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Sunday, 7 April 2013

My unusual Bloggers' Genting Trip (Part 1)


When I received the email from The Resort World Genting inviting me for a 2D1N trip to Genting & FX Micropay event, I was really surprised!  After making 2 failed "attempts" with Nuffnang, I didn't expect to receive this direct invitation, *superior* feel, woot!

They had generously offer a 1 blogger + 1 partner, meaning I could bring a non-blogger along.  It was too much of a coincident that my kid sisters were going away to other destinations around the same time.  I was frantically looking for a buddy to go with me but all were tied up with work (or not too keen) ........


Nevertheless I went ahead cos' it's ridiculous to give up a sponsored trip which guarantee a cool escape from Singapore's crazy warm weather.  I am the sort of person who will watch movie alone and do lots of "unpopular" stuffs alone.  Happiness and interest should be within my hands, and not rely on others, so yeah.....    I supposed it wasn't that bad as I knew a couple of bloggers who were invited to this trip too.

To most people it's like "Chay........... 2D1N Genting only mah, what's so great?"  But it turned out to be one of the most unforgettable and fantastic trip I ever had!

The original itinerary was as follows, with some changes due to delay:

Day 1 – 27th March 2013

6.45am                 Bus departs from Singapore
1.00pm                 Arrive at FW Bus Terminal + Check-in
1.30pm                 Lunch at Resort Café
2.45pm                 Check out the new rides at out-door Theme Park
4.00pm                 Free & Easy at Theme Park
6.15pm                 Visit Visitor Galleria
6.30pm                 Dinner at Coffee Terrace
8.00pm                 Visit Snow World
9.30pm                 Free & easy

Day 2 - 28th March 2013

7.30am                 Breakfast at First World Cafe + Packing
9.00am                 Check-out
9.10am                 Bus depart from First World Hotel Lobby

10.45am               Drop off at Ritz-Carlton Conference Center (Carlton 8)
                                Drop off at Pavillion (Blogger’s Partners)

11.00am               FX Micropay Launch 

1.30pm                 Pick-up Ritz-Carlton
                                Pick-up Pavillion

2.00pm                 Depart to One Utama
4.00pm                 Bus departs to Singapore


We took StarMart Express Air Asia Liner's 26 seater coach which set off slightly late around 7am.

Only put on a bit of BB cream, all prepared to snooze my way to Genting.

The coach only made a toilet stop and drove it's way to KL before sending us to Genting.  They skipped the breakfast stop in exchange of time wasted for driving to KL to drop of 3 passengers .V.  Remember, it's StarMart Express Air Asia Liner.

By the time we alight at the bus depot at First World, it was already 2.30pm.
JQ, Public Relations officer of Resort World Genting was already there waiting anxiously, turning pale, lolxxx...

Our accommodation was at First World Hotel. The hotel's lobby was more like an airport's lobby, it's enormous, could hardly see where's the end.  Crowded with people, but was spacious with enough seats provided.

The lobby was well furnished with marble flooring and claddings.
Who was it who told me First World Hotel was lousy huh??
I dropped my things in the hotel and zoomed down for late until don't know what to say lunch.

We had our first meal of the day at 3pm -____-
Seriously, I wasn't in my best mood, I was HUNGRY!!  FAMISHED!!
I bet my face must be damn black at that time, heehee......

Bubbles & Bites
Level 2, Highland Hotel
Business hours: Mon - Thur (11am - 12am)
Fri - Sun, Eve of PH & PH (11am - 2am)

I was so hungry that I even told Tiffany Yong that we should just pig in first and photos later.
But at the end, leopards just won't change it's spots, bloggers just won't change their habits, even during such harsh moment with hunger.  So here are the food pics ~~~

I was very tempted to reach out and grabbed myself a piece, any piece.  So hungry that I was going to lose my mind already......

One of the friendly staffs which made us felt so welcome :)
Low batt Tiffany against giant word scramble wall.

Wide selection of drinks from sparkling juice, beer and wine at the chiller which we helped ourselves with.

We told the waiter and waitress to feed us with something first.
So yup, we didn't wait too long ^_^
They totally understood our "plight" and served the desserts first.  YAY!!

