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Monday 8 April 2013

My unusual Bloggers' Genting Trip (Part 2)


This post is a continuation from here.

After visiting The Visitors' Gallerie, food was considered "settled" safely in our stomach.  It's Theme Park time!  The first ride we took was THE WAVES.

Tiffany was very hyper.

"Disaster" could had been avoided if Tiffany and Alan didn't ask me to sit with them.

The ride was tilted outwards, the right side, ie. my side.  As it speeds up, it tilted even more!  I was crushed flat flat by these 2 beings, luckily both are skinny.  After the ride:

Me: AAAAAAAAlan!!!   Tiiiiiiiiiiffany!!!  You 2 hor!  (trying to fake some anger but end up laughing)

Alan: 不要骂我哦, I got "tarik" with my leg hor, but when Tiffany slided down with her entire weight hor, I cannot help it liao.....  (grasping between laughter)

Tiffany was already in uncontrollable giggle, not able to speak.

Me: 还好我是胖胖的,不然就被你们压死了吖!
(in my mind:  被帅哥压,老娘赚到了,嘿嘿嘿。。。暗爽)

So here's a video of The Waves =D

The blue canvas cover aka waves is definitely essential.  Like washing machine, need to close the lid when spinning dry you know, else you will see glasses, wigs, slippers, bras, underwear all flown out of the ride, waahaaahaaa.......  Just kidding, my imagination went wild lolxx.....  Seriously, if my logic makes sense, the cover prevents riders from seeing flashes during the fast motion ride, thus no motion sickness or giddiness after the ride.

Next we went for the Cyclone, a mini roller coaster.
It's a "warm-up" for something more thrilling later.

Yeah, after the "crush" at The Waves, we became inseparable.

 Space Shot
185 feet tall, 67km/hr

My heart is consider pretty strong for my age to take this.  The view from the top was magnificent.  Alan and Tiffany took this ride 2 times, one with me, another they dragged Don up.  We managed to force coax him to take the ride lolxx.......  I guess he was a very unwilling party but didn't how to reject us, so he LL went up, heehee..........

Alan managed to take a video with his phone (without dropping it).  The purpose of taking the video was to show how nice the view was at the top of Space Shot, but Don's screaming was so hilarious that I just laugh my head off whenever I open this clip.   Don, you are such a freaking funny guy.

When everybody was down from the Space Shot, we asked him how he was feeling (just in case he needed 惊风散 or some medical help etc).  And you know his answer?  He exclaimed: 爽啊!! woooohoooo.........   Laugh die me, why he cute one.

The other group of bloggers went for Kart ride and this was what happened to me ~~
While the bags were pretty worthless, don't play play with their priceless cameras hor.

They didn't manage to try the Kart at the end cos' the sky was getting dark, it was already evening.

Took pics with Angie.  She is really cute and very nice to bully with >.<
That disturbing hand belonged to Tiffany.

Urrrgg........ absolutely no moment of peace with her around lolxx.....

Wished we could stay longer, but most out-door rides were closed in the evening.
You may like to find out more rides here.

Great fun group pic =)

Heading back indoor for dinner and a yes yes pic with Alan <3

Cafe Terrace
Lobby Floor, Genting Grand

Buffet dinner around 8pm.

Table was reserved for us :)

Coffee Terrace is huge with different sections providing different cuisine.  Spoiled with choices.

One of the blogger gotten Penang Laksa from Local Favourites.

Pipping hot satay and otah.

Chinese cuisine section is actually zi char section.

We ordered 豆苗 (not sure what it is called in English) with chinese mushroom.

Clams with cuttlefish.

Udon VS Cha Soba
They served sashimi too, but wasn't too impressive :/

 Salad bar.

Victor, Sherie's bro happy with 2 cones.
He's shy and quiet most of the time, but he's always cheerful with a sunshine smile on his face :))

Assorted fruits.

The late lunch I had was not fully digested, so I wasn't in a mood for main courses or carbs, I "attacked" the desserts mercilessly instead :P
There was a large chocolate fondue fountain, but there wasn't anything to dip with :(

After dinner was another attraction - 

Snow World
Level T2A, First World Plaza

No photography was allowed inside, but it's my hobby to break rules.
(if Resort World Genting is reading this, please don't blacklist me :X)
Pardon the poor quality pics though, I was sneaky like a thief, so my hands were shaky too.

Bumpers for slide down.
I was being spinned round and round while sliding down, didn't even know where I was going lolxx...

Walking up the stairs, I nearly forgot this winter is man-made.

I missed snow so much.....

The magical scene at Snow World which we created havoc in.  Alan lah, came up with the idea of playing catching.  The peaceful serene atmosphere was totally destroyed by us, running and screaming around.  But we enjoyed it, calories all burnt after the buffet dinner lolxx....

A group pic before we returned our winter gears <3

Night was still young, a few of us headed to KTV at our own expense and sang till over 1am.

Heading back to First World Hotel, pic of hotel lobby.
Lifts were framed with Red Alicante marble, flooring with Bottinino Beige and Travetino Limestone trimmings.
I love marbles.  More than diamonds.

My Superior Deluxe Room and queen bed all by myself.

Superior Deluxe Room is 350sqft with Theme Park View on 17th floor.
Room facilites:
  • 29" color TV
  • In-house video (vision 4)
  • telephone
  • coffee table & 2 seater sofa
  • 1 queen bed or 2 single beds
  • 2 bottles of mineral water
  • safe-deposit box
  • standing shower with bath tub
  • basic toiletries
  • slippers
  • hair dryer

Scared to sleep alone?  No....... I was so exhausted that I was got no time to feel scared.  Took pics of the room before I knocked out at 2.30am.

Next morning was media launch event of Resorts World Genting Multi Currency Booking System at Ritz Carlton Kuala Lumpur :)  Stay tuned on my next post, thank you!

*  Although this is a sponsored trip by Resort World Genting,  the above blog post is my genuine diary.


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  2. Sob..I'm so jelly. If oni I could....sigh

    1. Hey hey, opportunity may be knocking on your door when you least expecting it. Keep blogging, keep fighting JIA YOU!!!

    2. Awww...thanks for motivating me. Yes, I will keep blogging and make more friends.

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  4. I love to go to their World Club Lounge for breakfast! Far away from the crowds where I can enjoy breakfast in peace and quiet. But I love the terrace coffee place. Love their desserts!!!
    Will prob drop by Terrace again this month end. Going for Rainie Yang's concert!!
    So exciting~

    1. Wow!! You are going on holiday again! I am stuck in Singapore till year end :( But concert wor, bring ear plugs along in case your ears starts to ring again.