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Friday, 1 March 2013

Penang Culture @Century Square

Slightly over-due, visited Penang Culture before Chinese New Year.
  It's a halal eatery previously called Gurney Culture, besides Kenny Rogers.

From the introduction signboard, it's obvious that Penang Culture serves Penang street food.

Grilled Lala with sambal @S$7.90
I love lala (or clams), no matter how it is cooked.
Not much gravy, but as long as they are fresh without fishy smell, I will gobbled up every meat from the shell.
Small portion good enough for 2 pax.

Grilled stingray with sambal @S$7.90
Small portion, but no complains for the price.

Veg with oyster sauce @S$3.00
Not very impressive, but hey, it's coffee shop's price.

Belacan Fried Rice @S$8.90
Thumbs up for this, the belacan chilli was totally satisfying, the fried rice was in perfect texture and taste.
I am gonna come back for this!

King of Chendol @S$5.90
I thought they served the wrong item cos' it looked so different from their menu.

See the pic on their menu and you'll know what I mean.

Hubby told me it looked different cos' the crushed ice melted :(
We accepted it anyway and thank goodness the taste was not affected by the appearance at all.
I am not a fan of chendol, I will not and never ordered chendol.
This was ordered by my hubby and I thought I would just "entertain" him by eating a few spoonful.
And I never know chendol can be this GOOD!!!
The beans were soft and not "powdery" upon chewing;
the QQ green jelly was a divine combination with the beans.
This chendol became KING with a big scoop of durian paste.
You really have to order this to complete your meal at Penang Culture.

Need to compliment a part-time young waitress who served us.
She could memorise their entire menu, gave us recommendations at her fingertips!
The most impressive part was she asked if I like to have plain warm water.
Astonished, I asked how she knew I prefer warm water, she said she saw I brought along a tumbler, so was making a guess.
This attentive waitress had made the whole dinning experience a pleasant one.

Hope you enjoy this review and here's the address:

Penang Culture
2 Tampines Central 5
Century Square
Singapore 529509

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