....

It was a nice 5 mins ride.

Here's a noisy video of our ride.  I sucks at video taking, so.... just get an idea of how's up there.

Happily got off the cable car, slowly sway through and find our way to the shuttle bus depot of the hotel.

Faberge Egg.

We took a shuttle bus, went Wynn Hotel.

They had this Tree of Prosperity that raised up from the ground accompanied by some sound system.

With an interval of 30mins, a roaring dragon raise from the same platform.  You are looking at it's ceiling with intricate chinese zodiac sculptures.

It's quite cool.

We then took a cab back to The Venetian, back to the atas (in price) food court for supper cos we had no more energy to look for better food else where.

Wait for me to put together the bits and pieces of Day 3 in Hong Kong.  Hope this post is more or less useful if you are planning to visit Macao.  Thanks for reading!