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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

6 Days in Macao and Hong Kong - Day 6

This post is a continuation from HERE.


Destination:  2 days Macao and 4 days Hong Kong

Duration: 14 - 19 Dec 2016 (6 days)

Companion: Family trip with hubby and 2 teen boys

Mode of travel: Free and Easy, air tickets and accommodation in Macao booked with Chan Brothers Travel

Accommodation:  Macao - The Venetian Macao Resort, HongKong - Airbnb

Flight: United Airlines

Ferry: TurboJet

Damage: S$2571 + $617 (Airbnb) for 4 pax

Currency: SGD1.00 = HKD5.41 (same exchange rate for HKD and MOP, so HKD can be used in Macao)

Time Difference:  Same as Singapore

Weather: 13 ~ 20 in Macao, around 24 degree in Hong Kong



This day we covered:
* One Dim Sum
* Yau Ma Tei 油麻地
* Four Season Claypot Rice

As I had mentioned in the first post, we lived above One Dim Sum 一点心.  Logically, it's super convenient, but what happened was really stupid.
Since my hubby normally wakes up much earlier than me, I 千交代万交代 him the night before to check out the queue.  Queue for us and call us when it's our turn, or reserve a table if possible, do whatever he can to get us a table for brunch.  At 9am, he came back reporting to me that there's no queue, no problem.  So I happily packed up the luggage, while he shake his leg.  Checked out around 10am.

The whole family went down and there was a queue of about 20pax.


We queued like a bunch of stupid fools for about half an hour just to realise that it's not a queue, it's just a row of people sitting down waiting with queue numbers they had collected.  He could had gotten a queue number for us but he didn't.  He said he didn't know.  All I wanted to do was to twist his head off his neck!

I sat there, not able to say a word, cos I knew if I opened my mouth, I'd scream instead of talk.  He could had gotten a queue number, we could all wait at home in comfort then go down when it's near our turn right??!!

To cool myself down, I inhale exhale, inhale exhale, counting my breaths as if I was giving birth.

All thanks to him, we stayed above but queue for an hour which we need not.  Not funny.... Haiz..... Rant end, enjoy the food pics below.
We finally sat in after an hour.

The place wasn't big, tables were limited.  The crews were all very politely which was a pleasant surprise to me.
  Normally neighbourhood eatery crews, they want serve fast and will scream from one end to the other, slammed dishes onto tables etc... But nothing like such happened here.  Service at One Dim Sum was fast with nice "gentle" crews.

Pork + Preserved Veg Porridge 菜干咸骨粥 HKD19.00
Home cooked taste of smooth savoury porridge which I could had easily finish the whole bowl by myself.

Corn Porridge 玉米粥 HKD16.00
My kids love this sweet corn porridge.  It's very comforting especially when the weather was cool.

Carrot Cake 萝卜糕 HKD15.00
Crunchy bit of chinese sausages inside was perfect with soft carrot cake.  Nice and with slight crisp on the outside, not oily.

Siew Mai 烧卖 HKD25.00
They were fresh and juicy, some how different from what we have in Singapore which were very enjoyable....

Curry Cuttlefish 咖喱鱿鱼 HKD22.00
The only right curry we had in Hong Kong, correct texture, mid spicy level, yummy fat cuttlefish and I am making myself drool here....

Har Kaow 虾饺 HKD26.00
Can you see the fat prawns beneath the translucent thin skin? Heeheehee.... :P~~

Char Siew Buns 叉烧包 HKD14.00
Fluffy soft buns, char siew on the sweet side with lots of sauce.

Mango Custard Rolls 香芒奶皇卷 HKD26.00
This was a dessert, chewy like mochi.

Fried Eggs with Honey 古法炸蛋散 HKD18.00
Ordered this cos the name of the dish caught my attention.  It became too sweet and too jelat for the 4 of us to finish.

Worth a visit for the cheap and nice dim sum with friendly service.  If you are interested to visit, here's the address:
One Dim Sum 一点心
Prince Edward, Playing Field Rd, 15號號 號 地舖 1-2 號 Kenwood Mansion

After brunch we walked to Moko Shopping Mall, cos it looked near enough from the map.  I think we were on the wrong route, when we finally reached, I nearly die of leg pain.

We actually bought StarWars movie tickets, S$100 for the 4 of us and I swear I will never do it again.  HUNDRED DOLLARS le!!!  But it did save my leg a little.

Before the movies I crippled my way around their supermarket and foodcourt.

Nothing much in the mall so we didn't stay after the movie ended.  We took train from MongKok Station (旺角东) to Yau Ma Tei (油麻地).

We spotted 2 competitors selling Claypot Rice.  We decided to follow the crowd.... We gotten a table without queuing, leaving the snake queue to form behind us the moment we went in, phew.....

