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Monday, 1 April 2013



Monthly or bi-monthly beauty boxes are spreading like wild fire in Singapore.   These beauty boxes ranges from around $18 to less than $30 for subscription, pretty affordable even for students and young adults.  I foresee this trend will continue to blaze, cos' the thrill of receiving surprises at your doorstep never cease.

But now, I am not gonna talk about beauty boxes.
I am going to talk about a Lifestyle Box - Booxify
Image from http://booxify.com/

Booxify is a bi-monthly subscription boox with limited edition themed boox of curated home and lifestyle products.

I had gotten their limited edition themed boox -
The Pantry Box!
So sweet, they printed a little tag with my name ^_^

Yeah, and congratulations to my 2 children too!

Inside The Pantry Box was everything an office pantry needed!
But they were equally good for house-bounded me and my kids!
Erm......  while my fork and spoon are redundant, my tea cup did it's job!  You will find out later!

Chocolates and organic lollipop all went into my kids mouth right after the photo-shoot.
Anybody seen or know these brands?

I love butter spreads on my bread, but couldn't imagine how almond butter would taste like :P~~
I am dying to try but my house run out of bread.
These 2 packs of almond butter are still safe in my fridge.

Energy chocolate brownie bar made with organic rolled oats.

 Luis taking his cautious first small bite of the suspicious looking dark brown bar, then gobbled up everything before I knew it.

Organic Raspberry sweets.

The raspberry balls turned out to be much darker color than they were on the packaging.
But the taste was full of rich-ness of raspberry, sweet sweet and sour kind <3
I brought half a pack to my Genting trip and "sacrificed" the other half to my kids, heehee....

Roasted corn, kills time and boredom.

Granola - less sugar, high protein, high fiber.
Not sinful, eat!

Had 2 teabags teapods from BistroTea.
Trying out Apple Cinnamon Black Tea.
BistroTea is dressed in white translucent envelope.  Premium tea leaves are packed in aluminium diffusers which doubles as a stirrer,  no wringing is needed!
Super luxurious!

Watch the mini clip below ^_^

Heeheehee.... this is life man!  You may like to find out more at www.boisson.com.sg

You know you have unique taste;
You know you deserve to pamper yourself;
You know quality is what you are looking for;
You know Booxify is your lifestyle;
Subscribe yours at S$16 every 2 months now!

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