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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Beauty Asia 2013

Had been visiting Beauty Asia Exhibitions since 6 years ago when I joined the nail industry.
Previous years the exhibitions were held at Suntec Exhibition Halls.
It's the first time it's held at Marina Bay Sands Convention Center.

My first visit to MBS Expo Hall.

Tiffany color top - some shop at Plaza Singapura (it's crazy cheap @S$5 only!!)
Tuxedo skirt - BKK
Ribbon belt - TaoBao
Shoes - KIYO
I only brings a trolley for shopping in 2 places-
*Platinum at Bangkok
*Yearly Beauty Asia Exhibition

Registration was required to enter, my kid sis tagged along too.

Upon registration, this tag was given and hang it throughout the day.

I went on Monday 25 Feb which happened to be the day nails competition was held.

Competition was on going, but no sure what category.

Mix media nail art designers were getting their models prepared.

Spotted another nail model doing her make-up.
I didn't stay around to watch the competition, was busy shopping.
I still love doing nails, but the thrill and excitement that I used to have was sort of eroded.


and more polishes!!

Spotted these nails from one of my supplier's booth.
They are done using photo stickers from Korea.

My sis and me totally went crazy.....

The nail trainer demonstrated how to adhere the stickers on my kid sis's nail.
She also gave very detailed instructions on how to get it done perfectly.

Done on one nail and this was how it looked like using 4 stickers overlapping each other.

As a result, I spend a few hundred dollars just on stickers -____-|||
Precious Nail Services' Queens and Princess are gonna be very happy ^_^
These stickers can be only use on gel polish, hard/soft gel or acrylic nails.
Different from those kind of  few dollars nail stickers which teenagers use to DIY.

Spotted another shopper-holic, lady at the right corner wearing blue skirt.
She gotten a luggage bag on wheels, bigger than mine lolxx..

We were looking at this booth with fake lashes, they sell normal ones and many fanciful drama lashes too!

I went omg omg omg omg..........

omg omg omg.....

While I was omg-ing, I was being lured into the booth by the sales lady who offered to change my lashes for me FOC.  先小人后君子, I told the sales lady cannot force me to make purchases before I agree, heehee.....  

So yup, she removed my existing lashes.
Always feels very bare without fake lashes, without them, my eyes looked like small peas >.<

Sales lady super expert, putting on C-curve lashes for me.

Can still see the white glue at my left eye.  The whitish color turned transparent after a few seconds when it's completely dry.

Done and I thought the C-curve lashes were not bad!  I love lashes fanning my cheeks ^.^

The sales lady went on to put a "flower" for me.

I looked funny cos' kena scolded by my sis for not looking into the camera, lolxx...

As promised by the sales lady, there wasn't any hard selling, but it was just too hard to resist, so damage was unavoidable.....
I don't remember the prices for these though >.<  It's better to forget so as to lessen the heart pain, sigh..... what kind of logic am I talking about, oh well.
I just pretend and try hard not to know how much I spend.
Bought a pair of fancy lashes in hearts.

A tube of lash glue and a box of lashes.

失心风 (gone crazy) I bought another 3 sets of brown lashes from Star Lash.
Had been using this brand for more than 3 years.
They are very durable and it's the only brand I found with brown lashes which gives a softer and more natural look.

Insane crowd at Magic Boo's cashier.

We bought a load of shampoo and conditioner.
Now you all know how useful my shopping trolley was right?

Trying this cap which claims to have UV protection and also generates collagen growth to our skin.

I spread all the bought items on the table, we got beauty products for hair, face and nails.

After the exhibition, we went Carnivore Brazilian Restaurant for dinner.
Gotten slightly drunk and had some funny pics to share, stay tune <3


  1. nail stickers!! *drools*.. love your outfit especially the skirt!

    xo Sarvin

    1. Thank you ^.^ Please continue to visit my blog!

  2. Replies
    1. Yes it was. This is a yearly event which I will not miss out :)