Duck egg oyster omelette.
Couldn't remember the price but I was sure it's not expensive and worth it!

It's a crispy cake of duck egg omelette packed with lots of little oysters.  Must eat while it's hot else it became soggy when it's cold.

Chicken with chinese sausage.

Pork Ribs.
We couldn't find any dark sauce to go with so we had the claypots rice plain and pale.  While the chicken and pork ribs were very tender, the pots were bland enough for the sick.  So my experience was very different from the other bloggers who raved until wave high..... haiz.....

After dinner we roamed around aimlessly at Temple street.

Found another outlet of Yee Shun Milk Company.

We sat in.

Chocolate Milk Pudding (cold) HKD33.00
Looking ugly here, but was delicious.

Original Milk Pudding HKD33.00
Was as yummy as the one we had in Macao.

Went back to the apartment to meet up with our AirBnb host to pick up our luggage.  We were thankful that he helped us to keep our luggage after check out till the time we were ready to leave for the airport.

We went to Hong Kong Airport by cab.

Had this Snowman Mocha HKD26.00 at Mcdonald's .

Not too good Pan Fried Dumplings at HKD34 from Ajisen Ramen.

I snoozed my way on the night flight so no pics of the airplane food.  My boys ate but didn't bother to take pics either.

I ended our Hong Kong trip in great pain.  It was so bad that I got better only recently.  I limped for a couple of months visiting X2 family doc and X2 chinese physician.

Now that all pains are over, I had arranged a get fat short trip to Malacca in June, heehee.....

Friday, 5 May 2017

6 Days in Macao and Hong Kong - Day 5

This post is a continuation from HERE.


Destination:  2 days Macao and 4 days Hong Kong

Duration: 14 - 19 Dec 2015 (6 days)

Companion: Family trip with hubby and 2 teen boys

Mode of travel: Free and Easy, air tickets and accommodation in Macao booked with Chan Brothers Travel

Accommodation:  Macao - The Venetian Macao Resort, HongKong - Airbnb

Flight: United Airlines

Ferry: TurboJet

Damage: S$2571 + $617 (Airbnb) for 4 pax

Currency: SGD1.00 = HKD5.41 (same exchange rate for HKD and MOP, so HKD can be used in Macao)

Time Difference:  Same as Singapore

Weather: 13 ~ 20 in Macao, around 24 degree in Hong Kong



This day we covered:
* Pink Dolphine Watch at Lantau
* The Big Buddha at Ngong Ping Village
* Sham Tseng Chang Kee Roast Goose

Magmar caught us on bed, good morning ^.^

We had booked a local tour to watch wild pink dolphins.  Pick up was at Kowloon Hotel.  Kiasu and kiasi, we took a cab there.   Felt duper stupid when we saw Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station was just right beside -___-  Anyway, we gave ourselves plenty of time allowance in case we lost the way (which we didn't).

We found a tea house nearby to solve breakfast.  Kept getting unfriendly stares as we ordered 2 sets to share.  We ate quickly and left.  So this was the only pic I took.
  Freaking yummy sandwich this was.

A bunch of multi-national of tourists together with us gathered outside Kowloon Hotel by 8.50am.  We made payment to a lady (who was decent looking and didn't look like a scammer) on the spot.

Despite of the good reviews online, we were kinda worried things might not turn out the way we wished.  However, if things screwed up we had a bus of people to share the screw.  要死一起死 I thought, crossing my fingers.
On the way, the lady turned out to be our guide.  She gave introductions and briefings with A4 photos, and I was less worried by 50%.

When I saw the yacht that we were boarding, my worries decreased to 10%.

It was spacious and clean, we were served with biscuits, coffee and tea.

Lantau Island view.

Enjoying the breeze with, my son.  I love Darren, my first born.
This young adult taught me a lot in many aspects, yes I am still learning.   He has got different perspectives from me when we discuss various topics.  Even if we don't agree with each other at times, it's important that we try to respect, accept and understand.  He kept me on the track, making generation gap insignificant.  This is my god send, wonderful 19yo son.

We spend about 2hours on the yacht, extremely lucky to see quite a few pink dolphins, but they are getting lesser and lesser.  The fun fact is, the dolphins are actually white, generally called Chinese White Dolphin, chiem name Sousa Chinensis.
The pink color that we see is cause by "blushing" lolxx....

Babies are dark grey and grey slowly fades off to white as they grow older.
The population of these lovely dolphins in this region are decreasing due to some of these factors:

* Construction of HK-Macau-Zhuhai Bridge - it's a massive 42km bridge project, causing both air and water pollution.  Their governments chose to ignored the impact.  It's a sad world where profit is over the livings.

