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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Secret Garden Steamboat at Chinatown Point

Before I started to get busy doing nails, went walk walk at Chinatown to get some "feel" for Chinese New Year.  "Walk walk" included "nom nom".  So here we go ~ Secret Garden Steamboat.

Open concept with uncluttered furnishes.
Not crowded as it was about 5pm.

 Honey Lemon, although the taste was not bad, but @S$4.80 was too expensive.

We ordered a set meal steamboat for 2 pax @S$58.00
Had Tom Yum and chicken soup base.
Both taste ordinary before we start to put in the ingredients.

Induction cooker.

The Kurobuta Pork was insanely delicious..........  just look at the beautiful pink color of the meat...

Penang rice noodles and sliced Waygu Beef Brisket

Claypot noodle

Veg with assorted mushrooms

BBQ honey wings

Seafood platter with king prawns, crayfish, scallops, red groupa fish slices, sotong and handmade fish balls.
As we were seated at near the walkway, many people made a brief stop to look at the bountiful spread.
Our table had successfully lured quite a few customers into the restaurant.

3 different types of chilli sauces were served and my fav would be the one closest to the camera.

1 clayfish for each pax

Although this wasn't a buffet, we were full to the brim when we walked out of the restaurant.
Here's the address if you are interested to try out ~~

Secret Garden
Chinatown Point
133 New Bridge Road #02-39
Singapore 059413
Tel: 6604 9936

End this post with a pic of me outside Chinatown Point.
Black top with peter pan collar - Iora
Grey/black checked skirt - TaoBao
Black wool bag - Camomilla
Black suede boots - Bugis Village

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