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Monday, 15 October 2012

Thai Food - Soi Thai Kitchen @Tampines

Do you all realise something?  Recently, there are many mini Thai eateries springing up like bean sprouts all over Singapore.  Just like bubble tea houses previously many years ago.

All shares the following "characteristics"-
* located at neighbourhood areas
* operates like a coffee shops without aircon
* simple furnishes but better than coffee shops
* prices comparable to our traditional "zi char" stalls
* no GST and no service charge

I had previous blogged about Nakhon Kitchen at Bedok which is similar to Soi Thai Kitchen which this post is going to be about.  There's another one Sukho Thai at Tampines, but they only have a stall, not the entire coffee shop.

Located at Blk 824 Tampines, please take down their phone number if interested......

....... and the unit number as well.

 Thai coconut @S$3.00, one will never get sick of this.

Clear Tom Yum Chicken Soup @S$6.00.

 We order one plate of rice to share, but they gave me this without charging ^^
and I was full to the brim with this portion of rice.

PadPong Curry Prawn @S$14.00.  This is expensive.

As you can see, the size of the prawn is actually quite small for the price I paid.
But the thick curry gravy with egg is good.

 Fried Garlic Pork @S$6.00 which they recommended.

 The pork chunks were too big, my jaws were tired from chewing : / 
Not suitable for children or elderly.

Mixed Veg @S$6.00, I like the fried garlic, heehee.....

Overall not bad, so here's another place to eat on a lazy day if you stays around Tampines :)   For those who had tried, what are the other dishes you would recommend?


  1. Always passed by this place on my way home from work and was intrigued. Your photos look good, I think I want to try this place out now.

    1. I wouldn't say it's fantastic, but not bad, especially when the service is sincere and friendly :)

  2. If you live in tampines/pasir ris/simei, you really really should try The Basil Inn at downtown east. So so so so fantastic, especially their tom yum and basil pork. It's my favourite place for thai food besides bangkok! Thanks for the review, been to soi thai once but was not impressed with their tom yum or salads, quite localized, maybe that's what they're going for?

    1. Thank you! Will pop by Basil Inn since I'm a Tampines obasan :)

  3. Basil Inn is nice but environment was horrible. We were seated just next to the kitchen and super warm! The nephew who was with us was complaining the heat. We were super uncomfortable. It was our first and last dining experience with them. Not sure whether their restaurant is still at the same location. No doubt food quality is important but i think dining environment is equally must be also good.

    Have tried Soi Thai, felt was very good. Tried Basil Pork and Clear tom Yam. Also had the Thai iced tea which is very thick and milky. Love it! :)

    1. Thank you very much for sharing! Do continue to visit my blog ya ;)