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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Baker Talent @Tampines

Life is tough nowadays.   Everything increase in price except for our income.  Never been able to leave the supermarket without spending minimum of S$100.  A simple meal at the foodcourt for my family will always exceed S$20.  Was trying every ways and means to scrimp and save, and I found at my neighbourhood........

Baker Talent!

Bread/buns from neighbourhood bakery shops doesn't taste as good as those in shopping malls, so I had no choice but to pay at least S$1.20 for a bun for my picky kids and me.  Baker Talent is just too good to be true.  All buns priced between S$0.60 - S$0.90!

I did not see any buns selling at more than S$1.00 during my visits.  I'm not too sure though, cos' it seems that they will only bake when sold out.  If one flavour is sold out, you will just have to wait for another tray from their oven.

Although the fillings of the buns are not as much compared to other bakeries, all buns are soft and warm freshly baked from the oven at the point of purchase.  I love to sniff my plastic bag of buns like a glue sniffer, the aroma of fresh bake buns are just............. aw............

These yummy buns are kind to our pockets too, heeheeehee....... how not to be happy, heeheeheee.....

Sharing with you guys some flavours I bought, with "price tags" also :)

My favourite, it's perfect with Milo!  I'm sure it goes well with tea or coffee too :P~~~~

I couldn't figure out what's the filling, it's a mixture of salt-ish and sweet paste.

Yup, taste like cranberries and cheese.

Smooth custard cream filling which is not too sweet :P~~

Rich fillings of black sesame and peanut, yummy.

where? wHeRe? WHERE?
Baker Talent
Blk 828 Tampines St 81 #01-266


  1. That Golden Sand is actually made by Salted Egg.

    1. So, that's it! No wonder it's saltish and sweet, thank you very much!

  2. Thanks Susan for your great info.
    Baker Talent buns are really a good buy!

  3. Your address is wrong. It is at Tampines St 81 nd not Tampines Street 82

    1. Oh gosh! Pai seh sia! This post has more than 2000 viewers and nobody tells me until now >.<
      Thank you very much! Amended liao :D