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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Luis gotten appendicitis

My youngest boy, Luis was admitted to hospital due to appendicitis.  He's fine after the surgery and is now recouping at home and is given royal treatment from me.  MC was given till 15 Apr and he has to abstain from PE lessons and strenuous  exercise for a month.

It was totally unexpected, was a nasty thing to happen but fortunately, his appendix choose the right time to  get inflamed after my Genting trip.  Couldn't imagine not being with my boy although it's a minor surgery.

Here's the "story" out-line, hur hur..... (now I can laugh over it)

2 April 
(note - the timing were estimated, my brain memory has limited GB)

Luis at school having tummy pain.

He thought he was having constipation, so he went to eat 2 bananas.

Rang me up from school to pick him up as he couldn't stay for remedial.

Gave him a charcoal tablet, thinking that he might be bloated with wind.  He lied on the bed, playing with ipad the whole afternoon.

Asked his dad to bring to the doctor as he was still in pain.  He was able to walk, looking fine, so I continued with working on nails.

His father came back with the doctor's letter referring him to the hospital.  I asked his father, what happened, his father said don't know.  My hands were with my customer, else I would strangle him on his neck.  So hubby drove Luis to KK Hospital without further delay.  I was with this customer who's face turned black like the charcoal pill when I refused to let her add color and change design after I had applied what she wanted initially on a few nails.  I had served her a couple of times and each time I got problem in understanding what she wants, but each time she came back for me.

Done with customer's nails.  Her black face remained (by default perhaps), at my wits end not knowing how to please her any more. I swear I had done my very best, didn't do any short cut or sloppish work although I was anxious to go to the hospital.  Can you imagine how I feel?  My son, is admitted to the hospital and me, the mother don't know what's wrong with him?!?  Never mind, I didn't need the customer's concern.  After all she paid for the service.

Hubby called up and said Luis need to be warded.  I asked him what's Luis diagnosed with.  He said he couldn't make out the non-chinese doctor's accent *slaps forehead*.   I brought Luis's bedmate, his DOMO soft toy and a set of clothes for him, totally forgotten to bring anything for myself.

Finally reached the hospital.  The clerk doing the paper work for admission explained to us the charges of different types of wards.  I wanted to chose B1, cos' got aircon, but all the charges, consultation will be as per private.  Meaning 100% or more of than that of subsidized B2 or C ward.  Upon calculation, we opt for B2 ward but all beds full, so no choice we took 6 bedded C ward.

As you can see, price difference of ward charges leaps by 100% increment.

Luis was wheeled to his ward.  The place was cooler than expected although without aircon.  I was so worried that my pampered kid wouldn't be able to sleep without aircon.

3 April

A doctor came (at last).  I asked him what's wrong with my baby.  The answer was pretty straight forward: "Luis is showing signs of APPENDICITIS."

I turned to my hubby: "Why didn't you tell me it's appendicitis??!!"

His reply made me puke blood: "What's append-di-di-tics?"

Me: "盲肠炎!!!  You understand!"

Hubby: "Oh, 盲肠炎, I know I know....."

Me: "Omg......" (swallowed my F word cos' the doctor was still there sia)

Dr Low: "We'll take a blood test and observe him overnight, if the blood test shows an increase in white blood cells, it's most likely to be appendicitis and Luis will have to go through a surgery to remove it."

Luis: "Don't want.....".  (in teary eyes)

Dr Low: "Don't worry Luis.  What we will do is to open 3 key holes on your tummy to remove the inflame appendix and you will be fine after that."

Luis: "Is it painful?"  (worried tone)

Dr Low: "No, you will be sleeping under anesthesia, you will only wake up after the operation is over."

Luis: "..............."

Dr Low: "Don't be afraid ok, you will recover very fast after the operation and you won't be in pain anymore."

Luis: "What if I wake up in the middle of the operation?"

Dr Low: "That will never happen!  Don't worry Luis."  (laughing and pat Luis on the shoulder)

Luis: "Remember to give me more anesthesia."

My poor son was put on drip as he was not allowed to eat before surgery.  Heart pain.....

Blue PVC parent's bed with pillow and quilt at $4 per night.

The entire night, the machine (don't know what machine) at the next bed was beeping non-stop.  I fell asleep wake by the beep, again and again, stopped only near 6am, fml............

The cleaner came mopping the floor and kept my bed T____T  Waiting for my toothbrush, facial cleanser and the whole lot of skincare from hubby.

Doctor came examined Luis again and said that will get the surgery performed by that day once an operation theatre was available.

Luis: "Will I be able to see light again?" (what a refine way to phrase "Will I die?", I was very impressed actually.)

Dr Low: "Of course you will!  It's a minor surgery Luis." (laughing...)

I went back home to bath while hubby took over my "duty" to accompany Luis, replied to all SMSes/Whatsapp, inform the school and tuitors about his condition, draft my blog and catch some sleep.

Luis was send into the operation theatre with teary eyes.  I told his father try to console and comfort him.  It's absolutely normal to feel scared.  I was scared stiff during my 2 C-sections too.

