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Monday, 4 February 2013

Low Fat Meal with Philips Airfryer

I am currently very busy in my nail salon due to coming Chinese New Year.
Not going to abandon my blog, I had prepared this post a couple of weeks ago......

This was my last year's Christmas present from my kid sister.
No fancyful wrapping but who cares!

Here's me hugging Philips Airfryer.

I know what you all are looking at.......
I am not bottomless, I got wear shorts hor  -.-

So, back to Philips Airfry, it uses Rapid Air Technology.
Fries, fried snacks or dishes can be prepared using very little oil.
Maintaining a healthy diet doesn't mean we have to deprive ourselves from tasty food.
My principle of life - LIVE TO EAT!

To express my thanks to my kid sis for this expensive wonderful gift,
I hosted an Airfryer Feast for my family members!

This Philips Airfryer came with 2 recipe books, one of which contains low-fat recipes.

These were the dishes I prepared from it~~

Crispy Fish Paste Wraps (225.5 cal)

Fish paste wrapped with bean curd sheets

Brush with 1 teaspoon of garlic oil and the airfry for 12mins.

Hubby had put too much fish paste in the wraps, so they looked kinda bloated.
But they were crispy and the taste wasn't bad!

Spicy Wings (154 cal)

I marinated 2 pots of wings, spicy for the adults and non-spicy for my little niece and nephew.
Used Lea & Perrin sauce, honey and chilli flakes.

This took quite a while as the basket of the airfryer can only contain max of 6 wings.
The airfrying time was about 15mins.  No oil was added.

The wings turned out like BBQ wings instead of fried chicken wings.
The wings were tender and juicy.
We were quite impressed how airfrying can cook retaining moisture of meat.

Salted 5-spice Prawns (93 cal)

This was quick, cooking time around 6 mins with a teaspoon of oil.
5-spice powder was the main seasoning, YUMMY!!

I don't think I can share the recipes here due to copyright regulations.  Anyway the recipe won't work without Philips Airfryer I suppose.

For cleansing, I wiped the interior and exterior of the airfryer with damp cloth.  Obviously electrical parts cannot be submerge in water.  I soaked the wired basket with the black tray in hot water.  The basket wired needs a bit of brushing while the tray was easily cleansed with mild soap.  I consider the cleaning quite minimal as the kitchen wall and floor were clean without oil!

Other side dishes that I whipped up ~
Croissants with egg mayonnaise.  My niece and nephew, plus my 2 boys "cleared" them all.

Mixed fruit bowl of rock melon, strawberries and dragon fruit.

I had prepared salad with black pepper smoked duck too, but forgotten to take pic.

Love this Philips Airfryer with temperature control and timer, pretty easy to use.  Hope to whip up more dishes with this purple babe.

However, it can't replace a microwave oven as I always need to heat up dishes.  I am still hunting for a new microwave oven.  My existing one is in "semi-retire" condition.  The grilling and conventional oven spoil already, the light bulbs had fused off since one two years ago.  Anybody with good recommendation, please let me know ^.^

Thank you!


  1. I got an air fryer too but from Hyundai.
    i can't get the chicken wings to fry like fried chicken wings. Like yours, they look like they were BBQ. Have you figured out how to make it look fried?

    1. I had tried another time, still looked BBQ :( Not sure how also.

  2. HI Susan,

    I am curious if I air fry bacon, salmon, or I put some olive oil on meat... Will the oil still existing on meat after cooked? Because i need the salmon fat, and bacon fat as well... I am afraid "Air Fry" means remove the oil.... I will not getting enough calories if I cannot enjoy the fat from meat...

    I am appreciate that if you can reply me, thanks..

    1. "Air Fry" means using very little oil, not remove oil. If you love calories and fats, you don't need an air fryer.

  3. Great Post !! Keep in mind that the bigger they are, the a longer period the cooking time will be. Dip the snacks for at least 30 minutes beforehand to get rid of most of the starchy foods. Dry them as thoroughly as you can, add up to one tbsp of oil over the snacks and use your arms to cover the snacks similarly. While the above is the suggested way to get ready your snacks, don't get too pressured about them being exactly similarly scaled, immersing them for accurately 30 minutes or being completely dry, you will still get excellent snacks provided that you create some attempt.

  4. Excellent post. I always prefer Philips for all of my cookware thanks to the high technology they apply in their cooking operation principle. I often make boneless chicken thigh air fried for my kids every weekend. They love it than any other similar KFC outside. I haven't owned a food processor but it seems pretty effective with garlic and onion. I will consider having one soon.

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  6. or sprinkle with brown sugar and cook 180/8 http://www.airfryerviews.com/

  7. Another advantage of victimization air fryers is that fashionable ones have AN system in situ that filters the surplus air out. Since it's filtered, it's friendly to the setting.

  8. We live on the same principles, live to eat, not eat to live :) But the air fryers are just fantastic, I use mine almost every day. I got the Avalon Bay, pretty decent. Might upgrade to the Philips next.

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