Partner with purple cotton candy, totally heart melting even before you eat!
I love Tiramisu, anytime, any day, it's really good, MUST TRY!

Bread pudding
So soft and sweetness 刚刚好, that I gobbled up most of it when nobody's watching.
But now they will know when this post is up >.<

Mushroom with Garlic Toast (Tiffany's order). 
 As you can see, it's a very simple dish.  But if you love mushroom, you are going to love this.  As Tiffany had mentioned in her blog, we were all eyeing on her order.  She was literally in constant "fear" cos' I was sitting beside her preying on the mushrooms lolxx....

C.A.M.E.R.A.  our way of life............

Seafood Pasta
Alan's seafood pasta, which was "safe" from me reach.
Alan was Tiffany's partner, not a blogger, but I'll be mentioning him non-stop from now onwards.
It's embarrassing for me to say this, but he's such a heart-throb.  No worries pals, I still prefer my hubby, heehee......

Caesar salad with Smoked Salmon
MINE!  But I got share share with the table lah.

T-bone Steak
This portion is good for 2 pax, shared it with Sherie and her brother.
Too well done, although I requested for medium.

Peri Chicken Wings
The wings were crispy and meat was tender, just a bit too saltish for my liking.

Here's Don, enjoying his chicken cutlet.  This fun loving guy got real talent hor, will talk about it later....
He gave me some to try.  It wasn't as oily as I thought it would be, yummy :P~

Once our hunger bangs were cured, the "siao-ness" inside us came ALIVE!!!
Here's Tiffany and Sherie!
Sorry Tiffany, need to "kope" this animated pics from you.
It's just too CUTE!!
I need to get photoshop software and 拜你为师 to improve my blogging, seriously.

Beside nom nom, we got to try different alcoholic drinks too!
Hur hur....... it's so fortunate to be a blogger....... hur hur........

If you have been following my blog, you will know that I can't really contain alcohol.
See?  I was already grinning like koo koo with merely a few sips.

The Visitors' Galleria
Lobby of Maxims Genting Hotel
Opening hours 10am to 8pm (Mon - Fri)

After lunch we went to the Visitors' Galleria (with "high spirits" lolxx).  There were newspaper clippings, plaques, awards, posters and other memorabilia on history and story of Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong, founder of Genting.

I looked damn bloated in this pic, but I still post it, cos' I love it  <3

The most important facts I learnt from the Galleria:

*  Genting is pronounced as gantry's GAN, not gentleman's GEN.   So, say with me GAN.....try.....TING.   I had been pronouncing Genting wrongly for all my life, my gosh.......  >.<

*  Theme Park Hotel was the first hotel build at Genting Highlands in 1971, the year I was born.  Genting is the same age as me, hooohoohoo.......

*  The founder, Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong passed away on 23 Oct 2007.  But he will be remembered for the  his determination and contribution which made Genting Highlands the major tourist attraction in Malaysia.

It's always more meaningful to find out more about the place that you are visiting.  You may read more about Genting from here.

Alan and Tiffany were found at a relaxing corner having some "discussion".
Not sure what's up ;D

Model of Genting Highlands.

We end our visit of Tourist Gallarie with a video watching.
Tiffany's gonna hate me, I "kope" her photo, again >.<

Had been really busy after this trip.  As some of you may know, my little boy Luis had appendicitis and was admitted for a few days.  I was darting to and fro from home to hospital, hospital to home.  He is now a King receiving "royal treatment" from me, cos' he's a patient (and my precious son).  Thank god it didn't happen during the trip.

Now, I finally "gave birth" to this blog post, phew.......

Part 2 will be about our hilarious adventures at the Out-door Theme Park, buffet dinner, fun filled Snow World and my cozy hotel room.

*  Although this is a sponsored trip by Resort World Genting,  the above blog post is my genuine diary.


  1. won't hate you la :)
    Haha... I took a screenshot of the "Heart-throb" word to Alan. :P

  2. Yes you all were sooooo exhausted after the bus trip! So not gonna use that bus anymore. hmmp!

    1. Friendship bond is stronger after this mini "ordeal" lolxx...