I was back to the hospital.  As soon as I stepped into the ward I saw Luis throwing tantrum, very agitated.  He wouldn't allow the nurse to take his temperature or blood pressure, he wouldn't allow them to touch him.  The 2 young nurses got really scared.  He was clutching his fists wanting to get out of the bed, he was screaming but no sound came out of his mouth cos' the anesthesia hadn't fully worn off.  Where got people after surgery behave like that one -____-|||  I was at the verge of tearing cos' I was worried he might hurt himself.   I talked to him slowly and stroke him gently.  When I finally calm him down, I was exhausted.  But he was very stubborn, took about half an hour before he doze off.

I wished I could go through these for him.

King Luis woke up with another round of tantrum cos' his wounds hurts when he coughed  -_____-|||

Had dinner with hubby at the Kopitam.

Sotong kid sis Maggie came to visit Luis.  Called her sotong cos' she took the wrong bus ended up spending more on taxi.

Kiddo was awarded with a bravery certificate.
Gimme a slavery certificate please, heehee.....

One moment, King Luis wanted to pee, another moment he want water.  The toddler in another bed was whining the whole nite in discomfort but fell sound asleep near dawn -_____-|||  I practically didn't sleep.

4 April

I was wide awake O_o

10.30am - 3pm
I went back home to clear the laundry and sleep for dear life while hubby took his "shift"

Came back to the hospital, saw empty cup of milo and a empty plate with bread crumbs on Luis portable table.

Second kid sis came.  Consulting and comforting people is her profession.  She asked Luis: "What do you wish you can do now?"

Luis: "I want to get up and walk."

Sis: "You will, but not now, you just gotten an operation, give your body sometime to recover ok?"

Luis: (nodded his head with a not-ok face)

Sis: "Then what do you like us to do for you now?"

I was expecting the answer to be "Buy me hamburgers, bring me the computer etc.."  But he said:

"I want everybody to be good and healthy."

I bursted into tears upon his words, so did my sis.  My son understood the importance of health, and he did not want us to go through the pain he's suffering T______T  My Luis is so worthy to be my son, he deserved more than my love.  How can ever love this precious boy enough.....  Thank god, thank heaven for giving me this son.  Everything is nothing, all I need is Luis, not forgetting Darren, my big boy of course.

Can't be having Kopitam all the time, it was time for some console food, not much choice, only Delifrance in the hospital.

Magret De Canard Fume S$19.80
French name, I know you all catch no ball, it's
Smoked duck slices with potato gratin and pickled cabbage.
I had been eating smoked duck like almost every week, so I sort of lost my interest.

Le Marseille S$8.80
French Cereal Baguette stuffed with lemon tuna, tomato slices and veg.
This was yummy-licious!  Ordered tomato soup to go with, couldn't remember the price though.

My boy finally removed his surgical robe and got out of bed for dinner ^_^
Picky kid picked out the fish and carrot shreds from porriage, and rejected the papaya, sigh.

"Kiap" big toe to monitor heart beat lolxx...

A baby and a toddler in the ward took turns to cry and whine.  I understand they couldn't help it, I sympathise with them but at the same time felt like dying myself.

5 April

The crying and whining stopped miraculously.  When I came back from toilet, the cleaning lady kept my bed, AGAIN  TT_______TT

Robot was sending empty breakfast trays back to the kitchen
My big boy hubby was having great fun mimic the robot's voice:
"Please excuse me, please excuse me......"
So now, we are having this new "game" at home;
whenever I ask "What did the robot say?"  He will reply in the cutest cartoon tone he can ever fake out "Please excuse me, you are blocking my way..."
Both of our age adds up to 88 years old but we are playing this game >.<

Permission granted from doctor to discharge Luis YAY YAY YAY!!!  We missed our beds!

Noisy moment while removing the drips.

We are on our way home, at last.

A few days ago, King Luis asked me how much was the hospital bill and that he was sorry to make us spend money.  He probably thought it must be quite a big damaged since I had been a stingy mom who won't buy him a Xbox console or a PSB game.  All along he had been a problem kid who hates school work and vegetables, but he can be so sweet and sensible...........

I told him money didn't matter, even if it was at the expense of clearing my bank account.  All we want is that our children to be well and healthy.

Mummy will do everything and anything to cease your pain and discomfort.
Speedy recover King Luis and I promised to cook you eggs a few days later.


  1. must have been quite the ordeal but glad your son is fine and recovering well :)

  2. Hi Susan, as a mother myself, I totally understand the suffering and heartache you went through. How you wish you were the one lying on the bed instead of him, right? You would do anything to help him ease the pain, correct? 妈妈是伟大的...hahaha....glad that he has recovered. 祝你全家身体健康。best wishes, Regina

    1. King Luis's acute appendicitis totally caught us unprepared. However minor this case seemed to be, it had caused my son a lot of pain. What we wished for our children is that they can be happy and healthy. Thank you Regina for your kind wishes, your comment has given me great support. Thank you very much!