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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

IRIS CC Cream from The Skin Shop


BB (Blemish Balm or Beauty Balm) Cream was originally formulated in Germany.  Manufactured primarily as a skincare product, most BB creams doubles as sunblock with SPF protection as well as covering uneven skin tones like a foundation.  With all these essential functions all into a tube, BB cream gained huge following over Asia in no time.

Beauty technology is improving by leaps and bounce.  BB is "upgraded" to CC!!  (yes, I want that alphabet up size for my bra too :X)  CC cream, also know as Color Control or Color Correcting cream is now the latest and hottest miracle beauty product in the market.   It's formulated with technology originating in beauty  industry-leader Japan and further developed and improve in Korea.

CC cream had retain all the benefits of BB cream with a lighter texture, better coverage and promised to deliver a more natural and flawlessly radiant complexion than that of BB cream.

I had done my read ups before making this blog post, thus I sounded like an expert.   But the fact is....... I had never use a CC cream before T____T

Thank you The Skin Shop for sending IRIS CC Cream to me!!!
IRIS CC Cream (60g) - S$44.90

• Contains porous powder that keeps clean oil-less and silky skin with controlling  sebum effectively.
• Contains hyaluronic acid that presents soft and smooth skin tone with enhanced  moisture.
• Whitening, anti wrinkle, UV Protection SPF 37

Key ingredients: Portulacae herba extract, Ecucalyptus extract, Papaya extract, Honey extract, Wheat extract.

My Review ^_^

My skin's condition -
41 years old matured skin with combination of oily T-zone; visible pores on nose and cheeks; occasional break-outs; a bit of freckles and dark circles (yes, my skin is not perfect).

I hate to post my naked face and I hope this is not that bad looking.....

Packaging -
I am TOTALLY IN LOVE with the pump dispenser!!  My current BB cream is in a tube like toothpaste, I tend to squeeze out more than required and it's always a mess at the tip of the tube.  The pump dispenser aided my clumsy hands and no more wastage.  It's cleaner and more hygienic too.

Fragrance -
Slight pleasant fragrance.

Texture -
I made a comparison with my current BB cream.

IRIS CC Cream pumped out like worm and settled down as a soft lump in a small quantity.
My BB Cream squeezed out as a coin.

Upon initial teasing blending, IRIS CC cream appeared to be less creamy and spread out easier than BB cream.

Further blending, IRIS CC Cream appeared to be brighter in color with a tinge of pink and seemed to have "settled" onto the skin better than BB cream.

 Final blending was done, difference between CC and BB cream became obvious at super close-up.
So, it's true - CC cream is lighter and more natural than BB cream!

Coverage -
IRIS CC cream had successful improve skin appearance, my red veins, red pimples, old pimple marks were 80% covered up.  Freckles were still visible though.

Before and after IRIS CC cream pics.

Verdict -
It's feels so soft and silky, I feel protected and carefree, it's FREEDOM!!!  Errrrr.......... sounds like I am describing sanitary pad here......   No no..... I am describing IRIS CC Cream seriously!  It protects my skin from UV rays with it's SPF 37 factor, makes my skin soft and silky to touch with it's hyaluronic acid and porous powder, and yet it's so light that it's like I had nothing on at all!

You just got to try it to enjoy the carefree feeling of having protection on skin without the feeling of being heavily masked.  I love how well it stays on my skin without turning sticky and yucky under the hot sun.  Perfect for our crazy humid weather!

IRIS CC Cream is available at the following retail outlets:

Umart - Parco Marina Bay
9 Raffles Boulevard
Millenia Walk, Level 2
Singapore 039596
Tel: 6333 3182

205 Hougang St 21
Heartland Mall Kovan #02-22/23
Singapore 530205
Tel: 6487 4058

62 Collyer Quay #02-07
(Change Alley Link Bridge)
Singapore 049325
Tel: 6536 7894

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Disclaimer -
Although this is a sponsored review, it is based on my own experience through usage. I am not affiliated or in any way linked to this brand.  Results varies on different skin conditions, product may or may not be suitable for  individuals.


  1. Hi Susan,

    The floral headband you're wearing is so nice!!! May I know where did you get it from.

    1. Thank you! Got it from Bangkok's Platinum Mall at the 5th floor.

  2. is it from taobao? i love it too!
    looks young on you.

    1. Got it from Bangkok's Platinum Mall at the 5th floor. Thank you for reading my blog and please continue to do so, will be doing a TaoBao review on loads of tattoo stockings ;)

  3. The CC CreaM LOOKS SO GOOD ON YOUR SKIN! You look much younger!

  4. hi! do you know if the skin shop snail cream is available at the shops listed above too?

    1. I am not too sure, but can always call them up before popping in :)

  5. Bah! Susan you lucky duck ;) You get a sponsorship from Skin Shop! I want to apply but I am currently not in SG anymore :( I'm glad for you to have it though! It looks so great on you!!! <3 I'm so proud of you for doing so well on your blog! You deserve it!