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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Top 10 questions asked the past 15 days.

Was doing nails non-stop for the pass 15 days before CNY eve.   The following were the TOP 10 QUESTIONS my customers asked:

1)  Where did you buy your curtains?

Almost every customer who stepped into my newly renovated nail studio would ask me this question.  The curtains gives the room a rose garden and cozy feel to the room, which received many compliments.  They are from Ikea.  Rose print curtains @$29.90/2 panels, needed to be tied onto the rod.  White lace @$14.90/2 panels with pocket for rod to go through.  For other rose theme furnitures click here.

2)  How long have you been working as a manicurist?
Gotten my Manicurist Certificate from FIL on Feb 2007.  Took a month or two to purchase basic nail products and I started from then ^^

3)  Why and how did you become a manicurist?
My sister was interested to open a  nail salon.  So the first step she made was to send me to a nail course while looking out for a shop.  After I completed the basic nail course, I thought of just buying the materials and start doing nail services from home first.  My initial motive was just to kill time and make use to what I had learnt.  Shop space hunting was in vain after about a year, and I continued with my little home based nail salon.  Not within my expectation, business grew and grew.  Thus I decided to take it seriously by going for upgrading courses as well as registered my business with ROC, and that's how Precious Nail Services was "born".

4)  How old are your children?
Darren is 15 this year and Luis is 12.  Normally, the response will be "Oh, your children so big already!"  Sometimes it's followed by the question below.

5)  You married at a very young age?
Nooooooo..........  I really don't know whether to laugh or cry over this.....  It seemed that my appearance had created lots of misunderstanding  -____-|||   My reputation must had suffered really badly........  Some of my customers thought I "messed up" my life and probably shot gun married in late teens or early 20s. 

I DID NOT screw up my life.  I had planned my marriage, got a flat of our own before we had our first kid.  I gave birth to Darren at 27 and I'm 42 this year.

6)  How did you manage to slim down?
When this question is asked, I know that person is not my blog reader T_____T
Click my posts on weight management - How to eat without getting fat and How I managed to lose weight

7)  What programmes are you having for CNY?
CNY eve was reunion dinner at Pu Tien Restaurant, 1st day visit my father at Ang Mo Kio, 2nd day to my kid sister's place at Woodlands and perhaps a movie, 3rd day to a friend's place, that's it.

8)  What will you be doing for your own nails?
I did my nails on CNY eve when Precious Nail Services is close for hoilday.
Did clear extension with slight champagne glitters.
Personally, I don't like overly glittery stuffs on my nails.
 For toes, I did black color gelish with slight silver glitter. 

9)  Have you done your spring cleaning and shopping?
I don't spring clean before CNY.  Firstly, it's not possible due to my tight working schedule; secondly, I clean my house as and when, I don't accumulate till before CNY.  Since I don't cook, there practically nothing much to buy or to get busy with.  We went to Giant a day before CNY eve at 11.30pm it was crowded like crazy!  The queues at cashier was insane long, and we left with some canned drinks and bread for next day's breakfast at 2am lolxx....

10) Do you earn from blogging?
Yes,  I am with Nuffnang where I gets advertisements from.  The amount is nothing to scream about, but it's growing as months goes by.

Any more questions?  Just drop me a comment, at the same time, wishing all my lovely readers a Prosperous Chinese New Year!!


  1. Honestly you really don't look like 42! :) Stay young!

    1. Thank you! Happy Chinese New Year to you and stay pretty always ^^

  2. Haha. Interesting. Happy Chinese New Year~!! =)

    1. Thank you for dropping by, Happy CNY to you too!

  3. Hi Susan

    Just want to say you are really creative to come up with this topic. You never fail to amaze me. Hahaha...keep it up! Here's wishing you a Happy New Year with good luck, good health and good wealth! best wishes, Regina

    1. Hi Regina,

      Today another customer asked me the same set of questions, I bursted out laughing and she probably thought I was nuts lolxxx..... Wishing you a Prosperous Chinese New Year and hope to have your continuous support, thank you!