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Sunday, 31 March 2013

XinWang Hong Kong Cafe

Hey peeps!  I am back from Genting liao and I have lots of stories to tell.  The bunch of bloggers I was with were the best travel companions ever!  Despite of all the hiccups, I gained more than I could ask for.  Hoping to consolidate the photos and videos, and get down with the post as soon as possible.

Meanwhile here's a short nom nom post on XinWang Hong Kong Cafe.

Was wearing yellow sports top from Reebok, bare-face.  
The initial plan was to go jogging with my kid sis at Bishan Park.  Just when we were about to reach, Luis called up sobbing over the phone, I asked Darren over the phone, he was crying as well.  The kids were fighting -____-|||  I was so freak out that I had to fly my sis aeroplane and u-turn back home.

Reached home, nobody was injured, *pats chest*, they merely pushed each other with a few punches.

I looked at the boys - Darren with super pissed off face and Luis with teary eyes, *faintz*.   I wasn't angry, cos' it's part of growing up for the kids and part of parenting for me.  After finding out what had happened and had to talk sense into the kids, I was totally exhausted.   Hubby brought us to White Sands Shopping Mall, a less crowded place for some peace and dinner.

Entrance of the cafe with a bright panel wall of cartoon.

Menu with their name printed so big that it's impossible to miss even if you are blind.
I lost the receipt so this is going to be a "price-less" food review, apologies.
Basically, the charges were slightly higher than food courts, quite affordable.

Was given a cozy cocoon seat.

This was not bean curd......

It's mango pudding!  Yummy!!

Ice tea (back ground - hairy arms playing candy crush)

Salted-egg buns, so cute that I wanted to poke them.

Fillings nice but not enough, I want more salted egg fillings lah!

Fried rice in perfect texture with crispy silver fish.

Fried silver fish was simple bliss :P~~

Fried tofu with sweet & sour sauce was more like a Thai dish than Hong Kong style lolxx...
Nevertheless, it was quite good.

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe opens till 4am, perfect place to cure hungry bangs in weird wee hours.

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe
1 Pasir Ris Central Street 3
#01-14 White Sands Shopping Mall
Singapore 518457
Tel: 6583 3611

For other branches, please click into their webby :)

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