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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Thai movie - Countdown

*sponsored movie preview

Thank you OMY.sg for the invitation to Thai movie Countdown preview at GV Plaza.

Synopsis -

Three thai youngsters, Jack, his girlfriend Bee and Pam shared an apartment in New York City.  Leading a rowdy life instead of studying, which finally leads to trouble on New Year's Eve.  Jack called up a drug dealer called Jesus who came with marijuana joints.  The Countdown Party turned into life threatening night-mare when Jesus refused to leave.

Review -

I don't find Countdown scary at all.  Not once did I hide myself under my hubby's armpit onto my hubby's chest.  I was cool, and cold ;P   Nobody in the cinema screamed, meaning that I wasn't that brave, just that the movie was too mild to be classified under horror film.  Only 2 Vs to describe Countdown -

Violent and Vulgur

The movie was in Thai with some spoken English.  The actors were total strangers as I hardly watch Thai movies.  Which was a good thing, cos' we could concentrate on the movie without being distracted.  95% of the action took place in the apartment revolving only 6 actors (including Pam's boyfriend who appeared less than 3mins on screen) and a dog.

The drug dealer Jesus spoke English initially, when his pervert violence revealed, he spoke fluent thai!!  I was totally terrified by the nail gun he fidgeted with.  A nail gun is a hand held machine which a nail can be pinned onto a wall or any surface with a trigger instead of using a hammer.  I was so relieved that my hubby told me this machine is not sold in Singapore >.<

The 3 youngsters were remorseful for what they did and the movie ended with positive perspective.

Morale of the movie -
Say No To Drugs
Do Not Act Against Conscience


Screening: 21 Feb 2013

Duration: 91 mins

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Rating: M18

Distributor: Golden Village Pictures

Director: Nattawut Poonpiriya


Peach Pachara Chirathivat (as Jack)

Pataraya Krueasuwansiri (as Pam) 

 Jarinporn Junkiet (as Bee)

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