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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Bangkok 5 - 8 Sep 2012 (Part 4)

Outline -
Date - 8 Sep 2012 (Saturday)
Area covered - A&W, Siam Paragon and shops around Novotel Siam Square Hotel

In case anybody missed my Part 3, click here.

Last day in Bangkok, flight with Airasia at 6.30pm.  I didn't want to leave T_____T  Nobody dares to say  "Welcome back to Singapore!" or whatsoever, cos' I'd commit murder.  I don't need "Home Sweet Home",   didn't want to come back (yet).  Damn it....... sigh, fun times always flies and dashes pass.... Anyway our last morning in BKK~~

9 pax gang breakfast at A&W

Breakfast sets

Waffles with ice-cream!!
Back in Singapore 有钱也吃不到!
 Priceless waffles with ice-cream <3 <3

Root Beer Float T_____T
Why did A&W leave Singapore??

After breakfast, sis and family head back hotel as they took an earlier flight.
Some random pics taken along the way.

My lovely niece and nephew ^.^ love them very much...

After breakfast hubby and kids went back to the hotel for a swim.
The other little sis of mine went for spa and I was alone =D
I treasure moments with my family, but
A lot of people feels insecure or lonely being alone, but I feel like a boss, heehee.....
Hubby calls me weird, oh well........

At around 10am only a few shops were opened, but I still managed to buy a couple of shorts and T-shirts and the following items ~~
Clutch bags, I put a magazine there to show the sizes.

Can be double as a shoulder bag with detachable strip.

Golden bling ballerina pumps.  So comfortable!  Perfect on lazy tired days!

Bumped into this back lane restaurant called Somtam, flooded with people (tourists).
Does any reader knows anything about this restaurant.

Another interesting dessert house - Mango Tango, selling all sorts of desserts and drinks with mango.
It's crazy cheap and was flooded with people as well.

Will visit these 2 places if I come Bangkok again.

Walked over the BTS station to get to Siam Paragon which was very near to our Novotel Siam Square Hotel.  Dare not wonder too far away alone.

Siam Ocean World at B1 of Siam Paragon.
From what I know it's similar to our Sentosa's Underwater World.

Siam Paragon's has 5 floors with a basement.  But I only managed to roam the Ground Floor.  Cos' I got stuck at it's supermarket -_______-  Can't blame me, I'm still an auntie after all.  I love visiting wet markets and supermarkets of other countries.  Anybody here shares my interest??  Okay, I must be the only weirdo.

Ground level with open concept restaurants.  Something like our Takashimaya but more spacious.

I had read many blog reviews on trips to Bangkok,
but had never came across any bloggers reviewing Siam Paragon's Gourmet Market, heeheee...
Let me be the first!

This international supermarket is astounding.......
Look at the baskets of fresh fruits!

They have salmon, all sorts of seafood including oysters!
Didn't manage to take pic of those big oysters cos' the salesman was staring at me >.<

I literally need to cover my own mouth to stop myself from screaming when I saw their salad bar.
I was like oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh...............
The salad bar looks delicious and the greens looked as if they had just picked from the garden!
Holy greens!
And yeah, I only saw the "NO CAMERA" sign while I'm editing these pics >.<

If my sons saw these, they would not let me out of the supermarket till they get their cones.

I did it again, I swear, at that moment, I didn't see the "no Camera" sign, seriously.
Luckily I wasn't chased out of the store.

I couldn't believe this, Thailand supermarket selling more cheese than Greece's, hur hur.....

Look at the stretch of salmon!  And look at our supermarkets in Singapore -___-

Although there were price-tags, but I wasn't sure how the price was calculated.
By each 100g like Singapore??

Salmon sashimi about 245bht, tuna about 225bht, quite a big box.

Never know chicken meat can be displayed so neatly.

So many kinds of spicy dried shrimps.
I bought a box with 4 assorted dried shrimps.
The sales girl very nice, she cling-wrapped the box for me although she didn't really smile.
Of course it's not cheap compared to Big C, but it's still affortable compared to Singapore.

Already ate them at home.  Sprinkled some onto porriage, rice, noodles or veg.......
thumbs up and lick lips.

Gourmet Market sells economical rice too.

My basket full of  tibits at the cashier.
Also bought this super delicious mango sticky rice which I forgotten to take pic,
it's right at the bottom of this basket.

Escalator to Siam Ocean World.

By this time, my hands were already full of shopping bags, so was time to go back to the hotel to do "unloading" and bring the boys out for lunch.  Brought them to Siam Paragon's Foodcourt, yes I like it there very much.

On my way back I took this pic of the canteen which was just beside our hotel.  Finally got the chance, cos' each time we walked passed, it's always either too early or too late and the stalls were already close.

Very crowded Foodcourt at Siam Paragon.

Took pics of some food stalls.

Bought a bowl of wanton mee from this stall.

Hubby said the wanton mee so so only, but the kids and him finished everything.
Not a single spoonful was left me when I came back with these Vietnam rice rolls.
I was hopping mad.  Anyways....... back to my rice rolls, I miss Vietnam.
Infact I miss every country I had been to, I never miss Singapore.
Maybe I hadn't leave home long enough to miss here.......

Bought Hokkaido ice cream.  Yummy but not cheap, as in price is comparable to Singapore.

Bubble tea with queue, not bad, but not cheap also.

After this light lunch, was time to head to Suvarnabhumi Airport.
The hotel got us a cab for 500bht.
Gave the driver another 100bht for his service.

Pics taken outside the airport.

Portraits of the King from young till to date.

5 person's luggages.

Pics taken inside the airport.

Departure hall, awesome...........

People had asked me why I dressed until so nicely to board the plane.
Nobody will chase you out of the plane dressing in singlets/shorts/slippers, of course.
But it's actually not appropriate, although most Singaporeans dress in this manner with a heck care attitude (and there's nothing to be proud of).
Dress like a lady, and you will be treated as one.

So,  here's me, trying to act cool in shades and grey Naraya checked-quilt tote bag.
That monkey-faced kid is my son Darren ^.^
Let me "declare" before anybody ask, he is 14 and I am 41.

Took me more than a week to clear up my luggages and massive shopping loots.

Hope you guys like my Bangkok blog posts from Part 1 to Part 4.  They are a bit lengthy but I hope my posts did provide some useful informations or at least entertaining enough ^.^  Thank you for reading!


  1. Waaaa..ur post makes me wanna go back to Bangkok!!
    Shopping therapy to the max ^^

    1. Heehee..... thank you! Myself missing Bangkok badly now!

  2. Hi Susan
    I chanced upon yr blog while researching for my BKK trip. Great trip you have! Finished reading your blog. I am very impressed with you. A unique individual. I really admire your courage, determination, humour and views on things. I think you are beautiful in your own ways. Ignore those who hate you,they are just jealous..hahaha...I support you..JIA YOU!
    Reg :-)

    1. Thank you so much! A lot of people says that I'm "abnormal" heehee.... Do enjoy your coming BBK trip and please continue to pop by my humble blog whenever you can ^.^

  3. Thanks for yr post on Bangkok and great pics. Will be travelling with my 3 sons in Dec 2012 and hope can pick up some good stuff, thou I know it will not be easy shopping with 3 boys ....haha !

    Anyway "Abnormal" means you are special girl!

    1. Thank you very much! Try to "dump" the boys at the swimming pool or some cafe for a short while. Maybe sign them up for a bicycle-tour around the town will give you some "time off". Nevertheless, do enjoy your trip with your family!

  4. Just looking at your pictures makes me hungry ! ;)
    Siam area is a really nice place to find wonderful sweet things to eat !