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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Taobao (淘宝) review!

I have abstained myself from Taobao cos' I am really very broke.  I bought one whole load of clothes from Bangkok since last year September and I still have many unworn items.  I wear them once or twice and pass it to my sis.  We are doing apparel barter trade, heehee.....

Made this order cos' King Luis was driving me nuts pestering me.  He is my soft spot and he knows it, darn.

People keep telling me 65daigou is no good lah, it's expensive lah.  But I am absolutely comfortable with them.  Filling up their order form is almost idiot proof and RMB is converted to SGD automatically.  Here's a print screen of my order ~~

Okie!  Now it's time to see what I had bought!

Price: S$6.16/RMB29.90, cost of sea freight S$7.24
See King Luis's happy grin?

Cuteness overdosed.

About 2 inches of the seam wasn't done properly, sigh.  A few stitches solved the problem.  My hubby did a pretty good job.

Beats earphone
This item was out of stock and the seller's link was broken :(
Price S$61.86/RMB300, cost of sea freight S$4.12

I am always very amused by their shabby box up.

After unboxing the ugly brown box, inside was neat and cool.

Leather duster bag.
Everything is fine except that we find it a bit too tight for our heads.

iphone Casings
This seller absorbs internal freights :))

This box up is more "tok gong" than the earlier one lolxx....
Masking tape with red chinese characters all over.......

But the everything inside was safe and sound.

Price S$6.19/RMB30
Previously hubby had bought the same thing in different color, he liked it so much that he bought 2 this time.

 Price S$8.25/RMB40

This is really cute and I am using it now.  My iphone's identity was totally disguise with this casing.
Price S$9.28/RMB45, total sea freight for all the cases S$1.65

 Freebies from the seller ^_^

Long chiffon dress
Price RMB299 + sea freight = S$67.63

My sis's order.  Silver snake belt was a freebie.  It's very sheer, need to wear another slip dress inside, but it's really pretty.  I tried it on but forgotten to take a pic.  It's a perfect dress for a wedding lunch or a formal noon event. 
The material and workmanship is good, but do note that as this seller's location is not very accessible to Shanghai, it takes about 5 days to reach.  So if it's urgent or you don't have the patience, don't order.

This is how the dress looks like on a model.
Dresses like this is so pretty and feminine, I don't understand why fashion is so boring in Singapore.

Iron Man T-shirt
 Price S$6.60/RMB32, sea freight S$2.47
Material thick and good, but can only be worn in aircon, our weather really cannot make it....

Counter Strike T-shirt
Seller's link broken, cos' OOS.
 Price S$10.10/RMB49, sea freight S$2.06
Material and quality similar to Iron Man T-shirt.  King Luis was very pleased with his purchases.

Now, here's the HIGHLIGHT of this post
Wordings and rose prints
Price S$2.27/RMB11 each, sea freight NIL

I love this, although the wordings doesn't make sense lolxx...

I wore it out, it's really a wow.  Made many heads turned with envy, hooohoohoo......

I have to confess that I am not tall and I have short legs.
These stockings are long enough for taller girls, cos' I can pull it all the way up to cover my entire fat tummy, almost reaching my busts :X

Flora prints
Price S$3.01/RMB14.60, sea freight NIL

Fading Stars prints
Price S$3.30/RMB16, sea freight NIL

This is black.

Looks really chio to me but my sis says it's patchy messy O_o

This is brown.  Not too much difference in color.
I am happy with all the stockings  <3
Too bad that I have only 2 legs, else I can wear them all at the same time waahaahaaa!!!
Unless I turn into an octopus >.<
Anyway, I just realised that this is the only blog post with so many pics of my 猪脚 *faintz* lolxx....

There's an agent fee but I forgotten how much it was.
That's all for my order.  The previous order I did was here.

Oh yes, before I end this post, here's a little tip to share:
Before you wear your stockings, store them in the freezer for 24hrs.
I learnt this tip from Taobao too, but I couldn't remember where I saw it.
It said by freezing the stockings, they wouldn't tear so easily and will last longer this way.
I am not sure how true but no harm trying if your freezer has space right?

Thank you for reading, bye bye!!


  1. Wow nice items! Too bad the Dino's stitching wasn't that great ;( but nice buy! I want to buy from Taobao too.. Need to get a Taobao agent though. Anyway, nice blog! Would you like to follow each other on Facebook and GfC? :) let me know! Xx


    Chicnikkie's Blog | BlogLovin'

  2. Hi, I would want to ask that if http://www.hoyoyo.com is better than http://www.65daigou.com ?

  3. One can buy direct from Taobao, I find it quite straight forward. There is no agent fee but need to pay 3% of the item's price, and 3% of the logistic fee. This 6% is chargeable because of using credit card for payment. But 6% is not much really. Items will be shipped by air and to your door step, unlike 65daigou where you need to collect it personally. For 65daigou, $5-8 is chargeable if item is delivered to you.

  4. just wondering, for kuaidi, do you have to add that cost to each item purchased or is it added to the entire purchase (multiple items)?


    1. Hi Anna,
      Normally is entire purchase. Some sellers waive off if you buy more from them. In another words, it's better to buy a few items from one seller, than to buy items from many different sellers.