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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

DIY Curtain charms with Swarovski

I had learnt how to DIY accessories through a sponsored  Swarovski workshop with Xiaxue, if you missed the blog post, click here.

The workshop sparkled my interest and I actually bought one whole load of stuffs and incorporated my newly learnt "skill" into the revamp of my nail salon.

Did 4 bundles of rose charms for the curtains.

Here's the close-up, pretty or not  ^.^

I am going to teach you how to do it!
Once you know the basic, you can do adjustments to your likings and create your own style!

To begin we need a set of basic pliers:

Let me show you what's inside this bundle.....

Essential hooks and parts for joining:

Pearls and crystals in assorted colors and sizes.

The fun begins now........

These rose napkin rings are from Ikea, tape 3 of them together in such a way to allow a earring hook to go through.

When it's done it looks something like this.  This alone can be tie onto the curtain rods if you prefer to do away with the dangling blings.

1.  Put the pearls into the wire
2.  Once it's done, close up the 2 ends with a loop using a round nose plier
3.  Make sure the pearls are not able to fall out of the wire
4.  The loop of pearls can now be attached to the earring hook.

Cut the chain to desire length, attached with a jump ring.

The jump ring can then be attached to the earring hook.
Using the same method, I had attached another 2 chains of different lengths.

1.  Use head pins for the pearls
2.  Cut away 1cm of the head pin using the cutter
3.  Twist a small loop using the round nose plier

Do as much or as little as you like.

Crystals are hooked using jump rings.

Get them all done up in a go saves a lot of time.

Once the pearls and crystals are done, you can hook them together to form a cluster.
How much or how little is up to individual's preference.

The clusters of pearls & crystals can then be hooked onto the chain.
The big tear-drop crystal is hooked using a jump ring too.

The large pink heart crystal was too bulky for a jump ring.

Bought pendant bail to attach.


This is my end product!

These little hooks and knots can be turned into handphone charms, key chains, handbag charms and other decorative items.  I find great sense of satisfaction in DIY :))  But recently I had been rather lazy busy, bought some ribbons and stuffs but haven't find time to play with them.  Hope you guys enjoy this post, bye bye!!

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