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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Ootoya Japanese Restaurant @Changi City Point

I had been blogging intensively cos' I had too much over-due drafts.
Had been working hard and enjoying doubly hard as well.
Got so much to share and so much to tell!
Really wish for 48hrs per day then split myself into 3 heads and 6 arms to multi-tasks, heehee....
So, here's another nom nom food post ~~

Changi City Point is one of my favourite hang out.
It's less crowded compared to the malls at Tampines;
with lots of parking lots, lots of restaurants and eateries, and the air con is super cold, hur hur.....

This post is a bit back dated, date of visit was 27 Jan :X
But have to share with you readers cos' there's something special into this......
Chinese New Year decor at the event hall of Changi City Point.

Exterior of  Ootoya Japanese Restaurant

Tarakurozu (Fried Cod Fish with sweet & sour sauce) @S$14.00

Big chunks of cod fish with assorted veg, stir fried in rich flavour.

Initially, I was very happy with the salad which came with the cod fish.
Only to realise that the greens were on top, beneath were shredded cabbage
  I   H.A.T.E   shredded cabbage -____-|||

Bamboo basket presentation.....

peep peep.........

Asari Seiro (Steam rice with clams) @S$11.50
 The taste was quite bland but was perfect that I ate it with Tarakurozu.

Katsu Curry @S$18.50
which came in a rojak bowl!  lolxx....

Check out the curry sauce with onions and minced beef!

Grilled beef set @S$24.00

Slightly charred on the outside and incredibly juicy inside!!
It's ridiculously DELICIOUS.  So worth it until I don't know what to say.....

The set came with chawanmushi and miso soup.

Here's another HIGHLIGHT ~

ALL the miso soups I had at other restaurants only have small tofu cube and seaweed, that's it, full-stop.
Their miso soup got generous lots of chicken pieces and veg inside!
And the best part was......
When the waitress told us we could refill the soup, we were very surprised!
We actually called her back and asked "The soup can refill is it?"
So silly lor, lolxx......
We asked for 2 refills, although I would really like to have 5, my goodness yummy-licious.
pai seh, hur hur.....

You must be inhuman if you aren't tempted, heehee.....
Here's the address:

OOTOYA Japanese Restaurant
5 Changi Business Park Central 1 #01-30/31
Singapore 486038 
Tel: 6636 1228

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