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Friday, 12 April 2013

My failed relationship with Cosmopolitan Singapore

Sometime earlier in March, Cosmopolitan Singapore called me up to collect a eye mask as their Opinionator, which simply means to do a product review.

Their office is located near Hotel Inn Holiday, I took MRT cum taxi to reach.

Self takes at hotel's lift lobby.
Lace top - Dressy
Cream ribbon belt - Taobao
Cream mini skirt with polka dots - BKK
Wedges - PrettyFit
Bag - Samantha Vega

I did not go to their office cos' I didn't know the way.  A young lady came to hotel lobby to meet me and passed the eye mask.

Received their email the next day on how they would like the review to be done blah blah blah ~~

I tried to enlarge the screenshot big still looks very small ~~

I suppose is too taxing for your eyes, the above read as follows ~~

Photo Guidelines:
1) Photos must be clear and of a good resolution
2) Photos must be taken under clear and bright lighting, against a white wall.
3) Please take two photos of your LEFT eye and the area around it - one before, and one after putting the Belif eye care mask.
4) Please take two photos of your face, straight-on, close up, fringe must not be covering your face, with minimal or preferably no make-up at all - one before, and one after putting the Belif eye care mask. 

They must had cut and paste the requirements from that of the passport photo specs lolxxx.......  Okay, just kidding.  Anyway, that's putting me in trouble, walls in my house are all colored.  I must either go to the passport photo booth or, another easier way out is to paste a mahjong paper on the wall, oh my gosh......  However, my worries were all put to an end with their call right after I received the email.

They called and said they actually have more than enough Opinionators and they need to take back the eye mask from me.  "It's a white lie obviously" I said to myself.  My pea sized brain thought.......

.......that brand must had given Cosmopolitan Singapore extra samples.  But again, if there were extras, they wouldn't be wasting their time to pick it up from me.  If I were the management, I'll just chose the best review among to be published.   The time and labour cost already more than that little tub of eye mask.  So, it wasn't difficult to guess that they were taking it back to give it to another candidate instead.

I wasn't angry, just couldn't believe they could be so screwed up.  Making a wild guess, they could had rejected me due to my old age, cos' they asked me to write down my date of birth before they gave me the eye mask.  I am going to join senior citizen's events already lolxx.....

The very next day, the same young lady came to my doorstep to take back the eye mask and gave me these products ~~

Call these farewell gifts, compensation, salvage embarrassment, "shut my mouth" bribery, coax me lollipops, whatever.  I know these probably made an end to my relationship (which haven't even started) with Cosmopolitan Singapore.

Bloggers are not beggars, I can afford my own skincare which was along the case before I became a blogger.  My blog's existence is not for sponsorships either.  End of story, thank you.


  1. OH! Been there babe! not with Cosmo tho..but yeah, fucking yeah..bloggers are not beggars.
    And these products doesn't make us shut our mouth up.

    1. Oh my dear mama! *HI FIVE* I did not add any salt or pepper, this is my blog, of course I can speak my mind.

  2. lol... those products are not really worth the trouble and the insult really. ugh.

    1. I don't find it an insult lah. But if I make a blunder, I would cover my backside and not expose myself in shame. So now the whole world knows about it, but it's not my fault lolxx....

  3. Ah yoh. They could have just given u the eye cream. Bloggers are indeed not beggars. By the way, read my this post: http://www.coffeeluvs.blogspot.sg/2013/04/cheapskate-people.html

    Can't stand these kind of cheapskate people. Some people ask me for help like I MUST help them =.=

    1. I had checked the retail price of the eye mask, it's $39. It never occurred to them that the to-and-fro petrol to my house was already about the same cost hur hur..... that's so much from a prestigious magazine.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. May I know what's wrong with you? You like to write essay so much, go and write a book!