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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Old Town Coffee at Cineleisure & CNOS 2

Was at Cineleisure to support the children for their CNOS 2 contest.

Helped Tiffany Yong with eye makeup and choosing accessories.

Check out her blog http://tiffanyyong.com/
She is a very unique girl, who doesn't fuss about appearance, yet very sensitive to other people's feelings.
I had seen lots of bitchy bloggers, she's just different from them, she may not be drop dead gorgeous, but she shines from within.

After Tiffany was all dolled up and ready to be on stage, I took a few minutes for shopping and manage to grab this at Scape ~
Pearly ear hook, nice?

Pic taken before the crowd came in.  Bloggers are like celebrities now attracting lots of fans.

By this time, around 5pm, I was sure I would drop dead if I don't eat.
So I popped into Old Town White Coffee for my first meal of the day.

Ice Milk Tea S$5.00
Quite a big glass, but expensive leh.

 Kaya Toast S$1.20
Kaya in brown color, I prefer green.

Supreme Nasi Lemak with Rendan Chicken S$9.50
The rendan chicken was supposed to be the main "attraction", however it was outshine by sambal cuttlefish.

Generous delicious sambal with onions covering cuttlefish slices.
The cuttlefish...... I tell you...... it's soft yet chewy, texture more than perfect!
Aiyooooooooooooo  <3 <3
The whole plate was so enjoyable that I finished all the rice unknowingly T_____T
Looking back at what I had ate,  no wonder I put on 2kg.....

Couldn't stay longer for CNOS, cos' our kids were waiting for us at home for dinner.
Take my hat off to the young bloggers who took in CNOS, they are energetic, full of ideas and so expressive.
These youngsters rules the world ^_^

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