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Monday, 1 October 2012

Bangkok 5 - 8 Sep 2012 (Part 3)

Outline -
Date - 7 Sep 2012 (Friday)
Area covered - Four Face Buddha, Hard Rock Cafe, Central World, Platinum Mall.

In case you are a new reader, click here for BKK (Part 2).

Self take in room, did not filter, the light in the room was this orange.
I looked great (I think), thanks to the massage and snail mask I had the previous night.
Was out of the hotel by 9am.

The lift lobby.

We took some pics of Novotel Siam Square Hotel's swimming pool before starting our day.
View from the 14th floor.

We were going to the Four Face Buddha, by feet on the sky walkway.

Along the way, there were stalls selling breakfast.

The skyway was clean and wasn't crowded.
Was wearing Uniglo's white tank top with pleated skirt bought from the night market @220bht.
I looked fat dressing in this manner, oh well, I'm not thin to begin with in the first place....

Morning's busy traffic.

This Four Face Buddha does not have a proper temple,
just a shrine in opens space where the golden buddha sits on the altar.
This location cannot be found on any map.
But I can tell you it's near Central World Mall and opposite Amarin Plaza.
Pics taken from the skyway.

Believe it or not, this famous Four Face Buddha will grant your wish, if you pray sincerely.
Many years back, this buddha had helped us greatly.......

It was not too crowded in the morning and we decided to cure our hunger bangs at
Mcdonald's in Amarin Plaza.

Lame tourist pic, but I like it.  Sawasdee ka!

BKK Mcdonald breakfast got porriage wor,  it's only 29bht!

The boys ate like they had never eaten before, everything was GONE before I could take a pic -___-
So only got pic of empty bowl >.<

There were one stretch of stalls selling flowers and offerings to Four Face Buddha.
We wasn't fussy, so stopped at the first stall to buy some offerings, I mean how much can flowers cost?
I was so wrong!!!
She charged us 1000bht for 2 sets of offerings
with flower wreaths, candles, joss incenses and some gold films.
It was day light robbery!

I was ready to dump the things back to her and walked off, even when she lowered the price to 800bht.  My stupid hubby went out of his mind to give her the money, I was so f**king pissed off......  He said just treat it as donation/charity.  Damn it, I need charity more than her lor if this is the case.  I don't understand why these people can't make an honest living.  And they actually have the guts to rip people off, right in front of the buddha.  WHY NOBODY TELL ME?!?  Okay, can't blame anybody for my own stupidity.

So please be warned and BLACK MARK this stretch of stalls, they all have the same price list.

I took a deep breath and told myself  to calm down if I want to go in and pray.  It's no good to pray with anger.  When we walked into the shrine, we realised that there was a counter with a short queue selling flowers and offerings, prices from 10 to 50bht only.  To think that those stores outside sells 10 times the price. Thank you very much for making me a stupid idiot, but that's for the first, and last time.

So, here's me getting ready to pray, anger subsided.

This blessed man was giving thanks to the buddha, knelt while the performers sang and dance to the buddha.

As it was still early for our lunch gathering, we popped into Central World for shopping.

 Louis Vuitton's window display without a handbag, only octopus legs lolxx.....

Jumping fountain inside Central World shopping mall.
Cath Kidston, I like, but wasn't my "target" ......

My target was

Before we reached this shop, my hubby asked if I know where's the shop located.
I said no, but if we see a shop with lots of helpless looking guys standing outside, that's should be the one.
He thought I was kidding, then he slapped his forehead when he saw this ~

I told my boys to walk around in the mall and come back in an hour's time.
So they did, and taken these few pics.

Hubby back in an hour's time to "fish" me out.
Great timing as I was already at the cashier ^^

Here's my Naraya loots, pic taken when I was back in Singapore of course ~
Girls, you will be called a loser if you never buy any Naraya in BKK.
Waaahaahaaa........  super pleased with myself.

Okay, come back to BKK........  after I was done with Naraya,
we hurried to Hard Rock Cafe to meet the rest for lunch.

We saw A&W!!!!  Screamssssssss....... and we all agreed to have breakfast here tomorrow!
Hard Rock Cafe Bangkok is very near MBK.

My bro-in-law obviously couldn't wait for tomorrow's breakfast at A&W, lolxxx....

Baby Karsten was happy, although the beer was not for him.

Cheese macaroni with chicken and toast.  The kids loves it.

It seemed stupid to order fried kuay teow in Hard Rock, but I tell you, it's delicious!

I couldn't remember what's the name of this salad, it was good!

This is called life.

Ribs, which I find the sauce a bit too sweet, but it's tender and the fries were pipping hot.

The purpose of coming to Hard Rock Cafe was to give my hubby a surprise birthday celebration.
I had contacted them 2 weeks before my visit via Facebook
They replied promptly and this was it ~~

The sudden loud noise scared baby Karsten but he stopped crying very quickly and joined in the fun.
We were very happy with Hard Rock Cafe's friendly staffs and showed our appreciation by tipping them.
Great fun it was!

Birthday "cake" lolxxx.....

We visited Hard Rock Cafe's merchandise before we leave the place.
Bought this unique tank top @1549.99bht ~~
I changed into this top immediately after paying, heehee.... 
Also ditched my skirt and wore 3/4 tights with it.
Of course I did not do justice to this top at that time.
My ideal match will be with black leather mini skirt, fish net black stockings, boots, red lip stick and hell lots of junky silver accessories to rock this, woot!!

So.......It was quite a bit of walking, about 20mins before we reached Platinum Mall

On our way, bought food, again.

I was saying "Take picture quick quick!".

My shopping trolley is bigger than baby Karsten, he enjoyed pulling it lolxx....