* Construction of Sunny Bay Station - the train station was built in Yam O to facilitate transport between Disneyland and town.  The Environment Impact Assessment described the use of this area by the dolphins as "seasonal", even though dolphins were sighted there in all seasons.  The assessment passed of course, and no more pink dolphins in Yam O ever since.

* Decrease in fish population - less fish in the sea means less food the the dolphins.  It's the same pollution problem due to constructions and land reclaims in short.

* Heavy Sea traffic - Noises from boat engines magnifies under water, greatly affects the dolphins' echolocation efficiency.  They get hit and killed by boats.  So our yacht moved very slowly...

Somehow reminds me of Stephen Chow's movie Mermaid.
The mermaids in the movie seemed to share similar fate with the pink dolphins.

Humans build up the world yet destroying the earth at the same time.

I treasured this close up experience with the wild dolphins very much, not knowing if my great grand children can still see these....

They jumped very fast, each time I could only capture the fins lolxx....

Another dolphin watching yacht.

Back to our transport which drops off at the Tung Chung Cable Car Terminal and Kowloon Hotel.
HK Dolphin Watch cruise on every Wed, Fri and Sun.  We paid HK460/pax
If you are interested, this is their webbie for more details: www.hkdolphinwatch.com

We decided to drop off at Tung Chung Cable Car Terminal.  There was a mall next to it with restaurants and duty free retails .

We were too hungry to look around so this was it.

Strawberry and Green apple smoothie.

Skewer Platter

Beef shabu shabu

Tofu + chicken sausage

Handmade tamago

FOC free flow eggs
The total bill for the 4 of us was HK639.10, bleed a little, but still worth it for the comfortable environment and satisfying meal.

There was a long queue but travelling back on another day wasn't a good idea either.  So we queued for an hour -____-|||

Waaahaaahaaa..... we nearly died laughing.

Cable car with glass bottom cost more and probably would turned our legs into jelly. So we bought standard round trip tix at HK185 each.  

It took us another 30 to 40mins to get into a cable car.  My body batt was slashed by half before reaching the destination, haiz....

Catching Pokemons during the ride, happy shit.

Enjoyed the view of course.

Could already see The Big Buddha.

The cable car reached the one and only end in half an hour, Ngong Ping Cable Car Terminal.

We had a bit to walk before reaching the buddha.

 But it was rather pleasant as there were tourist shops, cafes and restaurants lined up the path along the way.

Nothing was cheap here lolxx...

I got married again.  With the same guy though lolxx..

I looked horrible, but the fortunate cat was super cute!

After walking pass this pillar.....

there were lots of cows roaming about!

 The cows are generally very gentle and tamed but will follow and sniff you if you are "attractive".  My advise is, not to wear red or bright colors.  Don't carry food in your hands. 

Also don't feed them, play or provoke them in any manner, continue walking towards The Big Buddha lah sia.

And watch your steps lolxx...

My leg was still very much in pain, climbing up 268 steps wasn't possible for me, so I gave the boys my camera and waited at the foot.

The following photos were taken by my boys:
The bronze sitting Buddha was completed in Dec 1993, height 34m.

Like us, many visitors chose to leave before dark, the damn queue to cable car was another 40mins.  Only at this junction, I regretted buying round trip tix.  We should had visit Tai O Fishing Village for seafood dinner perhaps, before leaving Lantau Island.

Hanging onto the pain on my leg, from Tung Chung MTR Station we were back to Mong Kok.  It's really convenient, the crowd was bearable.

Dinner, striking off another "must eat" on my list:

Roast Goose Sham Tseng Chan Kee 深井陈记烧鹅茶餐厅
427/427A Reclamation St, Mong Kok

The restaurant was filled with 80% Singaporeans, not sure if this was a good thing or bad thing.

Looking very much like roasted duck except that it's bigger and there's a hump on it's head.

Spare Ribs + Lotus Root + Dried Oysters Soup HK12.00
All soups in Hong Kong are crazy slurpicious thick and packed with aroma.

Stir Fried Veg HK50.00
Why so ex.....

Roasted gooose drum + Char Siew HK198.00
Both were delicious, but in the end, I still couldn't tell the difference in taste between duck and goose >.<

I limped my way into Langham Place Mall trying my luck to find my fav make up brand and FOUND!

Initially the promoter just stared blankly at me cos I looked like a disastrous auntie who has got absolutely nothing to do with makeup.  She was smiling like sun shine when I took a perfume, X2 loose powder, X2 blusher and X2 gel eyeshadow (I should had bought some lipsticks).  I was given one big bag of freebies lolxx.....  Literally limping with joy!

Jill Stuart makes me feel like a princess with the most beautiful packagings ever, and the powders are fine and long lasting, mad love.

I reached home with my ankle swelled up like pig trotter.

I should be done with Day 6 which is the last day soon.

No concrete plans for another trip yet, stuck and I am dying inside out, outside in >.<