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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Sarang Korean Restaurant At Orchard Central

This post is a continuation from Chillax Market post.  Click here for the "head".  Now let's proceed to the "tail'.

Hubby and me went to try Sarang Korean Restaurant after a making a fail attempt to Kiseki Japanese Buffet :(  But well, it's always good to try new things so that I can have something to blog about.

The serving staff will dong the on metal dong (which you can see at the left side of the pic) when there's  customer.

Couldn't take any pics of the interior cos' it was crowded with people.
The interior was very clean cut without fanciful decors.

Hubby looked at the menu, found Gangnam Style cartoon pic on menu.
"Mummy mummy!!  You see!  Got Gangnam Style!  So cute hor!  I want to have the water-melon juice!"  hubby exclaimed like a 3 years old boy -__-
But well, I was actually attracted to him because of this child-like charisma in him, heehee.....

 "Compulsory"  starter came.  The kimchi was really good, they should give us more of it and kick off the peanuts.

 Spicy Steak S$32.80
The steak wasn't spicy, the sauce was, with an interesting tinge of sweetness.
The creamy bowl at the left side was mashed potato, probably the smoothest mashed potato I ever eaten.

The beef was well done -_____-  such a pity.  We finished the steak cos' the beef was really tender despite of it being well done.  It could be better if it's medium, good meat was wasted.

 US Army Stew S$18.80
It's kimchi soup with bacon, sausages, some tofu, some veg and rice cake slices.
Behold, this pot of orangy mess was damn delicious!!
It wasn't very spicy as it appeared to be, there's a interesting and addictive sweetness in it which I couldn't describe.
It's like, the more we ate, the more we want.  Never know kimchi soup can be this good.

Not a single drop of soup was left, heeheeehee....

Water-melon juice $10 (promotion price)

Hubby:  $10 is quite expensive for water-melon juice.
Me:  Who ask you to order?
Hubby:  I don't want to drink plain water lah, sigh, never mind, try try....
(sipping away merrily although complaining, 口不对心)
Hubby:  Mummy, I think it's not pure water-melon you know, you drink and see....
Me:  Yup, it's quite special, nice leh, I think $10 is ok lah.
Hubby:  But I feel funny......, is my face red?
Me:  Oh gosh, why your face so red sia?
Hubby:  I think inside got alcohol....
Me:  I thought it's fruit juice?!?
Hubby:  I thought so too.

I waved for a waitress and asked her what's inside the water-melon juice.  I guessed I was too anxious and  frightened the young girl.  She looked so scared, like I was trying to bitch a complain or threatened to make her lose her job, lolxx.  I had to repeat my question slowly explaining to her I just need to know what's added inside the drink.   Then she smiled and said " So Ju".   -________-|||  that's Korean Rice Wine.  No wonder it's $10 lah *slaps forehead*.  Scroll back up for the "Gang Nam Style" menu, it's written "COCKTAILS", but we were cock eyed >.<

Water melon juice cocktail S$10
Hubby was smiling sheepishly to himself after the waitress left.
It was just a moment of time where water-melon cocktail made it's magic.
He looked so shy with his face all red, unpretentious and a bit silly.
I fell in love with him, again.
Damn it.

So now you understand why we are husband and wife; the both of us drinks blindly.
For new readers, my drunk story is here

Thank you for reading this blog post and I hope this review will bring you a smile when you visit
Heartbeat of Seoul
and perhaps heartbeat of yours :)


  1. aww, you're lucky to found them before they renovated. i went after their reno and my army stew cost me $30+. Specifically stated it's for sharing by 2, but both me and my friend still hungry after that (plus we also had a scallion pancake).
    they're a total rip off now.

    1. Aiyo, that means portion too small :/