Some attractive booths outside Platinum Mall.

This was it!

I totally lose my mind here.  The clothes were about 200 to 450bht.
My intention was to "sweep" as much as possible and get done with my X'mas and CNY outfits.
Time was precious, I shopped alone and did not take any pic.

Here's the only pic taken by my hubby.
I'm sorry that it's not possible for me to post what clothes I had bought, it was really a lot :X
You guys will get to see the clothes as I wear them if you follow this blog and my instagram ^^

Managed to arrange the accessories I bought though ^.^
Pics as below ~~

Fabric bangles 75bht per set.

Rose head bands!!  They are soooo pretty!!

Rose hair band, total sweetness!!

Pink slipper 100bht.

Guess what are these?

Banana clips!  Once clip on the ugly plastic clip is completely concealed.
They are really big though, I had never seen banana clips as big as these, heehee....

My shop trolley, full full by dinner time.  HAPPY!!!

Tips to shop at Platinum Mall:-
* Bring along a shopping trolley - then you don't have to go to-and-fro your hotel to do "unloading".  Also will spare your arms from "breaking" with heavy shopping bags.  Don't have to be shy, 80% of the shoppers brings shopping trolley with them over there.

* I had no chance to walk over to the new extension of Platinum Mall, but had heard that merchandise over there are slightly more expensive.

* Buy 3 or more items in one shop, or at least 2.  Not only will they give you better service, they give better discounts too.

* Don't expect a 200bht dress to have quality of S$200 dress.  Even if the quality didn't meet with your standards, don't criticise, just move on to search for another shop which you prefer.  The locals are generally very nice people, if you are courteous.

*  Some of shop owners are transsexual, if you are conscious, then move on.  I wasn't bothered, as long as their apparels are my likings :)

*  If you got separated with your companions, ran to the information counter, they are able to do broadcast paging in English >.<  Yes, every hour there will be missing kids, coaches waiting for Miss so and so, and men looking for their missing women........ etc... haaahaahaa.......

"Re-charge" our body batteries at Fuji Restaurant at the 6th floor of Platinum Mall.
Their sushi not that good wor..... 

But there's something special about their wasabi....
it seemed to us that they grind their own wasabi,
the taste and texture differs from other Japanese Restaurants.
We didn't manage find out the answer cos' the staffs understands very little English.

Hot green tea which was served together with a thermal flask.

Couldn't remember what smoothie is this... 

Tempura udon that every kid would like.

Tamago, which was "wiped out" by the kids.

Overall, it's not fantastic, but no complains.

After dinner, we walked dragged ourselves back to the hotel T____T with legs threatening to give way.  Wanted to take taxi but sis said traffic was very congested, didn't want to get caught in traffic jam.

So yeah, we made it back to the hotel and you won't believe what we did when we reach the hotel............... my bro-in-law bought supper =D =P  We started another round of eating.

Omelete oysters, thai version very different from ours.
Theirs was with lotsa gravy.
We finished everything :P~~

Fried carrot cake, but the cabbage and bean sprouts more than carrot cake >.<
Still yummy though!

 Not forgetting Thai Durian!  OMG......... I tell you.......
These soft fluffy yellow little pillows were so SWEET!!!
It's like eating cream fillings in durian puffs!
Did they water durian trees with milk or syrup?!?
Should had bought more!

This was baby Karsten's playpen provided by Novotel Siam Square Hotel ^^
I thought baby slept sandwiched between his parents, heehee......

After supper, we settle all the big boys and kids into their rooms.
Then me and my 2 sisters poured our loots for the day on the bed and had "fashion show", heeheehee....
But our "fashion show" very unglam one, so only this pic below >.<
My sis's best buy at Platinum Mall.
I had actually posted this pic in instagram much earlier on.
There was a reader asking if we glue on fake lash for the eye LOLxxx....
The lashes comes with it lah, and they are very stiff :DD

Coming up next will be BKK (Part 4) which is the last already.  Will be covering A&W and Siam Paragon.  Thank you for reading this lengthy blog post!  The last post will be much shorter.


  1. whoa! a bunch of pictures :)

    YOU DON'T LOOK FAT! I actually love your outfit :)
    It looks nice. I hate stalls ripping people off too (it happened to me when I was travelling in vietnam, a lot).. all of the food looks so yummy! Especially the durian!! I really want some now :P looks like you had a lot of fun.


    1. Thank you! I'm itching to go vietnam now........

  2. I love love love the rose head bands. Mind sharing how much you got them for?

    1. I couldn't remember. But I have their email which you may check with - waritthacat@yahoo.com

  3. Ah yoh. Lots of people just wanna rip off tourists!

    1. Most of the time I don't mind to pay even if I know they charge a bit higher to tourist than to local people. But this time was just too much, about S$32 for those offerings you know!!! @#$%^&*

  4. are you really 46 kg? you really dont look like! or are you small sized?

    1. Yes, I'm really 46kg. But I'm very very short you see, so I look stubby and chubby. Target weight 42kg, even at 43kg, I think I'll look better >.<

  5. Hi, i love your roses headbands! Can i know which store in Platinum Mall did you get them? Where was it located at? Thank you very much for the help! :)

    1. Shop's name Warittha, 4th floor soi Camden9 room#1168. You won't miss it cos' it's the only shop with plenty of such stuffs :)

  6. Hi,
    May I where is the A&W located? Near which landmark??
    Thank in advance for sharing! =)

    1. The address is - Siam Square/Pathumwan, 430/39-40 Soi Siam Square, Rama 1 Road 7 Road, tel: 02-252-8605. It's very near Hard Rock Cafe.