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Friday, 26 April 2013

What's inside April's Black Box

I received my Black Box (BB) on 25 April, Thursday around 5pm.
Some of my friends had received theirs much earlier, while some are still waiting.
I suppose they send out by batches according to area?  No sure.

Read about Feb's Black Box here.

So let's take peek inside April's Black Box ~~

Transparent zip lock bag with Black Box logo, cute.

 Some vouchers, the 7-eleven one will be the first to be used.

Bioflora Colla Bee Honey & Collagen drink, yeah yeah, another boost of youth for me ^^

Tea-break treats with Uncle Toby's muesli bar & 3 different types of coffee from Nescafe.

2 L'oreal products absolutely suitable for me and Darlie toothpaste for everybody at home.

Nivea Volcanic Mud cleansing foam for my kids.
Not suitable for hubby's dry flakey skin.
Ettusais Skin Version Up Super, can anybody tell me what's that?

Zappy baby wipes.  No more babies at home but it's always handy especially after some chicken wings or other messy food.
 Had been using Vanish Powder for soaking of clothes before washing, so I am very happy with this free pack.

 Pretty envelope which opens up containing 4 sachets of products:
*The true cream -aqua bomb
*First Aid 360 Eye mask
*Creamy cleansing foam
*SPF 30 UV Protector Gel

April's Black Box is so filled up with goodies, who won't be happy to receive?

It's absolutely free, subscribe yours at  http://www.blackbox.sg/

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