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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Singapore Expo Sale and Macau Express

Went Singapore Expo last Friday.  It was crazy crowded with various fairs -baby & mother fair, Watson's sales, electronic appliances sales, Metro sales & Times Bookstore sales.  It was as if the whole of Singapore population was there, the young and old, males and females, omg....

Nerdy me with specs, was in a rush after nails appointment.
Was wearing kitty print singlet from Bangkok,
cream pants from Uniglo,
fabric sling bag from Naraya,
cream court shoes from Pazzion.

Our main aim was to buy a washing machine.  But as usual, I went astray and bought this crazy pink HP case @S$10.

We managed to settle with Toshiba's washing machine.  "Mission" accomplished and we went for early dinner.  Macau Express was right in front of us when we stepped out of the exhibition hall.  All we want was to rest our legs and settle our stomachs, ASAP.

Not much variety, but we weren't fussy as we were farnished.

Can you see the crowd along the passage way of the exhibition hall?

 Baked half chicken with rice.
It was either I was too hungry or the chicken was too delicious, or both.
But as you can judge from the pic, the chicken was in PERFECT color, with juiciness all locked inside.
Chicken meat so tender that I finished everything before realising........... yes, sinful T__T

Ginger steam milk was good.
It's one of my favourite dessert, should had "ta bao" a few more to bring home.

Hubby's baked beef rice.
Luis had baked chicken rice, which looked very similar to the above pic.

I really mean it when I mentioned we were farnished.

Total damage -

Thank goodness we were early, there was a long queue forming all the way at the entrance at around 6pm.

We went into Metro sales after dinner.  Our legs didn't allow us to continue with Times Bookstore sales.  Drove out and paid $11 plus for the parking of about 4 hours  T_____T  Moral of the story, only come to Singapore Expo if you really have something to buy, car park too expensive for you window shop.

My brand new washing machine was delivered on the very Sunday ^.^  I was so happy with it (especially when I didn't need to pay for it :X)

Introducing my Toshiba laundry bot with DD Invertor with 9kg capacity
@S$579 + $30 delivery charge with $20 NTUC voucher

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